Once there was a king update Saturday 25 June 2022


Once there was a king 25 June 2022: Raaj hugs Doshi who was alive. He thanks her for helping him earn the trust of Sunanda.Rani was worried if Raaj can kill Doshi, he can kill Sunanda as well.Sunanda thanks Raaj for helping her revenge her enemies. She trust Raaj and decides to name her property after Raaj in a party tonight. Sunanda had left home when Rani comes to speak to her and stop her. Raaj instead locks Rani in a room and cuts the telephone cable.Raaj comes to meet her mother who slaps her for killing his friend. Raaj says Doshi is alive, he had placed a ketchup disk in the pocket that burst due to shot of bullet. He had been posing. He assures his mother that their revenge would be over soon.

In the party, Raaj stops Rani’s way upstairs. He insists on her to come downstairs as her mother is waiting for them. He convince that Rani always take care of her mother’s wishes, then why not be in party right now.Sunanda was excited about the announcement. Everyone in the party compliments Rani’s dress. Raaj joins Rani and Sunanda as Rani wants to speak to Sunanda. Rani asks Sunanda to speak to her in loneliness, she wants to speak about what they have done tonight. Sunanda was not ready to discuss about the matter. Raaj thinks if Rani ruins the game today, he would forget he ever loved her. Rani thinks she must find a way to stop Sunanda from transferring the power of attorney. She takes a mask and brings one for Raaj as well.

Raaj comments Rani has work a mask over a mask, Rani says some people get used to stay in mask they forget their real faces. Raaj takes Rani to dance floor. Rani spots a man arrive at the party and takes a leave.
The music plays in the party, Raaj gets into dance with another girl. Rani goes to mask table and change her mask to full face one. Rani brings a girl in similar attire as hers wearing the same mask and leaves by herself. Her duplicate comes to dance with Raaj.Rani runs upstairs where Sunanda had taken papers from the lawyer. The lawyer tells Rani that Sunanda is in the study room. Rani spots a lady sitting on chair with the back to herself, Rani tells Sunanda that Raaj is her enemy and wants her to name everything after him.

She says it was Raaj who pushed her down the cliff as well. She says she wanted to share this all a long time ago, Raaj said she took his father’s life. She wanted to know about the truth and so hide this all. She confirms if Sunanda is listening to her, why doesn’t she speak? The one on chair stands up, it was Raaj draped in a similar saree as Sunanda. Rani drops the mask. Raaj says he wish Rani told this to Sunanda but now her game is over. He asks if she considered herself really smart. She must remember Raaj would always be a step ahead of her, he suspected her memory loss since day one. He says she brought her duplicate but forgot to make her wear his gifted necklace. He appreciates her courage for not revealing the truth. He thought if she didn’t lose her memory, she would surely try and reach Sunanda that he couldn’t let happen.

He says today Sunanda Chauhan would name everything after him, later she would realize this was the biggest mistake of her life.Rani pleads Raaj not to hurt her mother. She can’t see her mother’s blood. Raaj says her tear can’t bring his father back, nor make her mother and Sakshi well. Rani pushes a knife into Raaj’s foot, he screams in agony. Rani runs outside but Raaj comes from her front and pushes a syringe into Rani’s arm.Raaj carries Rani towards the room. Sunanda and the lawyer were going downstairs, they hear a vase fall. Sunanda notices but the lawyer denies hearing any sounds. Raaj says if Rani takes a single step against him, she won’t be saved. He must complete his revenge.

Raaj comes downstairs, Sunanda asks about Rani. Raaj says Rani seems unwell. He has given her a medicine to sleep. Sunanda was worried and goes to look for Rani. Raaj stops Sunanda and says Rani is hurt because of what happened in the morning.Rani wakes up in the room
Sunanda announces in the party that she found a son in Raaj. She is proud that Rani married him. Rani was struggling inside the room to get out.Raaj watches Sunanda sign the papers boastful about his revenge. Rani comes there and tear all the papers. Raaj was shocked. Rani was dizzy and faints into Raaj’s arms. Sunanda takes her to room.


The doctor suggests some blood test for Rani so that they get to know the real reason why she faint. He gives some medicines as well. Raaj thinks he must do something before Rani wakes up and reveal his truth to Sunanda. He asks Sunanda to leave and attend the guests, he will stay with Rani.Rani calls Sunanda who hurries towards Rani at once and asks her reason why she fall faint. Rani murmurs that Raaj is a betrayer, he betrayed her. Sunanda stares at him in shock. Raaj asks if Rani is fine, he asks if she is worried about the morning event. He tells her to take rest and relax. Rani denies taking the medicine. Raaj decides to give her medicines of faintness. Rani denies but Raaj forces her to eat it. Rani fell faint again. Sunanda was worried about Rani and asks why Rani called him a betrayer.

Raaj says he is also clueless, after the accident Rani behaves strange. He tried to convince Rani in the morning that whatever happened was right, he suggests to take Rani to hospital as soon as possible
In the hospital, Sundanda and Raaj stands outside as Rani is being treated. Raaj asks Sunanda to go home and take rest, he is here. Sunanda wants to stay with Rani. Raaj asks if she doesn’t trust him. Sunanda says she didn’t mean it, Raaj says if something matters in his life its you and Rani. He wants to take care of both of you, she may come early in morning tomorrow. He would call her if something is needed. Sunanda tells him to take care of himself as well and agrees to leave.

Raaj thinks this is the right chance for him, else tomorrow morning Rani would reveal his truth to Sunanda.The doctor comes to tell Raaj there is a drug in Rani’s blood which is used for mental patients, they are trying to bring her back to consciousness. He says they must inform Sunanda about it. Raaj wonders who would give Rani such drugs and why, he requests the doctor not to share it with Sunanda as she is already stressed. He promise to share it with her as soon as Rani gets well.In the room, Raaj bends over Rani saying she loved him dearly, he can’t even tell Rani to trust him as he isn’t worth it. He would only say he didn’t intend to hurt her but he is helpless. He pulls her cannula off. Rani wakes up in a mental asylum with crazy patients.

She tries to run outside, the mental patients move towards Rani. Rani calls Sunanda outside. Raaj watches Rani from outside. Rani pleads him to save her as she is being charged. Raaj says the gate would open with magic words, she must promise she will not tell her mother. Rani says he can’t hurt her mother. Raaj says he can’t see her in pain, but he is helpless. Rani says these people would kill her. A nurse comes to take the patients, another injects a medicine to Rani. Raaj comes in and holds the unconscious Rani requesting her to stop being stubborn, he can’t see her hurt.In the hospital, Rani wakes up and asks Sunanda where she had been, why she left her alone. She complains that Raaj took her to mental asylum.

She holds her sleeve to show her the mark there. Raaj poses to be clueless. Sunanda leaves the room in disbelief. Rani was left pleading Sunanda to believe her.

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