Once there was a king update Friday 24 June 2022


Once there was a king 24 June 2022: Rani hurries towards her car with the album. Raaj follows her but his tyre gets punctured. Rani recalls throwing nails on his way.Rani brings the album and leaves it in Suminda’s room thinking she only wants to discover the truth from her mother. Raaj comes to meet Rani and asks if she has taken her medicines, Rani says she has and thinks how much he would lie. Rani peeks through the window wishing Suminda looks towards the album. Suminda hadn’t noticed first, but then watches the reaction. Rani notices she stood straight and thinks Suminda hasn’t reacted to the album which qualifies she is innocent. She turns around when Suminda breaks the vase out of rage.

Rani comes in and asks Suminda how are they related to these people who are the one’s staying at their home. Suminda didn’t reply, Rani swears her to share the truth with her.Raaj thinks he must take his mother and Sakshi out of this house before Rani tells Suminda about his family. Suminda tells Rani these people are responsible for her father’s death. Rani says this means Raaj was… Suminda inquires what Raaj said. Rani says Raaj told her that her father died in an accident. Rani thinks there is a contrast in the statements of Raaj and Suminda. Suminda thinks about speaking to Sakshi and Jetra.

Raaj comes to Sakshi and makes her up to go to a hiding. He insists on Sakshi to hurry and run away from here. In the corridor, Raaj warns Sakshi not to make a noise. They leave through the backway. Suminda and Rani were shocked to see Sakshi and Jetra have left already. Suminda was alert what if they heard her. Rani says the woman was unconscious, her daughter was crazy. Suminda tells Rani they are only innocent by face. She would no more allow them to ruin their lives anymore. She tries to figure out where their son has gone, she suspects Rani’s accident was caused by their son. Rani was confused about whom to believe and what to do. She decides to search for the truth.

At Doshi’s house, Raaj thanks him for bringing his family. Doshi says he owes a lot to Raaj, there is no need for thanking. He shares three ways to get the property named after them.Suminda was shouting at her servants and tells them to go and search for the ladies. Raaj comes there. Rani interferes that it’s not Raaj’s matter. Raaj still inquires. Suminda says the ladies were the part of family who killed Rani’s father. She shows Raaj the album and says they were friends first, later these people betrayed them and killed Rani’s father. Raaj says it didn’t happen this way, then qualifies Rani’s father was a wise man. Suminda says there was a guy in the family who is still hidden, she is afraid Rani’s life is endangered. Raaj assures Suminda to find that guy and bring him to Suminda. Rani thinks Raaj is still silent and didn’t speak while he heard a lot against his family.

The next morning, Raaj brings breakfast for Rani in her room. Rani thinks she is always afraid whenever he comes with his stupid smile. Raaj presents her with tickets of hotel bookings for them, he says a lot has happened in the past few days that they didn’t take time to spend time together. Rani says they can’t go as her mom is really tensed, they have a whole life to spend with each other. Raaj says he thinks they must go, he knows their past resides somewhere in them, they must revive those moments. Rani thinks its his new plan and wants to take her away from her mother. Rani tells Raaj to go if he wants to, she can’t leave her mother alone. Raaj thinks he won’t stop.

Rani tells Sunanda she doesn’t want to go to trip with Raaj, she doesn’t feel any connection with him. Sunanda tries to insist on her to go with Raaj, this will bring them close to each other.Rani walks upstairs and finds a red heart there. Raaj comes from behind and asks her to open the door. A basket fell over with the step of her hand and firefly shine all across the room. Rani lay down on a bench near the bed and cries. Raaj enters the room and apologizes Rani, asking for a last chance. Rani asks what he has done to her. Someone pleads so much only when he has hurt someone deeply? Raaj says he really hurt her deeply, whenever she wants to speak he doesn’t listen, he doesn’t let her love him. He is angry when she gets annoyed at him. He is afraid to lose her, he fears she would leave him one day and he won’t be able to stop her. He loves her, what hurts him the most is that she doesn’t remember him.

He wants his love back. Rani wonders whom to trust, the one who is standing here or the one who pushed her down the cliff. Rani says it’s not even easy for her, when she doesn’t remember anything about him. Maybe she recalls everything by time and gets as sweet to him as he is. Raaj thinks he has no time, he must play his next trick.The driver brings Sunanda to the house the three are hiding. Doshi watches Sunanda come in and tells Maa and Sakshi to hide. He tells Sakshi there are thieves outside, they must not come out of the room until he tells him. He calls Raaj to tell him Sunanda’s men are outside his house, what to do. Raaj was alert of Rani’s presence and tells him to do as instructed. Rani wonders whose call was it, she wonders if she is overthinking.
Sunanda was trapped into heavy smoke when her security men enter. She sends them to find the three until her daughter gets back.


Rani comes to knock at Raaj’s door and asks him to open it. She comes at the window. Raaj shows off that he was attempting to cut his nerves. Raaj shouts at him to open the door. Rani discovers the window had been unlocked. Rani stops him at once and hugs him tightly. She accepts she can’t see him in pain. Raaj asks her to forgive him and get him away from his biggest pain. He is even ashamed to tell her what she doesn’t remember, it’s his mistake if she doesn’t trust him today. He accepts any punishment, but he can’t live as a stranger for her. Rani hugs him silently. Raaj smirks victoriously.
Doshi brings Maa and Sakshi into a hiding. Sakshi asks if they would hide here. Doshi twists a bulb and a secret room opens up. He brings them inside and says this place is sound proof. This house belongs to their enemies, no one would ever think they are hidden here. He tells them this place has all arrangements for their food as well. He leaves to inform Raaj.

At home, Sunanda sends her men to find out whose house is that, she needs knowledge about everything. She was furious at where they have lost.
Doshi calls Raaj and says his family is save. Raaj says his mission would be accomplished toady. Raaj says today it would be proven if Rani actually lost her memory, if she has a memory loss she would let him close to herself otherwise not. Doshi says he would wait. Rani leaves from behind. Raaj thinks it might seem to be his craziness, but a little craziness is allowed both in love and hatred.
Rani comes to the temple and prays for help, handing herself over to the Goddess. She only wants to discover the truth. If Raaj is right or what her mother said is right.

In the room, Raaj brings a dress for Rani and demands to see her wearing this saree. He wants to begin a new life and brought her here. Rani remembers about her prayers and go change into the new saree. Raaj comes from behind. He brings her in front of the mirror and ties an expensive necklace into her neck. He tries to get intimate with her.Raaj tells Rani he feels he must only get close to Rani when she has recollected her memory, he belongs to her and loves her dearly. He leaves. Rani wonders why she is so confused.Raaj tells Doshi on call that he isn’t a bastard, he can’t get this inheritance drama. They must think about winning over Sunanda Chauhan’s trust.

Doshi goes to get medicine for Maa. Maa coughs badly and asks Sakshi for water but the water drops. She notices the water pot was empty. There, Sunanda sends her men to look for them. Sakshi opens the door and goes to get water for themselves.
Sunanda had just left the hall for water when Sakshi comes out from the basement. She hits a vase which drops. Sunanda was shocked to see her there as Sakshi gets afraid of her. Sunanda holds her hair from behind and asks where they had been. Her goons bring Raaj’s mother as well. They inform her that they had been right here at the house. Raaj’s mother asks Sunanda to leave her.Sunanda had tied Sakshi and mother to the pole holding them at gun point and asks Sakshi to tell who her brother is..

Doshi announces he is her brother. Sunanda instructs her men to tie him as well. She questions what they have been up to now, they have already snatched everything from them. Rani comes to push Sunanda’s hand away and asks how she can take someone’s life. Sunanda says they snatched her father, and now they want to snatch Rani from her. They will surely get their punishment. She accuses Doshi for being the culprit who must have attempted to push her off the cliff. Raaj holds the gun and tells Rani they can’t spare them so easily, Sunanda can never be wrong. He qualifies they can’t kill them so easily, they must be made to suffer. He looks towards Doshi saying the sick lady and Sakshi can’t do any harm to them, but Doshi… he shots towards him saying he won’t leave the one hurting her alive. Rani screams as Doshi fell over the floor, dead.
Sunanda tells Raaj’s mother and she left her hurt after snatching her husband, similarly she would suffer now. Her son’s death would make her die.

Sunanda instructs her men to take them, Sakshi cries and resists. Raaj goes to take care of the dead body. Rani clutches his collar and questions if he didn’t think for a while before taking such an act, she can’t believe he is her Raju. Sunanda was shocked to hear Rani’s accusation, she says Raaj took her revenge from this man. He cares for her pain then why not her daughter, how can Rani be her enemy’s side. Raaj calms Sunanda down, Rani doesn’t remember anything much. Sunanda says Rani doesn’t even care that she is her mother.

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