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Meet in love 26 June 2022: Meet Ahlawat says to Babita we never think about Meet, she also ledt her home alone we never try to think what she like and make her happy, we never did that. Whenever we are angry or frustrated or any thing bad happen in this house we blame Meet that’s wrong, today is her birthday did anyone wish her no, we do prepration and be happy all daybut for Meet no she is our punching bag, she represents Ahlawat’s family and ask her how to wear what to eat but did we ask what daughter in law need, no, it’s her birthday but we did nothing it’s Meet she will adjust even I’m wrong I was angry on her never listened but I know in that condition I only remember Meet and ask her to help, she come without even caring about her life saved me from those goons, she took good care of me, she could have taken rest but still she help me that’s why I throw a party to bring a smile on her face so that I feel good and I don’t think I took wrong step of throwing this party please try to understand mom. Babita leaves.

Raj walks to Meet and wish her and says to Meet Ahlawat I liked you saying true be like this and I’ll see her. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat what you did, you shouldn’t have said like this auntji she must be feeling bad it’s not good to hurt parents. Meet Ahlawat says do you think I’m that kind of son who will hurt his parents and feel good I was trying to say something. Meet says go and say sorry to auntyji. Meet Ahlawat gets call from organiser says we are sorry for not sending joker to party because he is sick. Meet Ahlawat says that’s okay and thinks who is this joker in party.Manushi looking in dustbin to find packet. Manushi open stinky dustbin says what they eat I’m sure Kunal house must be bigger then this and will be having Island too. Manushi find jewellery says everything is fine thankgod and leaves.

Manushi in corridor. Meet Ahlawat bumps into her. Manushi’s fake nose come out and drops her jewellery she put on her nose and try to leave. Meet Ahlawat stops her and ask who are you. Manushi looks at jewellery says I’m joker a lady Joker. Meet Ahlawat says organisers didn’t sent joker who are you and try to remove her fake nose. Anubha walks in and ask Meet Ahlawat what are you doing says to Joker you did great job in entertaining kids now come let’s go. Meet Ahlawat says she is fake I talked to organisers they told there Joker was sick who is she. Anubha says she is not fake we brought him from Shahbadh we got to know your joker isn’t coming so we thought of bringing ours. Manushi till the time picks up jewellery. Meet Ahlawat says you brought. Anubha says yes you go yo Meet I’ll be back. Manushi run away.

Anubha catches her and slap I asked you not to sit quietly then how you dare to come just wait for some time I’ll send you Delhi how dare you standing in front of Meet Ahlawat I don’t want you to spoil Meet’s life and even God too because your make-up artist called me and tols you left your phone there and she told me you went to become joker. Manushi says I come to wish Meet. Anubha says no need to do anything feel lucky I was there to cover things or else things could have gone wrong for Meet who is still paying because of you, if they get to know about you then everything could have ruined for Meet now go home I’ll talk to you there and push her. Masum see everything and says Manushi in house it means after giving promise to Mom, Anubha aunty still brought Manushi in house and remember what Meet said to Guruji and this was the secret.

Meet Ahlawat says to Babita my intention were not yo hurt do you think I can do this if so then I’m sorry but try to understand me and thinks Meet is wrong.Anubha says to Meet now we are leaving take care of everything. Meet says to Anubha my mother in law is not bad every mom will get angry afetr seeing her kid and says sorry to everyone says everyone is kind hearted here it was just Meet Ahlawat was not well so. Neighbour says no need to be sorry you have good husband no need to worry now let us leave. Babita walks in and says if you want to leave can go but today is my youngest daughter in law birthday and if you will leave without eating she will feel bad, I know she is already hurt because of me and I don’t want she being more sad on her birthday and ask Raj to keep his diet plan aal aside and eat with everyone, I’m extremely sorry my behavior was not good and sad something to everyone actually I was scared after seeing Meet Ahlawat’s condition and when I see Meet Ahlawat here dancing I got panicked and got angry, says sorry to Meet joining her hands and wish her birthday.

Meet syas what are you doing don’t join your hand give me blessings with them. Babita bless her. Raj walks to Babita says that’s why I’m your fan, says every birthday is empty without cake and we are ignoring that. Ram ask Isha to bring cake. Isha go to bring cake.Meet cut the cake and give half bite Anubha and other half to Babita. She give cake to everyone, in last goes to Meet Ahlawat. Ragini says to Meet give him cake. Meet getting shy. Ragini says to Meet Ahlawat you planned surprise for her so why don’t you go first. Meet Ahlawat make her eat cake from his hand. Ragini ask Meet to do give him cake. Meet make him eat cake. Meet Ahlawat wipes cake from her face. Raj ask Mani Kaka to give cake to everyone. Babita says after cake cutting, it’s compulsory to give gift, says if I ask you gift will be mess for me because you can demand anything that’s why me asn Raj decided we will give you gift of our choice.

Meet syas if you bith will give me gift then I’m sure it will be special. Babita and Raj says we decided to give you a foreign holiday as gift. Raj says to them from this trip your bond will go more strong. Masum says foreign trip, walks to Anubha and says if she will go somewhere then that will be Shahbadh. Everyone in shock. Babita says to Masum what are you saying. Masum says you all look tensed I’m mean she went from Chandigarh to Shahbadh and vice-versa and for foreign trip passport is required which she doesn’t have. Raj says that’s not big issue don’t you worry about that and apologize to Anubha. Anubha says no need I can feel her pain but I understood one thing that I don’t need to worry about her till the time you both are here, you both are here as her parents and parents always scold there kids for there good, I we all should leave. Masum ask Anubha to wait.

Raj says to Anubha I’m sorry for what happen today. Anubha says no need to be sorry I know a mother’s pain and after all parents only scolds kid and says we will leave now. Masum stops Anubha and remember seeing Masum, walks to her says you look scared as if some secret is known and calls Mani Kaka. Mani Kaka cone with gifts and Masum guve her return gift and says I respect you a lot and ask Kala to distribute gift to all. Raj says now let Anubha talk yo Meet for some time and everyone leaves.Meet syas to Anubha everyone is kind over here I don’t feel like hiding anything from them. Anubha says I understand, one side it is Dadi and other side is promise given to Babita but we have to do for marriage but don’t worry I’ll send Manushi to Delhi to my friend and ask Meet to take care for 2-3 days.

Masum hear everything and says they cheated us and says Meet is supporting her, they will be punished for this mistake.Kunal looking for Manushi. Manushi hiding above cupboard and says I’m making a secret safe over here and will hide jewellery over her and paint it so that anybody doesn’t know about it. Kunal thinks now she will losse again and says to Manushi I’ll trll you a safe place to hide or else your family will find it. Manushi says you are right I’ll come down and Kunal try to catch jewellery pouch but Manushi rise that pouch and says first let me get down. Kunal looking at jewellery pouch all time takes it from Manushi. Manushi snatch it from Kunal and says tell me I’ll keep it. Kunal takes it from her and says don’t work I’ll keep it.

Manushi take again and they argue iver keeping. Anubha takes Manushi’s name. They both get scared and drops jewellery.Anubha enter room and looks at them and ask what is he doing here. Manushi says he got progress in his work so he was sharing the news. Anubha looks at jewellery and ask what is this. Manushi keep that in bag. Anubha takes jewellery bag and says its not good to keep in house I’ll deposit it in bank tomorrow, after all Meet made them for your marriage. Manushi says then these are mine I’ll take care of them. Anubha says to take care you have to be married but you are not, takes bag from her and says now you are not going to Mumbai that you will be needing these I’ll deposit it in bank and says to Parth thanks for taking care of Manushi now you can find a place in hotel because we have good reputation in this colony and people will talk about our daughter because she is young, now let’s go down your bed is ready and leaves.

Kunal says its enough what your family think of me, now I’ll go to a hotel I cannot tolerate this, she is insulting me a lot. Manushi says don’t mind, now a days I’m also unable to bear here tantrums, give me 24hrs because after that I’ll do something which will change her angry into love.Meet checking all the things for Meet Ahlawat in kitchen and keeps it on trolley. Masum stops Meet and ask Chhavi to handle trolley, you will take breakfast for brother. Meet guve her looks. Chhavi remember how Meet handled her earlier and gets scared. Meet says to Masum I’m in delivery job and in that uf I took any responsibility then only I’ll complete it and anuty gave ke responsibility of Meet Ahlawat so I’ll take breakfast for him.

Masum stops trolley and says he is my brother I know what’s we ng or right for him I know and frok now on you will not do anything for him. Meet says I’ll see who will stop me. Masum hold her hand and says I’ll stop you. Meet says you cannot because I will not stop and she start leaving. Masum says your family is taking good care of Manushi. Meet stops. Masum walks to her and says your mom swear you, I know everything, what happen you stop, I know Manushi is in your house that Manushi who ditched everyone, she is living happily in your house, what happen and grab her mouth, my dad went to your house to say one thing not to keep any relation with Manushi, but your mom break that promise, what you say I’m a loyal kid of a lovely police officer, loyal police officer my foot. Meet gets angry.

Masum says if you are that loyal then why did you kept hidden from us, if I want I can tell everything to mom and dad and if I want I can tell my Mom that Manushi is living in your house you know what will happen. Meet thinks what Anubha tols him in what delima she is. Masum says if you want I should keep this to me then do what I say and ask Chhavi to take trolley to Meet Ahlawat. Chhavi try to reach but Meet stops her. Chhavi call Masum. Meet takes her hand down. Meet says he will not take anything from her, she is not well why you want to give him more trouble. Masum if you don’t listen me then get ready to face my anger and says to Chhavi from now on you will take care of my brother and I’ll see who will come in between. Chhavi try to remove Meet’s hand but couldn’t. Chhavi says she is not leaving it.

Masum remove Meet’s hand from trolley and Chhavi take it. Meet in tears. Masum walks away.Meet Ahlawat says you come early see what I brought snd turn and sees Chhavi says you are here. Chhavi says she was busy so I’m here come I’ll help you to eat. Meet Ahlawat says you can go do your stuff Meet will come in sometime I’ll eat it. Chhavi says she will not come she is busy come it’s hot eat it. Meet Ahlawat says to her when Meet will come I’ll eat it. Meet from gate says eat it if she is saying to eat, always behind me and walks in. Meet Ahlawat stops her says see what I brought for you. Meet ask what is this. Meet Ahlawat says its gift. Meet says I don’t want. Meet Ahlawat says who says no to gift and says see its Meet Ustaad new tool upgraded how’s it.

Meet sees Masum on gate and ask her not to take. Meet drops guft and says I don’t want I told you. Meet Ahlawat picks up gift. Masum signal Chhavi to move forward. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat do your breakfast. Chhavi says yes I’m waiting for you it’s getting cold. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t feel kike eating and leaves. Kaka walks in says says to Meet Babita is calling you. Meet says go I’ll come and thinkit necessary for him to have breakfast but how will I give him.

Meet knocks at Babita’s door. Babita says don’t you feel shame after breaking someone’s promise tell, your broke my promise lied to me. Meet says auntyji. Babita stops her from saying, says I can bear loose but not lie, don’t come to botique feom tomorrow and keeps her headphone. Babita says I need to talk to you that’s why I called you and says did Anubha told you anything about Manushi, we are still in pain because of Manushi specially my son, I know Manushi is your sister but now you are now my son’s wife too and our daughter in law so I want you to complete some responsibilities that’s why I want you make sure that Manushi is not in our life and your house, she break my kid emotionally and mentally and she will pay for that, you might be thinking why I’m all of sudden talking about your sister because Masum friend told her she saw Manushi near your house so I just want to convey you that’s why I called you.


Meet thinks I feel bad hiding secret from you but my mom guve me swear of not telling anything, what should I do. Babita says now you can leave and take care of him. Meet thinks what I’ll take care of him, he didn’t had anything, says to Babita I’ll take care of her but he was saying from many days he didn’t anything from your hand. Babita says he said like that. Meet says gis breakfast is ready in his room if you have some time. Babita says he is my first priority, I always have time for him.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat have a little if you will not eat then how medicine will work. Meet Ahlawat eats it. Babita ask how’s it. Meet looking at them behind curtains. Masum push Meet and corner her says I like your talent of getting shut. Meet says if you have problem to me then deal with me why are you troubling Meet Ahlawat, he had breakfast because of aunty but he need proper care. Masum says if you become wife it means you are his wellwisher, I’m his sister I love him and know how to take care of him, I’m sad because of you two sisters, Manushi broke his heart, from the time you entered in his life he stopped smiling, I want my brother to be happy and it can only happen when yoi go iut of his life now you have to go and give this ticket to my brother and give her envelope.

Meet ask what’s in this. She says it has one way ticket from Chandigarh to Shahbadh. Meet open envelope and sees divorce papers. Masum says you have time till 12 midnight to convene my brother that you are not happy from this marriage and cannot live as Manushi’s replacement, I’m sure you also don’t want to live as option. Meet says I cannot do this. Masum says don’t show your crocodile tears if you are so affected then why did you hide everything about Manushi I know Anubha is shifting Manushi to Delhi but still she break her promise now listen to me carefully if you didn’t give my brother divorce then I’ll bring your truth infront of everyone, then your family will not be able to show tour face in colony we all know one day or other this relationship eill break its your choice by respect or disrespect and she leaves.

Meet in tears sit on floor and thinks about Meet Ahlawat surprise party and what Manushi said to her about divorce.Meet Ahlawat says how could be a person have two different quality, one time entering and at same time irritating, don’t know where Meet is didn’t come tell yeat isn’t she feeling sick for not fighting me from morning.Meet explaining Chhavi everything about Meet Ahlawat’s routine and medicine. Meet takes his medicine with her. Masum stops Meet and snatches that box. Meet walks away.

Meet Ahlawat in room remembers how Meet helped her in exercise gets up take out belt and thinks about Meet. Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat from window. Meet Ahlawat walks to window and she hides. Meet Ahlawat takes her cream and remember him teasing for one cream and lost in his thoughts. Chhavi walks in says to Meet Ahlawat come I’ll give you your medicine. Duggu walks in. Meet Ahlawat says to Duggu go and ask your Mami to check my medicine. Duggu says I cannot fine her. Meet Ahlawat says what do you mean, she will be in home. Duggu says don’t know I’m going to play. Meet Ahlawat calls Meet. Masum walks to Meet and says go and find a place where he cannot find you and next time come with divorce papers now leave. Meet Ahlawat says why is she cutting phone, what happen.

Chhavi says what medicine did Meet told. Meet Ahlawat calls Chhavi and says no need to worry keep that box I’ll manage. Chhavi says I need to help you, you know how much I care for you, you didn’t had any medicine. Meet Ahlawat says no need to worry I’ll eat it. Masum walks in says what happen eat medicine, there should be no negligence in medicine and ask Chhavi to give him. Chhavi brings water for him. Meet Ahlawat have medicine and thinks what happen to Meet did I said something wrong, she is ignoring me since morning, I need to talk to her.

Meet watering plants and remember what Masum said to her about divorce. Kaka says to Meet why are you doing this it’s our job. Meet says I was free so I’m doing this you can do something else and don’t tell anybody I was here and take good care of Meet Ahlawat because I’m doing tgis. Kaka leaves. Meet says to God why is this happening I was about to get happy and I was becoming part if this family. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet in garden and walks to her. Meet sees him. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing here. Meet says can’t you see I’m doing work and hurt herself. Meet Ahlawat says show me what happen. Meet says nothing go from here. Meet Ahlawat says you didn’t come for my medicine and food and didn’t accept my gift what happen to you why are you avoiding me.

Meet says you are running your brain too much I was busy since morning and you are quite well that anyone can take care of you. Meet Ahlawat says why others will take care of me you are my wife you will do, I mean you promised mom and took responsibility. Meet says I completed my promise you are getting fine and I’m not your nurse that I should stay 24hrs with you. He says you don’t talk like this, I understood there is something troubling you, either I hurt you or did something you don’t like but first tell me only then I can correct you because you are bot the kind of person the way you are behaving tell me. Sunaina takes Meet name walks to them and says you both are here you know what we have decided that today we will enjoy bonfire whole night and you know Masum gave this idea.

They both get surprised. Sunaina says exactly my reaction was also same anyways we will enjoy you bith be ready I’ll tell Mom and Dad and leaves. He says to her you have time till midnight to give me all the answers and I’m serious and walks away. Meet thinks about Masum, she told her that she have time till midnight or else will tell truth and says what answers I’ll give I’m getting punished for something I did not do.Everyone outside enjoying bonfire. Babita and Ragini singing song. Meet Ahlawat thinks why is she not coming out. Masum thinks why isn’t she coming out.

Raj says how cultural our family is and says to Ram do you remember how our mother use to sing song during bonfire. Ram says I remember and now we don’t have any song left to sing if you have any please sing it. Raj says yes ofcourse and I have special memories for this song because I’m talking about the time when Babita use to come in car in college and I use to come by my cycle, she was beautiful and I was just a simple guy but still I don’t know what she looked into me, all of sudden I got lucky and rest is history and says to Babita do you remember how you use to give your expression on this song so can we do it today. Babita says how I’ll do, it was ages ago. Meet Ahlawat and everyone encourage her. Raj and Babita entertain everyone. Meet come out. Meet Ahlawat ask her to come and sut. Meet remembers what Meet Ahlawat and Masum said to her about 12 midnight, she walks and sit in corner alone.

Meet Ahlawat gets up and walks to her. Masum rushes and sit beside Meet. Meet Ahlawat sit beside Masum. Masum show her time and walks away. Meet gets up and start walking. Meet Ahlawat hold her and ask what happen to you why are you ignoring me since morning, I won’t let you go give me answers. Meet says wait for some time I’ll give you answers.Manushi puking. Amma worried and ask her to sit and says what happen to you are you feeling good wait I’ll get water for you. Manushi says I’m good but feeling dizzy. Amma says how many times I told you not to eat of outside, tell what you had waut I’ll call doctor.

Manushi says no don’t call doctor I’m good and run away. Anubha walks in. Amma calls her and ask is Manushi feeling different to me. Anubha says thankgod you realised, I’m finding her different since she came back, I’m scared that she might not burn herself. Amma says Manushi is not like Meet and I can bet on that, she is diamond but you arr the one who cannot look clearly you always blame her. Anubha says for mother every kid is equal but daughter are different right, one understand things in a glimpse but itger one repeat the same mistake over this every neighbour says that mother favour only one over itger but I wish you understand this and give same love to both daughters.

Masum looks at watch and says I think so she went to bring divorce papers. Meet come out of house and walks to Masum with paper. Masum says intelligent girl and ask for envelope. Meet drops envelope in bonfire. Masum shouts. Raj ask what did you burn. Meet says nothing it was trash no need to worry….(Meet talking to Raj, Raj explains her saying before marriage you know you would be facing hatred but know you didn’t give up that’s why you make places in everyone’s heart because of your hardwork and says I have to teel you something there are two options to face a problem one by running away from it and other by facing it and you face problems. Meet remembers what his father use to say about facing problem.)

Meet says to Masum I use my brain a lot and then it came to me that do whatever you want to do this time you sre messaging Meet Hudda if I’m not saying dosent mean I’m scared, I respect you but you don’t like that respect, I didn’t grown up with lots of money but I grown up with relation and I cannot break them after I took oth for this relation infront of fire and I’ll maintain that relation for life long, I’ll not divorce Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat turn her and ask what you said, what happen to you I’m asking you why are you ignoring me and says guve me answers. Meet holds her ear and do sit-ups in front of him. Babita ask now what you did. Meet says I’m saying sorry to him because I hurt him. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing. Raj says we don’t know what happen but she is saying sorry from her heart so please forgive her. Meet continue doing sit-ups. Meet Ahlawat stops her and says what is this new talant acting like melodramatic queen.

Meet says sorry I was busy since morning so I’m sorry for that and I promise I’ll only take care of you, won’t leave you alone. Meet Ahlawat says now it’s done.
Chhavi walks in says it’s so cold here and says to Meet Ahlawat you must be feeling cold wait I’ll cover you. Meet says one minute stops her. Chhavi leaves to Shawl and says take it. Meet says you did a lot of work since morning now go and rest I’m here for him and cover Meet Ahlawat with Shawl. Masum shouts enough stop your drama. Raj says scolds to Masum. Masum says we have to talk to these people like this, you consider her sweet and hardworking and have faith in her, she is lier. Babita says first think and says before blaming. Masum says I’m not blaming her I know truth and says to ask her is her sister Manushi is at her home, she kept this secret from us. Babita says stup up Masum and ask Meet is that true what Masum is saying.

Meet says yes me, mom and dadi don’t want to hide this from you all but the condition in which was Manushi melted our hearts and parents cannot reject there children. Raj says she is right now is her sister is back then why should we punish her and make difference with Hudda family and says I feel bad why Masum presented this sensitive topic and such bad manner and says I don’t wanna hear anything. Everyone gets normal and Masum says now she will tell everything about her by himself and will plan harder this time.

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