Once there was a king update Sunday 26 June 2022


Once there was a king 26 June 2022: The doctor tells Sunanda that Rani might be mentally effected by the accident. He needs some more tests.Raaj comes to Sunanda and tells her to gather courage, they have to fight against Rani’s illness. Raaj thinks he only has the relation of revenge with Rani, just because of Sunanda.The nurses and doctor carry Rani unconscious. Raaj and Doshi join them. Raaj says its important for them to keep Rani at mental asylum. Sunanda would name the property after him today. Rani was semi-conscious and watches Doshi stand there alive.

At home, Sunanda speaks to lawyer about getting the papers ready by tonight. She tells Raaj she would name the property after him tonight and then give all her time to Rani. Raaj says he can’t see Rani this way either.Rani was taken to the mental asylum. She spots a match stick on the way to corridor and poses to fell down and hold the match stick. Later, Rani takes help of a patient and calls for kerosene. A nurse had spot Rani but couldn’t see through the mirror. Rani lights a cloth piece through kerosene, then shouts about fire. The hospital staff comes to their help. All the patients have run away.Sunanda was reading the property papers. Raaj sat nearby thinking the day has finally arrived for which he was waiting for years.

He wonders why she is reading and re-reading the papers. Sunanda says he has done exactly what she wanted. A phone bell rings, she asks Raaj to hold the phone. Anandi warns Raaj on phone if he wants to see his sister alive he must stop Sunanda from signing the papers, else the death certificate of his sister would also be signed. Raaj was shocked and asks Sunanda about delaying the signing, he has an urgent work outside. Both Sunanda and Raaj were shocked to see Rani standing at the door. Rani comes inside. Sunanda says Rani must be in hospital. Rani tells Sunanda she must listen to her now and tells her about Raaj. Sunanda was shocked to hear this. Raaj calls this a lie and blames Rani’s condition, he says Rani has been making stories.

Raaj says she must be in hospital as she is still in shock. Rani says she is fine, and not she but Raaj must be in mental hospital. Rani asks Sunanda if she would trust him or her. Raaj insists they must take Rani to hospital before she takes a severe act. Sunanda agrees to Raaj and goes to call the doctor. Rani stops Sunanda and insists on her that she is fine. Raaj holds Rani back as Sunanda calls the doctor. Raaj drags Rani upstairs.In the room, Rani says she will reveal Raaj’s truth to everyone. Raaj says he didn’t punish her much and kept her alive and she would now witness her mother’s destruction by tomorrow morning. Rani promises she would bring about his truth to her mother by tomorrow morning, he will die for sure.

Raaj was enraged and through away the vase in anger. He wonders whose voice was it, it was recognizable. He tries to hear there were temple bells from behind, this means Sakshi is somewhere near the temple.Rani and Anandi stood with Sakshi. Rani says she is happy she found Anandi in time, else he must have got his property named after him today. She recalls she hit Anandi near the gate and told her about the truth. Rani tells Anandi the man Raaj killed was never dead, Anandi says his name is Doshi. Rani plans to take Doshi to Sunanda, only then she would understand what Raaj actually is.


Rani cries while Sunanda was in a state of shock as Raaj laughs boastfully that this all belongs to him now. He pushes Sunanda back on a couch and tells everyone to come inside, there is no need to hide. Doshi comes in with Anandi and Sakshi. Sunanda was shocked to see Doshi alive. Doshi brings Anandi inside. Preiti had also come there.Raaj tells Sunanda she must once have trusted her own blood for once. She kept on shouting at her that she is fine, but Sunanda never believed in her. He laughs again, asking Sunanda what exactly happened. It seems it’s time to share the whole truth with her, he says Doshi is his friend who wasn’t killed, he isn’t even Chitra Singh’s son. Raaj says he is Chitra Singh’s son, Raaj Singh.

He intended the destruction of Sunanda Chauhan since childhood, today he got what he wanted. Raaj tells Rani how they reached Anandi and get Sakshi freed of her. He tells Sunanda today he revenged his father’s death from her, he has done what Sunanda did to his father. He now tells them to leave his house all at once. Sakshi laughs calling her as a witch. Rani walks outside staring into his eyes. Chitra comes from the main door and forbids Raaj do so. Raaj points towards Sunanda saying this lady snatched his father from him, had Chauhan been alive he must have killed him by himself. Sunanda slaps him. Chitra stops Raaj’s hand. Sunanda claps towards Chitra for making the stories in front of him since childhood, if she is so pious why she doesn’t tell him the truth.

Raaj asks about the truth. Chitra was silent. Sunanda tells Raaj his father betrayed them, her husband didn’t take anyone’s life. It was Raaj’s father who killed her husband. She asks Chitra if she isn’t ashamed to hide the truth. Chitra apologizes Raaj for lying to him. Raaj looks towards Rani. Chitra says she is true, her husband didn’t kill his father.They recall Chitra and her husband came to plead Sundna and Chauhan for returning their house papers. When they didn’t agree as it was well earned, Raaj’s father shot Rani’s father to kill him.Rani tells Raaj she always asked him to speak to her mom but he wasn’t ready. He is exactly like his father. She feels ashamed to have loved a man like him. Raaj stood there broken.

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