Once there was a king update Sunday 19 June 2022


Once there was a king 19 June 2022: Bari Rani Maa repeats Ek tha Raja who has died, its Rani’s turn now. She boasts about the power of hatred. Raaj Mata says this isn’t possible, she sprinkles water over Bari Rani Maa who fell down on floor weak. She promises Raaj Mata to return. Raaj Mata takes Raaj towards the room.In the temple, Rani cries for Raaj’s life.There, Bari Rani Maa thinks Raaj knows the mantar to weaken her. Rani has the Ganga-Jal that is the most dangerous for her. She would snatch that from Rani. Rani sat beside Raaj determined to break Bari Rani Maa’s braid.

She tells Raaj Mata that they will fell weaker if Bari Rani Maa attacks them now, when they are already weak. A letter fly to Rani, it was a letter for peace on a condition that Rani gives the Ganga Jal to her, and take Raaj’s life in return. Rani was worried if they must give their strongest arm to Bari Rani Maa. She was determined not to give it, as Raaj had vowed to fight. Suminda asks why Rani wants to go there. Rani says Raaj taught her during self defence if one fall weak in front of enemy, he is relieved and that’s the time to attack. Raaj Mata was ready to come along Rani.

and has freed Raaj from life. She breaks the bottle of water, Raaj Mata was hurt at heart and fell weak. Bari Rani Maa laughs evily. She tells Raaj Mata to watch Rani die. Raaj Mata stands up and sprinkles water from her bottle over Bari Rani Maa. Bari Rani Maa was shocked to be betrayed, she trembles. Rani begins reading the mantar which she had memorized over Raaj’s hand. Raaj Mata was sprinkling water over Bari Rani Maa, she fell faint. Raaj Mata ties her hands and asks Rani to cut the braid. Rani brings about a knife and cut the braid. Later, Rani comes home and asks Suminda why they have been crying. She looks towards Raaj and cries beside him as he can’t leave her so easily.

Raaj finally wakes up saying she finally understood girls aren’t stronger than boys. He sits up, Rani hugs him. Raaj shows Rani his locket, and reminds her about the history. Rani complains they had to fight Bari Rani Maa alone. Raaj says he knew nothing can beat his Rani, she is the strongest. Both hug each other. The next morning, Raaj Mata gives Rani a box with keys in it. She says these are Amirkot Palace keys, she named the palace after Rani. She tells Rani that the palace belonged to her, and gifts contain blessings from elders. Rani hugs Raaj Mata, and notices Raaj stood there upset. Raaj asks Suminda when he can join his work, Rani sends them to discuss work and takes Raaj Mata to prepare for breakfast.

Suminda asks Raaj about a few questions about his studies. Raaj Mata tells Rani about the story of Raja and Rani. Raaj tells Suminda he studied till 10th, but can read and write English well. Raaj Mata tells Rani that Raja didn’t study because he wanted to degrade his father. Raaj says when fate brings axe into a child’s hands, he can no more study. His father died at age of 10 years. Rani tells Raaj Mata she will instantly marry Raaj, she won’t make him suffer anymore. Suminda tells Rani to complete Raaj’s deal of next three months.

Raaj Mata asks about the deal, Rani tells Raaj Mata about the deal. Raaj Mata advocates to Suminda that they are made for each other. Rani was also in a hurry to marry, but Raaj says they should wait for at least three months. They need time to understand each other. Raaj Mata announces she is with Rani. Suminda tells Rani to give Raaj sometime to prove himself, he would be answerable to the world as well. Rani says she doesn’t care about the world, but Raaj says he does. He has to prove himself able for Rani, no matter what she says. He turns to leave. Raaj Mata was Rani’s side and says she can do anything if she wants to. At night, Raaj was studying. He opens the door to find a toy train outside. There was a note over it from Rani. She said love is old, the path is old but the life is new; there was an invitation from her to meet him. Rani stood at the balcony with gun held over her forehead. She deterred to kill herself if he doesn’t accept her marriage proposal.


Raaj agrees for marriage. Raaj Mata asks Suminda to accept the proposal. Rani announces this engagement would be done tomorrow before he denies.In the room, Raaj was curt over his condition, he says there isn’t any clothes or ring for him for any engagement. Rani brings clothes for him to select. Raaj says he isn’t ready to marry in rental clothes. Rani says these are his, Raaj corrects they are actually her mother’s. He insists that she must accept him with what he has.

Raaj Mata tells Suminda not to worry, Raaj has the same heart her Raja had. He loves Rani dearly and no one can keep Rani happier than him. Suminda says she has some worries even after knowing this, she was concerned that she knew Kundan since ages still he changed. Life won’t go on over love of last year. She understands her Rani well, she has a different point of view. What if they don’t understand each other and Rani gets a heart break.
Rani asks Raaj what when she was poor in the last life and he helped them? Only the conditions have changed, not their love. If Rani belongs to him, so does everything that she owns. Raaj hugs Rani apologizing for making her hurt, and calls himself stupid. Raaj was ready to do whatever she asks him for.

Raaj Mata says one only changes clothes, souls are infinite. These souls have broken all limits to get united. Every mother is worried if their daughter would live happy after marriage, but she must trust her.
Raaj Mata helps Rani get ready. Rani feels the jewelry heavy, but Raaj Mata says in Rajwaras they wear even heavier clothes. Raaj Mata leaves the room. Rani looks at a shadow in the window but Suminda arrives then.The guests ask Raja why Rani only selected a common man like him. Raaj says its love that erases all the difference. Rani arrives to the hall and compliments him, he taunts his clothes are rental. Rani says everything that’s hers belongs to him as well

Suminda gives the engagement ring to Rani. A lady there taunts Raaj must never have seen such a huge diamond. Raaj Mata asks Raaj to put the ring now, he brings out a wedding band from his pocket. The people there speaks false about Raaj. Raaj says he has nothing to give Rani, only memories like this silver band which belongs to his mother. He always felt an angel was his side, and today he found her as the anger. He is sure he would never fell weak anymore. Rani kiss the ring and says its his mother’s blessings which are the precious most thing for her.

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