Once there was a king update Saturday 14 May 2022

Once there was a king 14 may 2022: Iqbal shots a bullet again, warning the next bullet won’t be in air. The police arrive at the spot to arrest the ladies. Rani asks Iqbal about Raja. Iqbal helps Rani wash her face. Ambika thanks him for helping them. Rani says she needs to search Raja and asks Iqbal. Iqbal tells her that Raja was arrested, as the whole city wanted him. Ambika cries hard. Rani sends Ambika home with Meenu. Rani heads towards police station, Iqbal comes along. The inspector says its governor’s orders that no one must be allowed to meet Raja. She kneels in front of inspector. Iqbal remembers pleading for justice in the similar way.

He holds Rani up, and assures to speak to governor by himself. The inspector says this isn’t his house. Iqbal reminds a few months ago, the whole city was burnt on his call. He, his men and all the arms are here. Inspector allows Rani to meet Raja, and asks his constable to prepare a case over Raja that he gets hanged.Rani comes to meet Raja in the lockup. He turns his face away. Rani demands him to look at her, she has spoken to governor and he is with her.

She will get him out of here. Raja cries, as he isn’t worth her trust. Rani was clueless. Raja says he committed a huge mistake by faking her signatures. He handed the file to Agarwal, after faking her signs and stealing the stamp from her office. He gets to her feet that he committed a huge sin. Rani assures she is with him, Raja insists he isn’t worth her companion. Rani tells Raja she trusts him, nothing will happen to him. Raja curses himself for not valuing her. They part, as the constable comes to take Rani.

Outside, Rani was upset that no one is with her. Iqbal assures his side, no matter what. He would always be there whenever she gets hurt. Rani cries that all proofs are against Raja, Raja even faked her signatures to get the license. This is Agarwal’s trap, but there is no proof against him. She wonders if she should inform the police constable that there are fake signatures. Iqbal watches the inspector coming, and warns Rani not to tell anyone about Raja faking her signatures. The inspector says now even God can’t save her husband, and calls her inside for statement. Rani cries, regretting. Iqbal walks outside, remembering his cries.

He thinks he loved her the most, and couldn’t even bury her well. But Raja and Rani are culprit, this would be his last attack over her now.In the palace, Rani shares with Ambika about her helplessness. Ambika goes to get something to eat for Rani. Rani walks towards the temple, saying she doesn’t understand how she would fight this war and needs a way. Ambika brings her juice, Rani thinks about Agarwal and Juice Company. She thinks she needs to find Agarwal and hurries outside. The security guard stops Rani, and tells her that Agarwal hasn’t returned home since yesterday.

A car stops by, and Nusrat comes in. she confirms if everything was fine. She warns the watchman not to let anyone come inside, and pays him heavy amount. She also hands Agarwal’s tickets from Delhi to Mumbai. Rani returns to give the watchman her contact number and was shocked to see Nusrat. She wonders what is Nusrat doing at Agarwal’s place, and follows her.Nusrat hurries into a room, Rani peeks through the door. Nusrat asks Iqbal why is he praying when its not the time.

Iqbal says he is asking forgiveness for killing 40 and more people. Nusrat tells Iqbal she got Agarwal the tickets and money, they have won. Iqbal says until Agarwal leaves, their victory isn’t confirmed. Rani won’t spare Agarwal, and he must stay beside her. They need to file the case as soon as possible, Rani must have witnessed enemies in life but not like them. Its time they return all her pains to them. He stands up, Rani was shocked to see Nawab Iqbal Khan there.Rani was shocked to understand that Nawab even took her enemity by betrayal.

There, Iqbal goes to make a call, and looks at a broken piece of glass. Nusrat asks if its still with him, Iqbal says its inside his soul and will keep on pinching him till he has taken his revenge. Two years ago, these glass pieces didn’t spread over the road but his life; Raja snatched his life that night. He recalls gifting a locket to his love. Nusrat walked in with her sister, saying it’s his testimony today. He must decide which one is Nusrat, which is Zaira out of twin sisters. Iqbal looks at the other, saying he must close his eyes and recognizes Zaira at once. He finally put the locket around her neck.

Zaira was touched that even if she was talking like Nusrat, still he recognized her. Nusrat took a leave. Iqbal says Zaira was so pretty that night, he fears she would get a bad eye. Zaira wished to go to hill station Dargah, for their love. He can’t come with her, because she is going to pray for him. He never knew his life would be spent awaiting. He was about to propose her for marriage, but that morning never came. That night never came in his life. He went to look for her to Dargah, it was deserted but Zaira was nowhere to be found. Only then he spotted a car, Iqbal went to ask Raja about a girl.

Raja lay down drunken, and was ready to drive over anyone who came in the way of his car. Iqbal found a glass piece under the car. He didn’t know Raja had already snatched the one he was looking for, no one could find Zaira for next two days. He went to look for her again, and found her locket among the glass pieces on a road side. He followed the glass pieces and found a grave in the forest. He opened the soil to find Zaira’s body there, the glass piece pierced inside his body. He went to police with car’s number. Then he realized, law resides over bed of rich; they must be revenged. He decided to revenge, but he only had the determination. He then realized that drunken man was Raja, who married himself after burying his love.

He decided to ruin Raja’s life that day. Iqbal chops Raja’s photo with a knife in hand, Rani loses her balance and a vase was about to break. She hurries outside. Iqbal comes to look outside, but Nusrat suggests it might be wind. Rani thinks about going to jail to speak to Raja about it.In the jail, police constables speak about Rani’s blackened face. Raja was upset, and curses himself for being responsible to this all. Rani hurried towards Raja, but he denied meeting her. He cries, asking her to stay away as he isn’t even worth her hatred. The constable warns Rani not to forcefully meet Raja and go away.

Rani wonders who else can tell her about the truth, and goes to Shashi and Jeewan.Rani calls Jeewan, Jeewan greets her saying he had to come upon her call. Rani takes Shashi and Jeewan inside to the temple room, saying she only wants truth. She says she is aware about Shab e Baraat two years ago; she confirms if there was an accident that night. Jeewan asks how it is related to Raja. Rani says there is a deep relation, but she first wants to know if there was an accident; she swears him on Devi Maa. She asks them to swear there was no accident of a girl that night. Shashi was about to speak, but Jeewan holds his and Shashi’s hand over the flame assuring there was no accident.

Rani thinks why Iqbal is behind them now; but she can expect anything from a betrayer like Iqbal. Rani apologize them for suspecting over them, and hurries to get an ointment for them. Jeewan grabs Shashi’s collar asking if he was about to tell Rani about the truth. Was he going to tell Rani that actually Jeewan had been driving the car, and killed a lady; they buried the body and Raja was unaware about this all because he was drunk? Jeewan warns Shashi to stay silent, as Shashi was the one who helped him bury the body. Rani stood beside Jeewan and looked at them quizzically. Jeewan takes a leave from Rani, but Rani asks them to come along her to meet someone.

At Nawab’s house, Rani comes inside. Iqbal suggests there must be something wrong, if Raja is fine. Rani says she has a friend like Iqbal, she doesn’t need enemies. Iqbal reminds he is her friend, Rani slaps over his face.

Rani slaps Iqbal saying he is always proud of his manlihood. Those who stab at the back are never men, he should have attacked her from the front. Iqbal says its was like a poison for him to call her and Raja as friends. Rani says she suspected Iqbal already because no one else knew about Agarwal and juice factory but he did. She then brings witness to Iqbal that no girl died that night. Jeewan and Shashi come in to tell Iqbal that their car struck a tree, and no girl died. Iqbal wasn’t ready to accept their witness as they are Raja’s friend.

Rani gives an ultimatum to Iqbal to leave the city as soon as possible. Iqbal shouts that Rani’s husband is in jail, for accusation of killing forty people; no one in the city respect Rani and if they were there they should also get the punishment. Rani moves forward and sends Jeewan and Shashi away. Iqbal tells Rani she is weak and can’t counter him. Rani tells Iqbal that he is only accusing Raja pointlessly. She would protect her husband from any played trick of Iqbal. Iqbal holds a hand to snatch Rani’s identities of bride. She holds his hand, and warns him to send him to jail. She is aware Nusrat is alive and the whereabouts of Agarwal. Iqbal insists he would burn her and Raja both, Rani replies they would see.

The next morning, in palace Rani finds a note in her room. Iqbal comes from behind to fear her, then says the pleasure of enemity lessen when the enemy is an idiot. His whole game has been set because of Agarwal, he couldn’t leave him spare. Rani fell on the couch, Iqbal bends over her saying he wants to tell her about the whereabouts of Agarwal. Agarwal would leave for Delhi station exactly after 32 hours and he would travel to Mumbai from Delhi. Rani tells Iqbal not her, but lay would kidnap Agarwal. She runs outside, and hurries to police station.

Rani requests the inspector to kidnap Agarwal. The inspector wasn’t ready, as the company was solely on Raja’s name and they can’t harass anyone. Iqbal comes to side Rani, and asks the inspector to speak politely. Rani accuses Iqbal, inspector asks wasn’t he a friend of Rani till yesterday. Rani runs towards Raja’s lock up. Iqbal comes to her, saying he has already played his game. She should have realized earlier she won’t find Raja here. Rani comes to question the inspector about Raja.
On the way, Raja was shocked to hear about Jaipur.

At police station, inspector tells Rani that orders were for Patna. It was Iqbal who used his influence to transfer him to Jaipur. When the inspector left, Iqbal tells Rani that Agarwal has already sit in the train and his train would leave for Delhi in 15 minutes. Raja is on his way to Jaipur. Now its Rani’s turn to decide where she has to go.Rani comes to interfere Governor’s meeting. She asks the governor to check as her husband is being sent to Jaipur. The governor hands Rani a letter that she is being suspended from MLA post until the charges over her husband are cleared.

Raja requests the inspector to let him meet Rani for once. The inspector apologizes as its because of his safety. Raja was worried that he can’t live while being away from her. There Rani ran outside governor’s house. There, Raja recall his times with Rani. Rani runs towards the car and instructs the driver to reach Amirkot station, they are left with only ten minutes. The driver drives rashly. Rani was shocked to see when Iqbal turns around.

He tells Rani today he is her driver, and he is Rani’s friend and is fulfilling his friendship.Raja spots the inspector’s gun.
Iqbal asks whom she want to go to, Agarwal on station or Raja?
Raja points a gun at the inspector, and asks him to remove his handcuff.
There, Iqbal turns the speedy cars and hit a tree. He was injured. Rani runs out of the car into the forest. Raja gets off the car, throws the gun down and run away. The inspector calls from behind at Raja to stop, else they must shoot. Rani hears this call, then Raja shouting her name. She shouts back

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