Once there was a king update Friday 13 May 2022

Once there once a king 13 may 2022: At morning in palace, Agarwal stops Raja reminding about himself. He reminds Raja about starting the fruit juice, in which he would be partner of 50% without any investment. Raja asks why he is being so generous. Agarwal says he has the courage to do something, the factory will be set in Amirkot and will be beneficial to the people. Raja asks if he could judge his worth in a single meeting, Agarwal boasts about recognizing a gem well. Raja takes the file, and ask when to begin the work. Agarwal says MLA has once rejected this file. Raja boasts she won’t deny him, and shakes hand with Agarwal for partnership.

Iqbal watches the time and says if everything went well, Raja must be here in next two minutes. He was doing a count down. Raja comes there, Iqbal asks why he came here. Raja says he is starting a new company of his, Royal Juice. Iqbal says it seems Rani is still angry, Raja must apologize her to get the signatures. Raja walks to the office. Iqbal thinks no matter what Raja does, he would win the game.
In the office, Rani sat cheerfully that she would make Raja up, Raja would enjoy watching movie with her for sure. Raja curtly comes in, thinking Rani has no time for him. Raja comes to office, and tells Rani about beginning a new juice company.

Rani says she is really happy, but he never shared about it with her. Rani was happy, then reads the file worried if he is being partners with Agarawal? Raja says this isn’t illegitimate. Rani says when Agarwal came to her office with this file, his name was connected to illegitimate contracts and connections. Raja asks why she didn’t complain the police. Rani tells him they have no proof. Raja forces her to sign the file, doesn’t she want her husband to get successful. Rano holds the pen to sign the file, then denies. Raja was sad that she doesn’t trust his ability.

Rani says she trusts his abilities, he doesn’t need anyone’s support to move forward. She is just stopping him to hold a false foot. Raja claps that she has learnt the art of politics, she must simply say his success won’t suit her. She shouldn’t forget, if he can get her to skies he himself can go there. This time he would reach high up, and nothing can stop him.
Agarwal tells Raja he can only give him time till tonight, if he doesn’t get signatures he must forget about any offer. Agarwal leaves. Iqbal makes an entry and asks Raja if he got the signatures. He tells Raja those who love us care for us, but sometimes they are the ones to stop us from moving forward.

He tells Raja about his father, who didn’t let him go for a cricket match. He then go to his room at night, and stamped his thumbprints over his permit. His father was the happiest when he returned after winning over, with a medal. At night, Raja enters the office in search of stamp. Iqbal says to Nusrat he never knew Raja would be his puppet one day. Raja gets the stamp in the office. He hides himself under the table when the watchmen comes over, and stamps the file as approved, cheating the signs. Iqbal tells Nusrat that Raja would be ruined by tomorrow morning, and Rani will be disgraced. Nusrat says this won’t be their final revenge. Nusrat says she doesn’t want her enemy to die slowly, but all at once.

In the palace, Rani was restlessly waiting for Raja. She tells Ambika she doesn’t want Raja to work with Agarwal. There, Raja hands the file to Agarwal. Rani considers herself as culprit, she never wanted to become an MLA but only Raja’s Rani. She asks what if she resigns. Ambika says she can never resign her responsibilities, she should sit with Raja and discuss the business plan. She must trust her love, and make Raja understand what is right.
Agarwal tells Raja their work will begin from tonight, he should go home and take rest. Raja was hopeful to soon become a businessman. Nusrat comes to Agarwal, and hands him a money bag. She tells Agarwal to light a fire that burns Raja, Rani and the whole Amirkot.

Raja walks the stairs, hoping that Rani doesn’t suspect anything till tomorrow morning. He finds a card outside the room door. He reads the poetry about Raja and Chipkali. He comes in the room to find it decorated with flowers and candles. There is a rain of petals over him. He reads another card, ‘she know he is stupid but Rani only wants he never gets hurt’. Rani comes behind him. Raja thinks he is hiding huge from her, and she is trying to make her up. He is sure with tomorrow’s sun everything would get better.

Rani tries to make Raja up. He holds her close and hugs her, while she apologizes as she can’t sign the file. Raja holds Rani in his arms, towards the bed. She cups his face and says she wish this time stucks, and they remain as such forever. She hates fighting him, because it takes him away from her; because she can’t even share him with his own ego. Raja holds her hands, then thinks she is sorry about lying to her but he is sure she would be most successful when he gets successful in the business. Rani fell asleep, Raja covers her with the quilt.

Early morning, Raja wakes up at the ring of phone bell. He was shocked to hear the news, and utters this isn’t possible. He rushes to the hospital where ladies cried with dead bodies. The police inspector finds Raja there, and says Rajveer Singh is under arrest. Raja was taken aback, the inspector holds him responsible for this as the poisonous wine was made in his factory. Raja says he started a juice factory. The inspector clarifies its Royal Liquor Company. Raja reads the name again. He was handcuffed. Raja tells the inspector its Agarwal’s trap.

The inspector says according to the file, he is the sole owner of this company. Raja thinks it was a trap, but it shouldn’t reach Rani that he faked Rani’s signs. He dodge the police and runs.Rani was getting ready, when Ambika comes to her room worried.
Raja flee in a car that stops in front of him.
Rani calls Raja’s friends to confirm if Raja came there. Shashi asks Raja why is police behind him. Raja wants to go to Rani. Shashi says they will search for him in palace, they can’t go there. Raja says he must now find Agarwal to save Rani from this all.

Iqbal slaps Nusrat for taking 40 lives. Nusrat reminds they lost someone very dear at the night of Shab e Baraat.
Shashi speaks to Raja about Shabe Baraat night when he was badly drunk. Raja asks what happened, Shashi makes up nothing. Raja asks Shashi to go to Rani, and takes the car. Shashi thinks they hid from Raja and Rani that a woman lost her life, under his racing car that night.Iqbal says Raja would pay for his sin but they should have killed 40 people. Nusrat was determined Rani and Raja would be hanged till death, and disgraced till the times to come.

The ladies come to palace, and accuses Raja responsible for their husband’s death. They throw their dresses and sindoor over Rani, harassing her physically. Rani says Raja has nothing to do with it, it’s a trap and she will get him paid. The ladies ask about the whereabouts of Raja, Rani says she herself is finding them. The ladies were determined to punish Rani for saving her husband. They clutch Rani’s hair and drags her outside.Raja comes to Agarwal’s house, he reads a note over table saying they would soon meet. Raja was worried what if Rani gets in trouble because of him.

The ladies tie Rani to a tree, and takes her bridal identities ready to turn her into a widow. They break her bangles, and were about to snatch her mangal sooter. Raja runs for Rani, and fell on the street. Police stood in front of him, with guns pointed at his forehead. Rani’s face had been blackened, the ladies give Rani a choice to either save her respect or her life. Raja pleads the ladies to spare her, while she cries.Raja throws soil into eyes of inspector and tries to flee. The inspector holds him responsible of taking more than 40 lives, he shall now be hanged.

Someone shots a bullet pointed at sky, the ladies turn to him. It was Iqbal, he rushes towards the crowd and holds gun over the lady harassing Rani. He warns her children would lose their mother as well, if she doesn’t withdraw. He says law would punish them if they are held culprit. The lady says had he lost someone he would know how laws work here.

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