Once there was a king update Sunday 15 May 2022

Once there was a king 15 may 2022: Raja and Rani run towards each other. The police had reached to arrest Raja before they could meet. Rani kept on pleading, while police inspector beat Raja. Raja was taken in police van, while Rani was left devastated. Iqbal comes there, and tells Rani to meet in jail with Raja now. He has to face forty murder cases, as forty widows have filed cases against Raja. He gives her a handkerchief to clean the blood on her forehead; as she has to travel a long way. Rani comes to the place where widows had been praying for their departed souls. She requests them to withdraw their complaint, as Raja was only trapped. The ladies were still angry at Rani. Rani pleads them to withdraw their complaints against Raja. The ladies ask her to go through a testimony. Rani was ready.

The ladies bring her into a dark room, and hands her a drink saying this is poison. They want life against life, that’s justice. If she has to save Raja’s life, she must give away hers. Rani takes bowl, then asks how she should agree they would spare Raja’s life after she dies. The lady says she has no choice. Rani asks them to withdraw their F.I.R first. The lady laughs, saying Rani would die with poison and Raja would be hanged; only then they would get peace. Rani keeps the bowl aside and tries to run, but women holds her hostage and were about to stuff the drink in her mouth. Raja comes as her savior, and hugs her. Raja questions what was Rani’s mistake in all this, they should have taken a revenge from him.

He swears to fire that he is innocent, he didn’t make the wine that killed their husbands. He runs with Rani through the forest. The villagers ran behind them with sticks in hands. They hide under a rock near the lake. The men look around, then leave. Raja assures he is there with her. He assures no one can part them away, and decides to go away from this place and begin a new life. All at once, Rani begins to cough and suffocate. Rani remember her sipping some of the poison. She stammers to Raja she had drunken little of the poison. Raja was shocked to see her suffocating.

Iqbal shouts at the lady for making Rani sipped poison. He says he can’t let Rani die so easily, they need to suffer a lot before they die. Raja holds Rani to take her to hospital. She was unable to walk properly. Raja held her closer, but hear siren of police van and get to a hiding again. Rani’s lips were going blue, she denies going to hospital as she can’t let him to jail. She doesn’t care she leaves her life in his arms. They heard police siren nearby.
In the police station, Iqbal tells the inspector suggesting the whereabouts of Raja and Rani. The inspector questions how he know about them. Iqbal makes up that someone informed him about Rani’s unwell health.

There, Raja rubbed Rani’s hands, while floss came out of her mouth now. Raja says they would fight, and face all the challenges. He envisions their children, a daughter just like her. Rani says they would have a son like him as well. Raja says their children should be innocent like her. Rani was breathing with much difficulty now. Raja rubbed her hands while she fainted.

White floss came out of Rani’s mouth, Raja goes to arrange something for her. There, police inspector was showing Raja’s photo to the villagers. The constable comes to inform inspector about Raja. A man comes to hold Rani.The police gets Raja who had arrived near a decorated tree. Raja throws color over their faces, and runs back but Rani wasn’t there. He shouts Rani’s name. The police stood there circling Raja. A car stops by and drives Raja way. It was Raaj Mata in the car.

Raaj Mata takes the car turned to a temple, where she was sure Pandit would save her child. They take Rani to the Pandit, Raaj Maat requests Baba. Raja goes towards the temple, praying the Goddess to save Rani.Baba holds Rani’s hand, while Raja cries holding her hand. The Baba performs his treatment. Raja thinks Rani has always been with him, no matter how wrong the path is. He sends Raaj Mata home, with a message for Ambika not to cry much. Baba goes to forest to get some herbs, with instructions for Raja to take care of Rani. He touches Rani’s face, and cries that even her sweat is cold today.

He takes her to change her clothes. He lay her in his arms, and rubs the cloth over her face. She smiles. Raja calls her name, asking her to open her eyes. He says their story hasn’t yet completed, he won’t let her leave in the middle; he would die himself but won’t let anything happen to her.In the palace, Ambika was worried why her children are suffering so much. Raaj Mata tells Ambika Rani isn’t alone to fell weak, her strength Raja is there with her. Ambika cries that she only wants her children in front of her. Raaj Mata looks towards a guard, and sends him away to get tea for Ambika. She warns Ambika not to speak about Raja and Rani in front of anyone.

She wants her to stay here, as police would suspect more because Raja is running away from law. The guard goes to dial a phone call.Iqbal was shouting at his goons to let Raja and Rani flee. He receives a call from the guard of palace, and asks about their whereabouts. The guard tells him Raaj Mata is in the palace. Iqbal says they must follow Raaj Mata, she would surely go to meet Raja and Rani.Raja lay Rani in the bed, and pray to God for not wanting to lose Rani. Saleem drops hot water over Iqbal’s hand, and sends the men to get medicine.

Raja was rubbing Rani’s hands and feel little movement. She finally wakes up, recognizing Raja. She turns her face away, Raja demands to look towards him; and demands her to let him fulfil the rights of husband. Husbands rarely serves wives. She is pretty, but it seems she is only beautiful by face.Iqbal was in a hurry, Saleem insisted his bruise is fresh but Iqbal rushes outside.Rani couldn’t speak and coughs hard. Raja hands her paper and pen to write. He smiles reading the question, if he closed his eyes while changing her clothes. Raja truly tells her that while changing her clothes, he didn’t realize when they were already changed.

She smiles weakly and writes the next sentence; he should have kept his eyes closed. Raja tells Rani he hasn’t gone crazy in her love, and might not get this chance again in life. He shares his wish to go away from here, and make a small house on a faraway hill.Iqbal follows a lady outside the palace. Raaj Mata goes out, thinking she already sent a maid outside; to dodge the police.Raja hugs Rani hopeful that they would always be together. Rani recalls about Iqbal, she tries to speak then writes the note. Outside, the maid removes her veil and Iqbal thinks he has been trapped by Raaj Mata.

Raja looks outside the hiding, worried that none from Raaj Mata or Baba left. He finds a telephone and rings at palace. No one picked up the call, he wonders whom he should call. He thinks he should call Nawab Iqbal. Iqbal was shocked to hear from Raja, and asks where he is as he is worried for them. Raja says they are hidden in the forest, they need medicines for Rani’s treatment. A man had just begun to blow the trumpet behind, Iqbal couldn’t hear him well. Raaj Mata stood beside Raja and drops something in hand. Iqbal throws a vase and breaks the mirror.
At night, Raaj Mata stood beside Rani saying Amirkot has never been lucky for Rani.

She requests Raja to take her away from here, she would be with him in any of his decision. Baba brings them an ointment, to put over her body if they find it cold. Raaj Mata says it’s dangerous for him to stay here until they don’t get a proof against Agarwal.Iqbal comes to the inspector saying Raja called him, he could hear the train behind. Raja told him he is near a temple. The inspector recognizes the place that is four to five hours distant from here. The next morning, Raja removes his hand from Rani’s but she again holds it. He tells Rani that his hands now ache, while serving her. Rani leaves it, complaining why he even saved her when he had to tease her. Raja assures he won’t save her again.

She calls his love as shallow, Raja boasts she can’t find love like Raja’s anywhere. He swears he would also have lost his life if something happened to her. Raja says she would have been happy, and married someone else. Raja clutches the back of her hair, saying his love would turn to craze had she left him. He tries to get intimate, she backs up. Raja wonders why she wants to go away. Rani says she was missing her childhood friend. Raja was ready to spoil that friend. Rani cups his face, saying it was Raja. Raja was about to kiss Rani when the inspector comes in with pistols raised at him. He was warned to be killed if he tries to run again. Rani tries to speak to inspector that Raja is being trapped.

The inspector says even Rani would face a case to help a criminal. Raja takes Rani behind him, boasting no one would touch his Rani. He throws a bed sheet over the two police men, and run away with Rani.
Raja runs with Rani through the forest. Rani thinks she shouldn’t run away. Raja drags her, as there is border on the other side of forest and they would get out of Amirkot once they cross it. They reach a cliff, Raja shares his fear that he might have forgotten the way. Rani tries to convince Raja that if they surrender they won’t be punished. Raja was worried that they would part them away, it’s about their life. Raja says he is afraid to get away from her.

Rani forbids him do this, she needs a chance to prove herself innocent. Iqbal held a gun over them from behind a tree. He fires the bullet, Raja fell off the cliff. Rani holds his hand while he was losing consciousness. Rani asks him to hold her hand tight. Iqbal says he would kill Raja if she gets successful in dragging Raja upstairs. Raja’s other hand was hurt and couldn’t work. Rani cried, while trying to hold his hand tight. Their childhood memories move through their eyes. Rani leaves Raja’s hand as soon as the police and other reach them. Rani and Raaj Mata scream Raja’s name. Rani cries for him.

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