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Once there was a king 17 January 2022: Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that this is time for the test of her love. She had promised to wait for a lifetime for Rana ji, but Rana ji has asked her for days only. Gayatri says that Rana ji can’t either divide his love or rights. Raaj Mata says that Gayatri can atleast fight for her right.Kokilla wipes Laksh’s bruise. Kunwar ji says this is good that everyone in the palace has gone on picnic. They must be returning and they don’t have much time for find her. Kokilla is worried what if Swarna tells the truth to everyone. Laksh says he will find and punish her severely.

Rana ji stood by the lake they had come on a picnic for. Sulkshna comes to him and says Bari rani maa told her that this is the place they had first met, she tries to remember a tree. Rana ji says the tree got destroyed in a storm. Sulakshna asks Rana ji what happened at their first meeting, was he quiet like this or she was shyer. Gayatri calls them for food, Rana ji asks Gayatri to sit with them for lunch and offers her a chair as well. Sulakshna asks Gayatri to tell her something about Rana ji as she has lost her memory. Gayatri says it isn’t easy to understand Rana ji, he seems to be rude, tough and stubborn. She also thought him to be tough and angry at the beginning but from inside he is lovable and kindhearted. Sulakshna says that this way Rana ji himself couldn’t have praised himself.

She asks Gayatri about her husband. Gayatri says she has told her about Rana ji, this means she has also told her about her husband. She takes a leave. Rana ji stands up for her.Gayatri comes at the bank of the river. Rana ji watches her standing alone. Sulakshna asks him to begin the food. Rana ji takes a leave from her and goes to Gayatri. Gayatri asks why he brought her here, to see when Rana ji and Sulakshna met. Rana ji says he wanted to show her that there is no cover between them, if she liked it if he had left her in the palace. Gayatri says she dislikes being here. Rana ji says that she knows him well, not Rana ji but Indravadhan.

He says that she knows he only wants a partner and not a number of Raani’s. Sulakshna heads towards them. Gayatri says that right now he has two wives, she has never seen such a ritual in her house. Right now, either she is his second wife right now or Sulakshna is, he must decide. Sulakshna reaches nearer and asks to go as it is quite late. Gayatri says it is really late, they must go.At night, Bari Raani maa brings Rana ji a letter from British govt. Bari Raani maa asks him to read by himself. He is curt that Wilkinsons want crown on Sulakshna’s head as she has returned. He asks who they to take the decisions of his life are. Bari Rani maa says he has to take the decision himself but the truth is that Sulakshna is not his first wife but also the Rani of Amirkot.

She says it must be a difficult decision but not every decision is easy in life. Gayatri head this converstation. Gayatri was walking with her suitcase in the corridor. Rana ji asks her to stop. She keeps her suitcase down, both run and hug each other. Gayatri cries, Rana ji is hurt too. She asks Rana ji to let her go. She hugs him again. Sulakshna watches this. She goes through the corridor and reach a room where a man sat with mortar and pestle. She tells the man to remove her earrings they are really itchy. The man says this isn’t time yet, she tells him to remove it. She shouts at him to remove it, he stares at her. She asks if he really loves Rani Sulakshna? The man looks closely and removes a mask off the face.

He hands the mask to her. She smiles watching the mask of Sulakshna’s face. She throws the mask away and says Rani Sulakshna has left while Rimjhim is here. She tells the man not to give her any lectures any more, as the veiled lady in enough for her to give lessons. The veiled lady come there and asks if she wants beaten up by stick as well? She says that tomorrow there is going to be a drama, she will get the crown and become a Rani. Rimjhim says if she becomes Rani tomorrow, can she wander freely or still this old man will be there behind her. She cheers.

Rana ji asks Gayatri if she loves him. She says where there is love, there is always trust. He takes her with him.The veiled lady says to the actress that tomorrow all their plans will come true, she must not get the mask of Sulakshna. She watches the mask that had burnt. The veiled lady scolds her that she can’t take care of only a mask. The man tells them that making another mask will take a whole day.Swarna runs through the forest.

Rana ji and Gayatri were coming from the corridor. Sulakshna was coming from the front and covers half her face and head watching Rana ji. He asks why she covered her face. She says she thought she is the Rani and should behave like this. He says she never did so before. She says she doesn’t know what she did before, she waited for him whole day but he has time for his friend’s wife and not his own. Rana ji stops her saying she can’t go without listening to him, but SUlakshna says she isn’t a maid but wife. She waited to speak to him, not she isn’t in a mood so he must wait now. Gayatri also leaves thinking he is just trying not to break her heart.

Laksh, Kunwar ji and Kokilla ran after Swarna. Swarna comes to Cheetah for help. She asks him to help. He asks for the price. She says she will give him any amount of money he will ask for, even more than that. He hides Swarna. Laksh asks Cheetah if he has seen a girl running from here. Cheetah says girls run after him all day long, which one had he left. He misguides Luksh about the direction of the girl. Swarna thanks him for hiding her. He says that he can take her to a faraway place, she must think before that she will have to pay. Swarna says she will give him whatever he would ask for. He drives the tractor.

Rana ji was in his study, Bari Raani maa comes to him. She says that when two hands meet, a fist is made. If he has taken any decision about the crown ceremony of Sulakshna. Rana ji says he needs sometime. Bari Rani maa says time never stops for a price who awaits time, if he delays it now it will be late. Gayatri comes there. Bari Rani maa says she won’t leave him alone. Rana ji says this isn’t easy for him, he had given Gayatri the place of his wife and Rani. But he can’t even do injustice with Sulakshna. He turns to see Gayatri standing there. Bari Raani maa goes to Gayatri and says she apologizes, as she has made her life complex; but what she could do as she couldn’t hurt her.

But she could also not do unjust to Sulakshna as well. She says that she knows what it feels to be a second wife, she was also the second wife of Baray Rana ji. She could never get love from him, as love is only for the first wife. Gayatri holds Bari Rani maa’s hands saying elder’s hands are just to be kept on head for blessings. She says that her luck is always an enemy of her. She goes to Rana ji and says she wants to make things easy for him, she never married him to be a Rani. If it gets solved, he can do the crowning of Sulakshna. She says she has taken a decision for a Raja but for a husband, he must take the decision himself.
At the stage, Sulakshna utters ‘wow’ watching a crown. Everyone is shocked.

Raaj Mata says she was a princess already, who so excited. Bari Raani Maa qualifies that her memory is really weak. Gayatri watches this all. Rana ji thinks about Gayatri. He puts the crown on Sulakshna’s head. She bends to touch his feet. Rana ji watches Gayatri. The photographer comes to take photo with Rana ji, Sulakshna holds his arm to give a pose. Gayatri is hurt. Rana ji watches Gayatri only. Gayatri begins cry. Rana ji was about to leave, Wilkinsons says that finally Amirkot got its princess, the one who is eligible to be there, else they had made anyone a princess. Raaj Mata nods at Rana ji to get calm.

Wilkinson’s asks Rana ji to say something about Sulakshna. Raaj Mata whispers that people are watching, he must say something. Rana ji says Sulakshna has returned to life for Amirkot’s people, she has all the abilities to be a Princess. She has got English education and hasn’t forgotten her principles. He looks at Gayatri who thinks that she will go away from his life.In the room, Jhumki removes the crown and appreciates her acting saying she became Rani without any mistake. The veiled lady gets her a new mask. She removes the burnt one and changes it.

Rana ji thinks in the corridor that he must tell Sulakshna that though she has become the queen now, there will always be Gayatri in his heart.Jhumki changed her mask.
Gayatri was crying in her room, Rana ji comes from behind. He notices Gayatri crying and leaves.The veiled lady goes away at once hearing the footsteps of Rana ji. Sulakshna stands up. Rana ji asks why she didn’t cover her head. She says she thought that he has forgotten her face, so she will keep her face in front of him always. Rana ji played with his ring, she asks why he is worried. Rana ji sits down and says he has something important to tell him. She says that she is his wife, his Sona, who will he speak his mind to if not her. Rana ji drops his rings, Sulakshna spots the mask on the floor and is worried.

Sulakshna holds the dropped ring before Rana ji. Rana ji turns towards the window, he says this is true that she is his first love and he had learned loving with her. But he had lost everything once she had gone. Gayatri isn’t his friend’s wife but his own. Jhumki didn’t want to hear about it, the veiled lady comes and hurt her with a wooden stick. When it doesn’t work, she make a cut on her wrist and hides herself. Rana ji turns to find Sulkahsna conciousless.

Rana ji asks Sulakshna why she did so. Bari Rani maa comes and says that she couldn’t bear about his second marriage and attempted a suicide. She assures Rana ji that she is with him always.Bari raani maa comes to Gayatri, she says to Gayatri that life is tough. There are thorns with flowers, one has to learn to live with both. She says to Gayatri that tonight is the night of Kaali maa, she will pray and Gayatri must also pray. She leaves the room.
Cheetah stops the tractor where Laksh men had been searching for Swarna.

He tells Swarna that they will have to leave the car here. Swarna says she didn’t do something wrong. Cheetah asks her to come down the car, the gun fell down his shirt as he comes out of the tractor. He points it towards her, holds her mouth shut being close to her. Cheetah gulps and says a thief also has a gun. He gives it to Swarna and says if she ever thinks he is betraying her she must shoot him. He tells her to keep it to herself. Swarna says they must leave this place. Both run into the jungle

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