Mismatched update Sunday 16 January 2022

Mismatched 16 January 2022: The Episode starts with Shaurya saying I was waiting for you, but you did not come. Devi says you call me Badi maa but showed my status. He says it won’t be easy, until you become a part of my happiness, it will be incomplete, you left no choice for me. Shaan says Shaurya did wrong, you and Tej also did wrong, if Shaurya is imp then his happiness should also be imp, his family should be with him, its haldi function tomorrow, come to bless the children, we all know that you love Shaurya a lot, you have to express love, we will wait for you tomorrow. Shaurya and Shaan leave.

Rama hugs Babli and asks why don’t we get happiness. Babli says this divorce has my happiness, I will be free from a big cage. Rama says its a big decision, think once. Babli says there is nothing left to think once. Rama asks what happened in Goa.Babli tells her everything. Rama hugs her and consoles. She asks does Saberwals know all this. Babli says yes, Vineet knew that I won’t go back to Maayka, so he did what he wanted, I wish my dad was my superhero. Bhalla hears them. Anokhi runs to jump on the sofa.

Ahir and Babli ask her to be careful, she may fall down. They hold Anokhi. Anokhi says I was thinking so much, if Shaurya marries someone else, then what will I do, I m very happy. She asks about the functions’ expenses, it was arranged grandly, don’t tell me that his family did the arrangements. Rama says Shaurya was refusing, but your dad got stubborn to spend in the functions, he broke his FD. Bhalla says its okay, I will not leave anything lacking, everything went well. He goes. Rama and Babli get happy for Anokhi. Shaurya and Anokhi talk on video call. He romantically talks to her. She says we should end the call now.

They start arguing. Aastha comes and sees him on the call. Babli sees Anokhi on the call. Aastha and Babli take the phones. They tease Shaurya and Babli. They laugh.Anokhi’s haldi ceremony begins. Bhalla gets emotional. Rama looks at him. Rama asks Anokhi to forgive Bhalla. Anokhi says he is my dad, does he realize that I m his child, I had run away from the house, I m upset with him, who is such dad not supporting a daughter in this state, he should be with Babli. Bhalla hears them and goes. Ahir says we will start the rasam. Everyone applies the haldi to Anokhi. Ahir takes the haldi to Anokhi.

He applies some haldi. He says I told you my feelings and made it awkward, I m fine right now, we will start our relation fresh with friendship. Anokhi says done. Shaurya’s haldi goes on. He runs. Everyone applies haldi to him. Gayatri says I saw Shaan happy after a long time, I wish this happiness never gets less. Devi comes there. Shaurya and everyone smile. He says you finally came, thanks. Devi goes to apply haldi to him. Aastha applies the haldi. Devi gets upsets.Devi applying haldi to Shaurya. Shaurya gets the haldi applied by everyone. Kanchan asks them to feed him sweets.

Devi and Aastha take the sweets. Devi asks shall I do it first, you applied the haldi first. Aastha says sure. Shaurya eats the sweets by their hands together. He takes pics with his mothers. He says I will see Anokhi’s pics. Kanchan says it will be abshagun, you can see her in the marriage. They all dance. Vineet comes to Anokhi’s haldi. He says I m invited here. Anokhi asks who called you. Bhalla says I did. Vineet’s mum asks Babli to get sweets for them, she will remind her the manners. Bhalla says yes, you want to have sweets and use the energy in beating up Babli, I could have spoken to you in private, but I called you here. He gets the divorce papers.

He slaps Vineet and scolds him a lot.Vineet says you made a mistake, I will see Babli. Bhalla twists his finger and scolds him. Anokhi and Babli happily smile. He says I was wrong to support you, my fate is good that Anokhi opened my eyes, I never asked Babli if she is happy in her Sasural, she tolerated so much alone and didn’t speak. Bhalla cries and says Anokhi got medals and I always threw it away, she got scholarships and I was a fool to insult it, I never praised her. He asks Vineet and his mum to leave, sign the divorce papers and send it tomorrow. Vineet says you will regret badly. He leaves with his mum. Bhalla apologizes to Anokhi and Babli.

They hug him. Babli says we will make a new start today, think of making Anokhi’s marriage grand. Bhalla says yes.He applies haldi to Anokhi. They dance. Shaurya gets a call from Anokhi. She cries. He asks who told you something that you are crying, I will see him, tell me. She says no, I m crying happily. He says its all good. She says I got my dad back. He smiles. She says you took this initiative to get my dad here, else distance would have got more. Shaurya and Anokhi get ready for their marriage. Devi comes to Tej. He doesn’t listen. She goes. Ahir asks Babli where is she going in a rush. She asks will everyone get fine.

Ahir says yes, tell me if there is any work. She says find your work yourself. He says I did all this work. She goes. Aastha asks shall I put 2100rs in shagun envelops. Shaan says I don’t know all this. He asks Aastha to ask Devi. Aastha asks Devi about it. Devi asks 2100rs, its Saberwal’s son’s marriage, there should be bundle of notes in the envelopes. Aastha says what’s the need to show off. Devi asks what’s the need to argue.

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