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Once there was a King 14 June 2022: Raaj teaches Rani the art of shooting, self-defense and makes her learn balance and self-control. She drools over him, he doesn’t let her fell down. Rani withdraws herself immediately. Raja eats banana while teaching her skills of boxing. The practicing shooting and taking aim. Rani cheers as she takes a perfect aim.

It was night, the security guard outside the house was attacked by a masked man who breaks into the house. He climbs up the stairs. Rani notices some presences and clutches a knife from under her pillow. She tries to struggle and even injures the hand of masked man but was suffocated. The man covers her using a shawl and carries her over his shoulder.

A jeep stops ahead in which a young man was drunk. The goon tries to run away but the young man throws a bottle right in front of him. The kidnapper holds a piece of bottle to hit the guy Kundan. Kundan’s fellow come to fight the goon who had now kept Rani on a side. Soon, the kidnapper fell over the broken bottle, he finds a chance to run away. Kundan and friend unveils Rani.

The masked man enters the room, and removes the glass piece off his hand. It was Raja. Suminda was worried about Rani and sends Preiti for water. Kundan tells Suminda about the whole event. Raja comes there. Kundan says he couldn’t see the face, the man had worn a mask. Kundan turns to Raja and identifies the man to be physically like Raja. Suminda wonders how someone can kidnap her amidst watch men and body guard.

Kundan asks Raja where had he been when Rani was kidnapped. Raja questions Kundan who is he to question. Suminda tells Raaj he is Rani’s childhood friend. Everyone questions Raja why he couldn’t do his job properly. Rani had woken up. Raja tells Rani he is vegetarian, she insisted on him to taste non-veg so he fall ill. Suminda questions Prieti who approves of him, Kundan says its typical of her. Raja says he would leave if she doesn’t trust him. Suminda stops him, the person who can go against his belief just for her daughter may do anything.

Suminda thanks Kundan. Kundan says he can go to any extent to save this wild cat. He turns to leave. As he places a hand over Raaj’s injured arm, Raaj clutches his fist.
Raaj comes to ask Bua ji if she hired him for kidnapping Rani what was the need to prove him wrong. Bua ji says Suminda must have suspected her otherwise. Suminda thinks from her mind outside but in the house she only thinks by heart. She says she wants kidnapping of Rani because she also has a share in her brother’s business. She warns Raja to be careful next time, he has five days for this. Bua tells Raja to better do this, he would get the money he needs for his mother’s treatment.

The next morning, Raja was placing a medicine over his injured arm. He feels someone peeking through the window of his room. He walks outside, Rani attacks him through a rod. Raja protects himself. Rani demands Raja to learn this protection tactic. Raja holds the sword, corrects Rani’s angle of holding it and fights with her. His arm gets a jerk. Rani attacks him but he throws a plate full of flowers over her face. He now takes the plate as a shield, blood was dripping down till his hand. He throws a cloth piece over her and leave. Kundan comes there.

Rani greets him. Raja watches Kundan and Rani narrating their childhood mischievousness. Suminda asks Kundan to stay at their place as his mother is also at London. Kundan conditions Rani would spend most of her time with him. Rani asks Raja to go and tell driver to bring Kundan’s luggage here. Raja apologizes to leave her side. Kundan tells Raja not to worry about Rani, no one can harm Rani until he is around. Suminda nods at him. He leaves.
Bua takes a leave from them. She comes to Raja and says its his duty to think how he must do his job. Raja says he was unaware about Kundan’s arrival. He asks about a way to get rid of Kundan. Bua ji thinks about a trick, and says Rani herself would make Kundan go.

The next morning, Kundan serves breakfast to the family. Rani asks when he learnt cooking. Kundan stuffs her mouth saying when he realized he can only shut her that way. Bua says Kundan’s girlfriend must be really happy with her. Kundan says he only wants someone to love and marry. Rani takes Kundan and Prieti to drive. Bua says to Suminda they must marry Kundan and Rani.


At night, Suminda comes to Kundan’s room and speaks to him about marrying Rani. She was sure Rani would trust him, he must only make her realize his love for her. Kundan happily opens his book to see Rani’s photo in it.Bua tells Raja Suminda would make Rani up to marry Kundan. Rani runs from name of marriage and makes boys run too, Kundan would also not stay here for long.

The next morning, Rani was working out. Suminda brings coffee for her and asks her what to make for Kundan for breakfast. Rani tells her to go and Kundan, Suminda says he is asleep. Rani tells her to prepare Aalu k parathay, with pickle and lassi. Suminda teases Rani about Kundan. Rani tells her not to place Kundan in the same line of life-partners. Suminda tells Rani to begin thinking about Kundan seriously, he is a nice guy and open minded. She tells Rani to think well before saying yes or no, she has to marry then why a stranger and not a friend?

Raja comes to Rani’s room. Rani scolds him for listening to her talks. Raja says he is her body guard, he was standing on the door. He wouldn’t solve her problems as he isn’t a friend. He tells Rani her problems would stand there, she is running away from marrying because she doesn’t want to leave her mother. Suminda and Kundan had come to the door to hear this. Raja says Rani would never love anyone as much as she loves her mother.

Rani says she didn’t even share this matter with Prieti ever, how did Raja know about it; he is really intelligent. Suminda comes in and says if Rani makes her love a hurdle between her lives, she would be disturned. Kundan asks to speak to Rani for a while. He tells Rani he doesn’t want to lie her anymore, he confessers his love to her and says when he left school and flew to London he missed her dearly. He didn’t realize when he fall in love with her.

He has come to India to know if there is someone in her life. He holds her hand and proposes her to marry him, he promises to take Suminda to London. She will get a chance to relax, he promises to take care of them two. He requests him to say yes, she can return Suminda this much of happiness at least.

Suminda and Prieti cheer about Rani’s marriage. Bua says Rani always take this as a game. Rani comes there with Kundan, saying Rani has changed the game this time. Kundan tells Suminda its upto her, he kneels in front of Suminda and says he has ever considered her as his mother.

Is she ready to live with them in London after they get married? Rani conditions her marriage only to Suminda’s agreement. Kundan says he needs Suminda more than Rani. Suminda agrees. Kundan cheers and hug Suminda, Rani comes to hug them two, and Prieti also join in. Raja leaves the hall.

Suminda announces her engagement would take place today. Rani says she plans for her birthday a whole year, it’s too early. Suminda says she can’t wait at all. Kundan thanks her. Suminda and Prieti go to prepare for the engagements. Bua leaves to get ready. Suminda and Prieti leave for temple.

In the room, Raja was disturbed and pours cold water over his head to calm himself down. Anandi (Bua) comes there and warns Raja if this marriage takes place Suminda would sale all the business and fly to London. She can’t let this happen. Raja must complete his task today.

During the engagement, Prieti tells Rani’s friends she was always waiting for her Mr. Right. Rani’s friend argue about Raja. Prieti go towards Kundan. Kundan introduces Prieti to his friend Vikram. Rani comes with Suminda. Kundan assures Suminda to stay a slave to Rani. Raja watches the engagement of Kundan and Rani. Anandi looks towards him.

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