Never say goodbye update Tuesday 22 March 2022


Never say goodbye 22 March 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha telling Atharv that Sujata will bring his father, don’t worry. He says I m worried for Sujata’s pain, I know that man will not come. She says think Sujata knows right and wrong and will not keep relation with a wrong man, he is not coming being helpless. He says my mum and I have spend all life being helpless, why is he helpless, he is alive, he did not die. She stops him from saying so.Sujata comes home in shock and opens the gate. Atharv and Vividha see him. Sujata fills water in a bucket. Atharv asks her what happened, answer me. He keeps asking what happened. Vividha looks on.

Sujata pours the water bucket on her and wipes out her sindoor. She recalls Ramakant filling sindoor in her maang. Kailash and his family look on shocked. Atharv stops Sujata and throws the bucket. He asks what are you doing. She recalls Ramakant’s words and cries. Atharv asks her again. She says he is gone, my husband died. Atharv and everyone get shocked. Atharv, Sujata, Vividha and Uma cry. Sujata throws her mangalsutra and cries aloud.

Sujatasays he died, he wanted to meet you before his death, he begged me to arrange meeting with you, he gave me this sindoor, he gave me right to apply sindoor, he has gone and taken everything with him, I know you hate him a lot, you thought all our bad fate is his responsibility, he was a good man, I will tell you today, your dad loved me a lot, they were unlucky that we did not unite, he gave me so much love that I have spent all life with that love, he gave you to me, I did not give him anything, he was not a bad man, he was unlucky, he wanted to meet you, he knew he was going to die, he asked for some time. Atharv cries. She says he could not meet you well. Atharv hugs Sujata. Uma and Dadi console Sujata. Sujata hugs Uma and cries. Dadi hugs Sujata and asks her to stop crying. Uma takes Sujata with her.

Kailash says bad incident happened with Sujata. Atharv gets Sujata’s broken bangle on the handpump. He cries and recalls Ramakant. Dadi holds Atharv.Ramakant’s wife removes her bangles, and all adornments. She changes her colorful clothes and gets dressed in a white saree. The army officers get Ramakant’s body to his home, where Ramakant’s father gives shoulder to his funeral. Ramakant’s wife touches his feet and cries.

Atharv getting shocked seeing Sujata as widow. Atharv hugs Sujata and she cries a lot. Suman holds Ramakant’s feet and cries. Ramakant’s father asks Suman not to cry, as she is a soldier’s wife and now soldier’s widow. Suman says I know daddy ji, this is tears of respect, don’t worry, you will not see tears now, you will not have complains from soldier’s widow.The society people come to Kailash’s house. Kailash says Sujata’s husband passed away, does death come by giving an alarm, trust us, Sujata lost her husband.

The men say she has made husband’s excuse when we have remarked her character bad, then she created such fake husband and now when we asked her to get her husband, she is doing drama that her husband died, such women can use sindoor and mangalsutra and can do anything, this is her drama, such women roam with dozen of men. Atharv and Vividha get angry. Vividha slaps the man.Vividha says you all don’t get shame, I knew this, but you can’t talk with a woman with respect and manners, I m knowing this today, you all got blind and can’t see anything, right and wrong, people’s sorrow, her world got ruined and now you all are taunting her.

Kailash asks Vividha how can she slap the elderly man. Vividha says you have seen how I can slap an ill mannered elderly man, ask him to say anything again, I will slap again, if he can’t respect the woman who lost her husband, he should not expect any respect from anyone.Vividha says if I don’t stand for Atharv and Sujata, I don’t have right to become part of their family, you all have stained Sujata’s character a lot, we will do what we want, you all don’t have right to ask me anything, who was that man in pic, what was Sujata’s relation with him, I don’t need to tell you.

She asks Kailash is this our society, they are insulting a woman on her husband’s death, if society is like this which insults life and death, then let this society go to hell. She says me and my family do not need such society, get lost else… The man asks what will you do, will you slap me.She says my would be husband told you about women power in morning, maybe you all did not understand, there are many things which I can explain you very well, think before saying anything, this door opens for two houses, one of my father and other of my would be husband, you all leave, else you can see woman’s power, slap is just a beginning. She goes and gets neem leaves.

She eats neem leaves and says I m eating this as someone died in our family, and we are mourning, get out of here. Kailash folds hands. The men say your daughter insulted us, we will see you Kailash. The men leave. Atharv and Sujata cry. Vividha hugs Sujata and cries. Kailash sees this and goes.Atharv leaves and thinks of his father. Vividha consoles Sujata and asks where did Atharv go. Ankit says he has run outside. Vividha says I will go and see him. Atharv runs on the road and thinks of Ramakant. He reaches the temple and looks for the watch which Ramakant gave him that night. Vividha comes there and asks what are you finding.

Atharv sees the watch stuck in the tree and climbs the tree. He gets the watch and sits crying recalling Ramakant. Vividha holds him. Atharv says Ramakant said this watch is ancestral and gave this to me, I had thrown it. She cries and hugs him. He says I have told bitter words to him, Maa is crying for him, he has left Maa forever. They hug and cry.

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