Never say goodbye update Thursday 19 May 2022

Never say goodbye 19 May 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv to open eyes. Nurse says its captain Ravish’s call for you. Ravish talks to Vividha and says I got to know about blast at hospital, how is Atharv. Vividha recalls Suman’s words not to give tension to Ravish, when the army man is at the border, he should not be given tension to lose focus on the fields. Vividha says I m fine, Atharv is also fine. Ravish says I knew your love will always keep Atharv fine, I m also okay here, I know you will make Atharv fight with death, take care of yourself and Atharv.

Vividha ends call and asks Atharv to listen what Ravish said, I m with you, we promised each other that we will never leave each other, please get up, for my sake, open your eyes, you pulled me in your life, you followed me, and explained me how much I love you, you taught me living, I fought with my dad and society, we always supported each other, you said you will come back when we got separated, you came back, not to go back like this, you have to come back for me and our love, you can’t decide alone to go, you can’t leave me, you have to live, please take a breath for my sake, I can’t even die without you, please get up, think of Ravish and Sujata.

She shakes up Atharv, get up and take a breath, you don’t need any machine to get breathing. Atharv takes a breath. Vividha shouts Atharv and asks him to get up.She holds him and sees the machine beep sounding. She says I knew you will come back and keep your promise. She calls out doctor. She sees Suman standing out and hearing her. She gets shocked. Suman holds head and gets dizzy. She faints. Vividha runs to Suman and asks what happened to you, what’s this bleeding. She calls out nurse to see Suman, Nurse takes Suman.

Sujata asks doctor why is she not understanding. Doctor says we tried our best. Sujata says how can you leave my son alone, treat him, save his life, you are doctor. Vividha comes and says Atharv is fine. They get shocked. Vividha says Atharv is breathing on his own. Doctors rush to see. Vividha says I know Atharv, he does the impossible, come. Doctor says he is stable, his pulse is getting normal, I have heard of this miracle before and saw today, we will check his blood clot.Sujata cries happily that Atharv came back to life. Nurse says your mum in law got stitches, she is calling you. Vividha recalls what she told to Suman, and thinks did Suman know about me and Atharv. She worries.

Vividha asks Suman how is she. Suman says this pain is less than the pain I m bearing till now, I felt my fate is bad about marriage, I thought my son’s life is perfect, you are the ideal bahu like I dreamt for my son, the one who loves my son and respects the family, and manages everyone in every way, but today I got to know a truth. Vividha cries. Sujata comes there. Suman says you knew Vividha before me, I agree wrong happened between us, but we are staying under one roof, atleast Sujata should have told me that Vividha’s heart is big, I m valuing her less, when we felt we have lost Atharv, then I have seen Vividha trying to give life to Atharv and not losing in any way, I have seen her reminding Atharv about you and Ravish, it needs courage, I had seen heart rate stopping on monitor, doctors left hope, but Vividha has refused what she has seen, and showed great courage, Vividha has given new life to Atharv, I m sorry Vividha.

Vividha says no, don’t say this.Suman says I had wrong opinion in my heart that you don’t care for Ravish and you are irresponsible, I think I have to learn from you about army man’s wife, I m proud of you, you returned a son to a mother, you gave Atharv a life by your soul power when Atharv has no relation with you, he is just a friend and neighbor, you kept relation so well. I m proud of you, you have great humanity, Ramakant could not get a better bahu for me. Vividha cries.

Sujata thanks Suman for saving Atharv’s life. Suman says I m also a mother, no need to thank, you and Vividha go to temple and pray for Ravish and Atharv. Suman asks Sujata to pray that Atharv also gets a wife like Vividha. Vividha looks on and leaves.Sujata and Vividha go to temple and pray. Sujata thanks Lord for returning Atharv. Vividha prays for Atharv and family. She says like you have always supported me and Atharv, make things easy for Ravish, make Ravish return home safely. She asks Sujata is she worried.

Sujata says Suman said right, you did not break belief and filled life in Atharv, you got him back from death, Suman does not know the truth, your love gave new life to Atharv, Suman does not know anything about your and Atharv’s relation, how much you love Atharv, till when will you be quiet and cheat Suman, till when will you act and hide your love, what will happen when Suman knows Atharv is the reason why you don’t love Ravish. Vividha thinks.

Sujata saying Suman did not get Ramakant’s love, we can’t cheat him, she risked her life for Atharv, what will happen when she knows Atharv is the reason for Ravish not getting happiness. Vividha says I did not feel so helpless in life, how will Suman forgive me. Pandit tells Vividha about the Maha mrityunjay jaap, a lady’s husband was unwell, and she has kept the fast for his recovery, women do the jaap all the night and keep the fast, they come to temple and do puja in morning. He tells the belief that fast kept by true devotion can make prayers fulfilled.

Daddy ji asks Suman why did she not shout to anyone for help. Suman says I was in tension that rack will fall on Atharv, there was no time. He says thank God, it was low intensity blast. She asks about Ravish. He says I called his unit and tried to call senior, but the communication is blocked, you take rest. She says I feel unwell here, I will come. She goes out. Vividha asks her to take rest. Suman asks did your puja go well, I m fine. Vividha says yes, did you find out about Ravish. Suman says not yet, but you don’t worry, you worked hard, Lord will hear your prayers. Suman gets a call.

Vividha says I will try to call Ravish. Sujata asks doctor about Atharv. Doctor says his state is worse. Sujata asks how, you said he will get fine after operation. Doctor says yes, I m really sorry, if Atharv gets conscious, we can do preparations for surgery to remove last nail, else he can go in coma, despite being alive. Everyone worry. Dadi Bua and Aditi look on. Sujata and Suman are in shock. Daddy ji asks Suman what did Colonel say. Suman says Ravish and his team are hiding in an area, there is no news about them. She cries.

Sujata cries and talks to Dadi Bua. Suman cries and tells Aditi that Ravish is missing. Aditi asks Vividha to explain Suman. Vividha recalls pandit’s words. She goes to hospital temple and sits doing Mrityunjay jaap. Sujata says Vividha has believe in this jaap, Vividha wants to do jaap all night and do puja at temple in morning. Suman prays that Vividha succeeds to do the jaap for her husband’s life.Reporter tells about Ravish and his team inside a building, they are inside the building since 2 hours, none came out, there is just firing sound, we hope that enemies are shot.

Daddy ji and everyone see this news. Vividha sits praying. Sujata asks Atharv to get up, will you not listen to me. Dadi Bua asks Suman to get courage from heart if mind starts scaring you. Vividha prays.Sujata asks Atharv to take her along, what will I do here without you, even your dad left me, who do I have except you, will you leave me. Suman comes and says nothing will happen to our sons. Sujata says Ravish is fighting with enemies, and Atharv is adamant, he is not listening to me, I m asking him to get up.

Suman says I can understand what you are going through, we have to keep devotion and have hope, we have to believe our Lord, who can’t snatch sons from two mothers same night, Lord can’t be so ruthless. Vividha sits praying.Its morning, Vividha opens eyes when Suman holds her. Suman says wake up, its morning. Vividha asks about Ravish. Suman says there is no news, none came out of building. Vividha asks about Atharv. Sujata gets silent. Vividha says I have to go temple and do puja by tying thread to the tree, I have to complete the puja. Suman and Sujata worry.

The reporter says no one has come out of building, Ravish and team are fighting with enemies, we have no news about terrorists planting more bombs, I want to appeal its better to stay at home, I want to say don’t make crowd at malls and temples. Suman and Sujata ask Vividha not to go temple and do puja here. Vividha says no, the puja will complete when I tie thread to tree. Suman says you heard it, there is danger outside. Vividha says terrorists want us to get scared, we will not get scared, I can’t leave puja incomplete by fear. Suman asks her not to be adamant. Sujata says we are worried for Ravish and Atharv, don’t leave us.

Vividha says don’t worry, I m going to temple. She goes and prays to Lord to listen to her prayers. She comes to temple and meets pandit. He says I think you came for Savitri puja, it seems you love your husband and came here to complete fast, you do the puja here, what’s name of your husband for whom you are doing puja. She gets shocked.

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