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Naagin 4, May 18 2022: Brinda telling Manyata that all the family members know that Nayantara is her daughter. Manyata asks do they know this? brinda says yes, I told them. When you came to meet her, I saw you and told Badi maa. Manyata says her life is in danger and says she is an ordinary human Brinda asks if she is fooling her and tells that Badi maa loves Nayantara and getting her married to her son Dev. Manyata is shocked and thinks what Nayantara is doing?Rushali makes Nayantara tries a necklace and says tomorrow will be the marriage. She asks where was you sometime back. Nayantara says she was in the washroom.

She messages Manyata. Rushali assures her and asks her not to take stress, as the mahurat is the morning. Nayantara then requests her not to invite Brinda to her marriage.Brinda tells Manyata that Nayantara loves Dev. Manyata says she doesn’t love her, and wants to take her revenge. She says she has to go and save her daughter, she says I love her a lot. She says they are trapping my daughter. Brinda says they are not trapping her, but you both are trapping them. She says just now you said that Nayantara doesn’t love Dev, but is marrying him. Manyata says think whatever you want, but I have to go and save my daughter.She asks Brinda to stop the marriage and save Nayantara.

Brinda says I have to save Dev. Manyata says I am your mother and swears her to stop her marriage with nayantara, else Parikh family will snatch her love ones once again. She says they are murderers. Brinda says I will help you, as I want to save my family from you, wants to save my friend Dev from you, I will not let this marriage happen in any circumstances.Hardik and Rohan see Dev getting ready as the groom and tease him. Dev blushes. Rushali comes and does his aarti. Dev imagines Brinda and smiles. Akash says everyone is waiting in the mandap. Brinda thinks if my Maa and Papa knows about me and thinks according to that woman, I am not their daughter. Swara comes there and stops Brinda asking her to come with her. Brinda says I will do work and will not return. Swara asks her to promise. Brinda promises her.

Brinda goes inside the house. Rasik tells Rushali that Pandit brought vibhoot from here. Brinda goes inside Nayantara’s room. Nayantara says she don’t want to see her face. Just then a lady enters the room. Nayantara asks who is she, the lady turns into Manyata. Nayantara says Maa.Rushali asks Madhav and Ira to sit in the mandap as Nauantara’s parents. Ketki jokes that naagin parents. Ira and Madhav sit down in the mandap. Manyata asks Nayantara not to marry Dev. Nayantara says Brinda is making you say this and says she will kîll Brinda. Manyata stops her. Nayantara says she is taking their revenge and asks why you are stopping me. Manyata says you can’t face your enemies, without the powers. Nayantara says you are saying this as you got your real daughter.

Manyata recalls Nayantara telling her. She says I know that she is your real daughter and now you don’t need me, that’s why you want to send me away from you as you got your own daughter. Manyata says although you are not my real daughter, but I love you a lot, more than my revenge. She says I can’t let you marry. Nayantara says give me a chance, I can take your revenge. Manyata says I am not saying that you can’t take revenge, tells that they know that you are my daughter and will not leave you, they are very powerful. She asks her to come.Ketki comes and calls her, asking if she is ready. Brinda says Ketki kaki….She asks them to go. Nayantara says I will take revenge for both of us. Manyata asks her to look in her eyes, hypnotizes her and asks her to come with her.

Ketki knocks on the door asking her to come. She opens the door and sees the bride. Brinda is in the veil and thinks she has to do this to save the entire family. She thinks she won’t let the naagin take revenge from them. Ketki brings her out.Rushali makes her sit beside Dev. Baa thinks Rushali is doing a mistake, Dev’s choice is Brinda. Pandit ji asks them to keep the flower in hand and pray to God. Manyata comes back to the temple. She tells Pandit that the family who has separated her with her husband and daughter, became her daughter’s rakshak and brought her up. Nayantara cries hearing this.Swara searches for brinda. Dev and Brinda take rounds. Swara searches for brinda. Brinda stumbles. Swara holds her hand and looks at her. She thinks why this girl was pressing my hand as if she wants to convey something.

Manyata comes to nayantara and says I know you are angry and asks her to understand the matter. She says you are not made for my revenge. Nayantara says she was not with you and didn’t see your pain, she can’t take revenge from them like I can do. She says she is thinking that she is cursed not to be a naagin. Manyata says you are a human and it is a boon. She says you can marry a human and can lead a happy life. Nayantara says if brinda don’t take your revenge. Manyata says then I will think that it is my destiny. She says but Brinda will take her revenge and will not forgotten her swear. She says she will not leave them.While Dev and Brinda are completing their rounds, suddenly a heavy wind comes and Brinda’s veil flies off from her face. Everyone is shocked to see brinda taking rounds with Dev. Akash says brinda. Rohan and Hardik close the window. Dev and Brinda look at each other. Rushali gets angry.

Dev says Brinda. Ketki says I brought Nayantara here. She says icchadhari nayantara became brinda. Swara and her husband ask Brinda, how did she come here? Brinda says Nayantara. Rushali blames Brinda and says now your real face is revealed. She then taunts Swara and Brinda for trapping a rich guy. Brinda says I didn’t do this. Rushali scolds Pandit ji for teaching vashikaran to his daughter. Brinda says I didn’t mean that.Ketki comes back after checking the room and says nayantara is kidnapped. Baa asks Brinda to tell where is Nayantara? Rushali asks Akash to take her inside. Baa says I will not go and tells that Dev is my grand son and brinda is like my daughter.Brinda tells Dev that Nayantara left, as she came to know that the marriage is happening without his wish. Ketki and Khyati blame Brinda. Brinda says Nayantara didn’t want loveless marriage. Rasik asks did you agree? Rushali blames Dev. Dev says I told the truth about my feelings. Rushali says why Brinda didn’t tell us, why she came herself as the bride. Brinda says I was scared, when Nayantara left, I couldn’t think what to do, guests have come and I sat to save your respect. Rushali says you are lying. Brinda says I am saying truth and thinks I can’t tell you that I came here to save you all. Rushali says the marriage is not completed, only 4 rounds are completed. She asks her to leave. Madhav asks her to get out. Swara asks Brinda, why she don’t understand her words and says I am tired of making you understand. Rushali asks her to come down the mandap.


Dev asks her to wait and asks Brinda to tell, why she took this decision to marry him and says I want to know everything. He says you have a fiancé, how your wrong decision became right. Brinda thinks she can’t tell him. Dev says I remember everything and says honestly I don’t think you are not honest. He says I will cross check you and will ask nayantara, I need to ask her. He asks what is her right to embarrass me and my family. Rushali thinks if Nayantara is with that naagin.Dev opens the ghatbandhan and asks her to call Rajat. He says Rajat’s dream for a lavish wedding will be fulfilled. Brinda asks him not to go. Dev goes.Manyata tells Nayantara that she can’t risk her life for her revenge. Nayantara says if Brinda is a naagin then I can control naag and naagin. Manyata says they are not naag and naagin, but humans, if they attack you altogether then what you will do. She says I reached there at right time and saved you. She says I have decided that you have to go away from Parikh family. Nayantara says from them or you. Manyata says I want to send you away for your safety. Nayantara says I will not listen to you as I am not your daughter. Manyata says I have two daughters and loves them both. She says they know that you are my daughter and will attack you. She says you will go away from them. Nayantara thinks she will not leave Brinda for snatching her mother.

Swara tells Brinda why didn’t she tell her. She says I didn’t teach you to sacrifice for others and says I asked you to do what you wanted. She asks her to say why is she risking her life for them. She asks her to think about her and her dreams. Brinda thinks of Manyata’s words. She thinks of Manyata’s words with Nayantara. She thinks if Nayantara returns then she will do what I stopped her to do.Swara cries and asks brinda why is she silent? She says I love you a lot and asks why are you hiding from me. She says I will support you always. She says I got married to your baba with my wish and asks her to say what’s the matter. She asks her husband to say and says people will think that she is dev’s wife, she is his half wife. Brinda thinks I wish I could have told you.Rajat comes there and says she has Dev in her heart, brinda’s Dev. Swara gets angry at him. Dev removes the turban and throws in his room. He thinks where did Nayantara go, I need to get answers from her. He calls her, but her number is off.He calls Manas’s ex girlfriend and asks her to send Nayantara’s address. She says she will send. Dev thinks why did Nayantara do this. Rajat tells Brinda that she never wanted Dev and Nayantara to marry, so that she can marry him. She says you used to wait for chances to meet him. He tells that Brinda posed in a titanic pose with Dev. He says if she has done this infront of me then what she might have done in the closed room. Swara asks him to stop him.

Brinda turns angrily and is about to become naagin. Rajat tells Swara that how she can become bride of Dev. He asks her to ask her daughter, what is her problem? He asks how many times, she will blacken your face and says I am ashamed to tell what such girls are called, says 1 guy is not enough for these kinds of girls. Swara slaps him hard.Brinda relaxes herself and turns towards them. Swara asks him not to say a word against Brinda. Pandit asks her to stop. Swara says I can’t bear him. Rajat says I kick this alliance out, and says he is not her finance anymore. Brinda holds his hand and walks out.Madhav tells Rushali that all guests are gone, he asks what to do. Rushali says we will use the same vabhoot to safeguard our house, so that naagin manyata can’t enter inside. She asks them to put the vabhoot on side of the house. Ketki and Ira ask why did Nayantara elope? Rushali says I didn’t know. She asks Madhav to close all doors and windows. She says atleast we can save ourselves. Dev hears and asks from whom?Brinda takes Rajat out. Rajat asks her to leave his hand and says I keep such girls far away from me. Brinda asks what do you mean? Rajat asks her to see the mirror and says you will see your bláckéned face. Brinda turns and her skin becomes scaly in anger.

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