Never say goodbye update Friday 20 may 2022

Never say goodbye 20 may 2022: The Episode starts with pandit asking Vividha the name of her husband. Suman cries and is afraid for Ravish’s life. Dadi Bua asks her not to lose by heart, have faith, heart will be strong, think good, everything will get fine. Suman prays for Ravish. Vividha says I m not doing this for my husband, I m doing this puja for those two mums who are waiting for their sons’ return, so that they win in war and come back, Lord has to listen to me, I came to tell Lord to accept my puja. Pandit blesses Vividha and goes.

Vividha does the puja. Reporter says no one came out of building, we hope Ravish and his team are fine. Sujata sits with Atharv. She asks Atharv to get up. Vividha ties the thread to the tree. Reporter says firing stopped suddenly, we hope Ravish and his team are safe. She tells the breaking news that terrorists are coming out of building, there are no army men, did they kill all army man and coming out to celebrate success. Sujata asks Atharv to wake up. Vividha has been awake all life and praying for you in temple right now. Vividha takes rounds around the tree while tying thread. Reporter says Ravish is seen getting the terrorists out. Suman and everyone smile seeing the news.

Ravish aims gun at terrorists and get them downstairs. Suman says my son Ravish is fine. Ravish’s family smiles.Sujata asks Atharv to wake up for Vividha’s love. Vividha ties thread and takes round. Atharv gets conscious and says Vividha. Sujata smiles. Vividha finishes the puja and thinks if I did any good thing in work, if I did Lord puja by true heart, I want the fruit for it. She realizes someone has come and turns to see. She sees Ravish, injured. She looks at him and then sees Atharv behind. She smiles seeing Atharv and runs to hug him. Jaana na dil se door….plays…..

Ravish sees them. Vividha says I knew you will get fine Atharv, I knew Lord will give me good fruit of this fast, see you got fine, you know what doctor said, that maybe you will get memory and remember our love after getting fine, you promised me you will come, you kept promise, you know everything right, its fine I will explain everything, I can’t live without you. She hugs him and cries. She gets shocked seeing Suman and Sujata. Vividha tells Atharv that she will tell him everything later. Atharv asks for food, I m hungry. They all get shocked seeing him still mentally unstable. Sujata and Vividha cry. Atharv goes and sits eating.

Suman recalls Vividha and Atharv. She asks whatever you said now, is that true, do you love Atharv, tell me. Vividha says yes, we did not wish to hurt you, we got stuck in problems, Maa…. Suman says don’t call me Maa, you have no right to call me Maa, this is not cheat, this is sin, you did wrong with my son, I trusted you a lot. Ravish asks Suman to listen. Suman says I gave you place in heart and loved you as a daughter, trusted you blindly, you ruined my trust, you don’t love Ravish. Suman cries and asks you love Atharv? Sujata looks on. Suman says such a big cheat, why did you marry Ravish when you loved someone else. Ravish asks Suman to calm down.

Suman says such a big cheat with me and my son, I was thinking Vividha is a nice girl and cares for ill Atharv, but no… she loves Atharv, so she did all this. Vividha cries.Suman saying Vividha was caring for Atharv, as she loves him, she did not think of Ravish once, this puja is only for Atharv. Ravish asks Suman to calm down. Suman cries and says people cheat us and we trust them again and again to get fooled again, this woman came with her son, you regarded him as brother and wanted to give him his rights, and I stood with Sujata when Atharv was fighting for his life, Sujata did not think once to tell me this big secret, and Vividha, what shall I tell about this girl.

Ravish asks Suman to listen. Suman says how can history repeat, I did not wish to go through this, why is this happening, why…. now Sujata would be happy, she snatched my husband, and now her son has snatched my son’s happiness, Ramakant did not love me as you were in his life, and today my bahu does not love my son. Sujata and Vividha cry.Vividha says I wanted to tell you everything, but could not, I m sorry. Suman gets angry and slaps her. She says such a big cheat and raises hand again. Ravish comes in between, while Atharv holds Suman’s hand. Atharv says don’t beat her please and goes.

Ravish says Vividha did not cheat me or hurt me intentionally, its not her mistake. Suman says she lied to us. Ravish says she did not lie or cheat, I told her to not tell anyone. Suman gets shocked. Suman asks did you know all this, you did not tell me. Ravish says I was….. Suman goes. Vividha cries. Atharv says why is she crying, have food. He sits eating.

They come home. Vividha cries and says Sujata loved me a lot, I have hurt her a lot. Sujata consoles her. Vividha says she always stood with me, the pain I have seen in her eyes, don’t know when will her wounds heal. Sujata says the wounds will heal, entire family knows this truth, Suman got hurt, the question is… what will you do now? Vividha gets thinking.

Ravish talks to Suman. He says I was trying to save you from this pain, I knew you will break down when you know about Atharv and Vividha, Atharv was my responsibility, how could I tell you, its all fate, its none’s mistake, its not Atharv and Vividha’s mistake, she never made me any promise, she does not love me, she did not wish to marry me, Kailash did deal with her to make her marry me for Atharv’s life sake. Vividha married me to save Atharv’s life, she told me the truth, she did not know whom is she marrying, she just married me for Atharv’s sake, she is not wrong. Vividha looks on.

Suman says we are such people who curse our fate for other’s mistake, how can I put your pain on time and fate. Ravish asks what pain, there is no pain, I knew Vividha is of Atharv, not mine. Suman says you learnt this from me to compromise with life, you know I did not wish to make you compromise in life. She sees Ramakant’s pic and says don’t know you joked with me or my fate, but you would have thought that Suman has bear a lot. She says there is tradition in this house that couples do not stay happy, its all about fate, I have to live with such bahu who does not love my son, its biggest failure for a mother. She cries. Vividha says no Maa, you will not have to live like this, I can’t get your forgiveness, I have no right to stay between good people like you, I broke your trust, I will bear the consequences, no need to live against will, I decided to leave with Sujata and Atharv.

Ravish says no, you know well, I can’t let this happen, Atharv is my brother and my responsibility. Vividha says I knew you wanted to make everything fine, I would have gone if I could leave Atharv, but you know Atharv can’t stay without me, and I can’t stay here, you all should be happy, so it will be good if we leave. Ravish says listen… She says I m taking Atharv away from house, not you, I can’t make two loving brothers away, I don’t want to hurt Suman more. Ravish says I want to say…. Suman says let them go Ravish.

Sujata and Atharv pack bags. Atharv asks where are we going. Vividha says we have to leave soon. Sujata says I m saying again, this is your house and family, stay here, Atharv and I will leave. He says I will not leave Vividha here. Vividha says you know this can’t happen, its just we now, not ‘me’, life wanted me to separate from Atharv and make me just Vividha, but fate us back to we, same names are always taken together, Vividha and Atharv are one of them, I can’t leave Atharv alone, when I have hurt this family a lot. Sujata says no, you can apologize and start new life, I can see Ravish’s eyes having love for you. Vividha says I will always love Atharv, it will be unjust with Ravish, you know truth, my life starts with Atharv and ends with Atharv. Jaana na dil se door….plays……….. She apologizes to Sujata. She asks Sujata and Atharv to come with her. Dadi Bua comes and says no one will go anywhere.

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