Never say goodbye update Wednesday 18 May 2022

Never say goodbye 18 may 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv getting rushed to the hospital. He gets treated by the doctors. Ravish also gets treated. The family prays for both of them. The doctor removes bullet from Ravish’s arm. The nails from Atharv’s head are removed. Vividha worries and consoles Suman and Sujata. She says nothing will happen to them. Ravish comes to Suman. He says I m fine, how is Atharv.Suman says you both are Ramakant’s sons, you had to be champions. Vividha asks Ravish to take rest, Atharv is in OT, operation is going on.

The people come and ask Ravish did he fight with terrorists alone. Ravish says I was not alone in the fight, we have won because of our house women, they faced enemy with bravery, if other women have this courage, enemy can’t see our family, they risked lives for country. They people salute them. Ravish recalls Atharv and says there is one more person who has helped me, my brother Atharv.He says he has fought with much courage, like an army man’s son, he did tandav on enemy’s head like Shiv. Vividha recalls Atharv.

Ravish says I don’t want anything else, just my brother should get fine. He gets sad.Vividha, Suman, Sujata and Ravish recall Atharv and the moments with him. Everyone recall the time spent with Atharv. Ravish cries. Vividha sees him and goes. Ravish says Atharv got hit on head’s behind, he was hit at same place before, he used to say it hurts a lot, they have beaten him again. Atharv has to get fine, he will get fine, else I will not leave the one who did this with him.

Doctor comes. Ravish asks how is Atharv. Doctor says the nails entered the head, unfortunately, he has hit on same place, we removed the nails, one nail is still there in sensitive area, we need surgeon, we called best surgeon. Ravish says Atharv will get fine after surgery. Doctor says I m sorry, there is less chance of recovery, there is no guarantee as its brain operation. Sujata asks what do you mean. Doctor says we can know when Atharv gets conscious, we can just try, you pray, you all be positive. Ravish asks family not to worry.

Adaa feels bad and runs. Vividha and everyone go and see her praying for Atharv. Adaa says my mum did bad thing, she has beaten everyone, she has done all this, I feel bad seeing Atharv like this, if you make him fine, I will be thankful. Vividha cries and hugs her.Dadi Bua says kids’ prayers get answered. Ravish gets a call. He tells the family that terrorists did not just target our family, but planted bomb at many places in city, I gave my name, I have to go, its our duty to catch the terrorists and send them in coffins, we will not let them shed blood, terrorists attack by using innocent people, I m feeling helpless seeing Atharv today, many people would have seen family in bad state, I have to go on duty.

Suman says its tough for me to see Ravish leaving, if its his duty, our duty is to send him with courage, I know Ravish is worried, but family is not imp than duty, he will choose country over family. She blesses Ravish. The army man asks Ravish to come. Ravish asks Vividha to come with him. He asks Vividha not to worry, Atharv will get fine. She says I will be worried for you too. He says Atharv is fighting with death, take care of him, he will get fine. She asks how are you saying with belief. He says your love strength is with him, if anything happens to me then you….. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks how can you say this with belief…..

Ravish asking Vividha not to worry, Atharv will get fine. She says I will be worried for you too. He says Atharv is fighting with death, take care of him, he will get fine. She asks how are you saying with belief. He says your love strength is with him, if anything happens to me then you….. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks how can you say this with belief. Vividha says the country is praying for you, the family is your shield, I m sure you will come back. He asks her to take care of herself. They go to Suman. Suman gives the aarti plate to Vividha.

Vividha does the tilak to Ravish and cries. Suman asks Ravish to win and come. He takes Suman’s blessings and hugs her. Dadi Bua asks them not to cry, as one or two bullets will not harm Ravish. Sujata says you are going on war again, and its a mother’s test, I want both my sons to win. Atharv is in ICU.She blesses Ravish. He says nothing will happen to Atharv, he will get fine, he has to get fine. They cry. Chutki talks to him and agrees that Atharv will get fine. Ravish says I will go. Vividha says no, don’t say that, say you will come. Ravish says I will come. He gets tearful eyes and goes.

The doctor treats Atharv and says surviving chances are very less, its complicated case. Everyone talk to doctor and surgeon. Sujata asks will my Atharv get fine after operation. Surgeon says I will do my best, surgery is long, you all can go home, any one member can stay back. Sujata asks Suman to go, I will stay. Vividha and Suman say we will stay. Sujata says no, Suman is needed at home. Suman says keep me informed at home. Suman, Chutki, Daddy ji and Dadi Bua leave. Vividha asks Sujata to have food, I will get something. Sujata says no.

Vividha says atleast for Atharv’s sake, have something. She goes to get food. Suman says I forgot my car keys there, I will just get it. Sujata sees the keys and goes to give Suman.The surgery starts in OT. There is a blast in the hospital. Everyone get a shock as the hospital shakes up by the blast sound and affect. The power goes. The doctors fall down. Atharv is left untreated. The doctors get up and think to relocate the patient, but its risky for him. The people vacate the hospital and run around. Sujata looks for Suman. The doctors leave Atharv and go. The cupboard is going to fall on Atharv.

Suman comes in nick of the time and holds the cupboard. The cupboard falls on her back. She tries to secure Atharv and shouts for help. Sujata and Vividha come there and push the cupboard back. They ask Suman is she fine. Suman says yes, this cupboard was falling on Atharv. Doctors come back to check Atharv, and send them out. Doctor says respirator is not working, other respirators got damaged by the blast near storeroom. Sujata sees Suman’s head bleeding and worries.

She calls the doctor to do Suman’s aid. Doctors treat Atharv. They say we are losing him, Atharv is not able to breath without respirator. Vividha cries and asks Atharv to breathe. Atharv’s pulse goes down. They give him cardio shocks. The doctor says he is no more. Sujata, Suman and Vividha cry. Vividha says why is heartbeat line coming flat, do something, he is not reacting. Doctor says I m really sorry. They get shocked.

Vividha sees Atharv and cries. She recalls his words. She says no, his death time did not come yet. Doctor says we tried the best, we are sorry. Sujata asks where are you going doctor, make Atharv fine. Sujata and Suman cry. Sujata runs after doctor. Suman cries and looks for Sujata. Suman gets dizzy and holds her head. Kyu duri…….Alvida…… plays…… Vividha looks at Atharv and thinks of his words.

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