Naagin update Wednesday 10 August 2022

Naagin 10 August 2022: Episode begins with Bani tells Veer that this house is dangerous place so they should leave this house. Ritu says they are going to 5star hotel for engagement. Bani says they are leaving this house right now. Taapish asks about Chandra kala. Veer lies to his family saying his mother is in safe place. Bani says there is danger in this house so they need to leave.Balwant says why she will save them when she is their enemy. She says she doesn’t care about them but she cares for Veer and for him only she wants to save his family too. Bani takes them to some place. Balwant asks why he should believe her. Veer says Bani knows about their truth before marriage still she didn’t attack them so she won’t do that now also. He says he blindly trusts her and tells Balwant to trust her.

They moves inside the jungle area. Bani thinks once she takes her family to that place then no one can attack them. Bani, Tappish asks Meera about her health. Meera says she is fine so they should not worry about her. Veer tells Bani to not talk to Jay. She tells him to not start the fight here also. Pawan says this house is so small.Bani says anyways today no one going to sleep because engagement party going to happen here only. Ritu shocks hearing her. Everyone starts to clean the house. Tappish apologize to Meera saying he behaved rudely with her because of his brothers. She says she can understand his situation. Meera, Taapish exchanges ring. And everyone cheers for them.

Couple takes blessings from Balwant, Ritu. Ponky says let’s dance to celebrate and says theme will be boys vs girls.Meher, Keher from girls team and Ponky, Daksh from boys team starts their performance. Balwant asks Bani what’s happening here. She says she herself doesn’t know. She comes out alone and gets worried for her family’s safety. Veer comes there and says she is worried for his family also even though she hates them. He dance with Bani and says he will stay with her always and will support her in every situations.Suddenly Meera starts to walk saying she is going to her house. Tappish follows her and holds her before she falls down. She comes to reality and asks how she reached here. He says they needs to tell Bani about it. Bani says they has to leave from here. Meera, Taapish comes there. Bani asks what happened to Meera. Taapish says he will explain her everything later. Balwant says Bani is planning to trap them. Veer convinces him and they leaves the house.

Bani turns into snake to save her family. Ritu faints seeing that. Bani loses her conscious when she gains her consciousness she calls Veer. Veer assures her saying he is with her only. Jay gets upset seeing that. Veer picks her and takes her to the house. He gives milk to her and says she saved everyone today. He says he is happy because she took his name first after gaining her consciousness.She refuses to drink milk. He says he will kiss her if she didn’t drink milk now then. She drinks it. He says for her this marriage is not forced one anymore because she hold his hand instead of Jay. She says Jay is his brother. He says he won’t get angry today because she picked him over Jay.Ritu gets to know that Bani is adi naagin and starts to blabber. Tappish explains her saying Bani is her family and she did everything to save them. She asks why Bani hided this truth from her till now. He says she may have thought they will hate her if they gets to know about this truth. Suddenly Meera could not able to move again. Shukla instigates Balwant against Bani. Chandra kala says she will escape from this trap and will destroy Bani. Bani apologize to Ritu and asks about Meera. Meera reaches the cliff.

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