My desire update Thursday 11 August 2022

My desire 11 August 2022: Rahul informs he got Rudra suspended as she gave wrong medicine to his pregnant wife; he had committed Prisha that he will take back case if she downloaded Rudra’s video, now Rudra is banned from singing. Out of flashback, Rudra informs family that his wife is innocent and asks Ahana to take back complaint. Inspector leaves. Prisha’s parents come. Ahana yells that she doesn’t believe it, now they came. Balraj walks away saying when dear ones are determined to insult them, what can they do. Ahana’s sister take her away. Saransh emotionally hugs Rudra and thanks him for saving mamma. Rudra says Prisha is his wife and superwoman, he should thank her instead. Father says he had doubt on Prisha and informed her, so she had gone there. Rudra says he trusts Prisha always.

GPS says he is happy for Trisha now. Vasu says Saransh called them, so they came; they both walk away. Serial’s title song plays in the background. Rudra holds Prisha and Saransh’s hands and walk away.GPS drives car. Vasu says he did a right thing, soon Balraj and Ahana will realize Prisha is not wrong. GPS heads towards Yuvraj’s house to confront him for trying to trap Prisha. Saransh after doesn’t get sleep. Prisha and Rudra try to calm him down. He says they both shouln’t leave him alone. GPS reaches Yuvraj’s house and confronts him for recording video and trying to trap Prisha. Yuvraj tells mother/amma that appa is doubting him wrongly as always, even Prisha came and confronted him, he said same to her. On the other side, Prisha thanks Rudra.

Rudra thanks her for trusting him and nervously feels he is in deeply in her love. He nervously tries to say I love you when Saransh asks Prisha water. Prisha walks out to get water. Rudra thinks he is a solid duffer and couldn’t propose Prisha again. Back at Yuvraj’s house, Yuraj asks GPS to explain Prisha to divorce Rudra and get out of Khurana family as they are dangerous and will harm Prisha. GPS says Prisha will not take divorce as they found out truth that Rudra is right and Yuvraj is wrong. Yuvraj played Prisha’s video in award ceremony purposefully, but Rudraksh trusts him wife completely and knew someone tried to trap his wife and added that video in her mobile purposefully, even he trusts his daughter completely and warns Yuvraj to stay away from Prisha, else he knows what he can do. He walks away with Vasu.

Prisha while filling water into bottle thinks Rudraksh trusted him today and went against his family, she should inform him how Rahul is blackmailing her and called her at award function, she should inform Rudra right now. She walks back to room and seeing Rudra sound asleep thinks of informing him in the morning. In the morning, she walks to dining table and greeting maa asks Rudraksh to get ready for class if he has finished breakfast, says she wants to tell him something. Balraj walks in and says she wanted to destroy Rudra, now Rudra is banned from singing showing news paper. Everyone are shocked hearing that. Balraj then shouts at Rudra that he worked hard to make Rudra a singer, but with his nonsensical talk in award function he ruined his career and even my company, nobody will give him work.

Rahul enters saying he will give Rudra job in his company. Balraj asks what is he doing here. Rahul says he came to invite them for party, his company’s singer is getting the award Rudra was to receive; Balraj can also gets some business there. Balraj warns him to get out. Prisha warns him to stop his nonsense and get out as he came here to insult them. Rahul says she should be happy as he is cancelling her suspension order. Rudra asks what nonsense. Rahul says if he doesn’t know about it. Rudra warns him to dare not speak wrong about Prisha. Ruhul accepts that he got Prisha suspended as she gave wrong medicine to his pregnant wife, he complained medical board against her; he struck a deal with Prisha to record Rudraksh’s video in exchange of taking back complaint. Rudra angrily looks at Prisha.

Rahul lies that Paakhi wanted him to take back case against her, so when he asked her to get Rudraksh’s video in exchange, she did it. Preesha says says he is lying. Rahul asks if she didn’t give wrong medicine to his wife and he got her suspended. She says his wife was her patient and she informed Rudra about it already. Rahul says she didn’t and he informed Rudra about it right now. Preesha reveals that Rahul blackmailed her threatening to get her suspended and in exchange asked Rudra’s video; his wife died due to nurse’s wrong medicine and not her, it was an accident; Rahul wanted his rival Rudra to be out of his wife, so he made all this drama. Ahana asks if that is the case, then why didn’t she reveal them truth. Balraj says if she had informed them earlier, he would have stopped Rahul right there.

Rahul says whatever it is, did she get him that video or not, she is lying and let them decide about it. Rudra says Rahul is right and he trusts him. Rahul smirks. Rudra gives him a tight slap and says he trusts Preesha that she will not let anything wrong against her husband by her or anyone, even he will do same. Ahana comments Preesha has done black magic on Rudra. Rudra warn him to get out. Rahul warns him that he will ruin Preesha life and career like he ruined Rudra’s. Rudra holds his collar and throws him out of house while Rahul yells he will repent. He warns Rahul to dare not return here and closes door. Rudra then looks smilingly at Preesha.

GPS gets tensed regarding Preesha and calls her repeatedly, but when she doesn’t pick call decides to meet her personally. Vasu asks where is he going. He says to sign a new pension form. She asks him to go and return home safely.Preesha tells Rudra that she wanted to tell him about all this and tried many times, but didn’t get time due to circumstances, even last night she wanted to, but he was asleep; in the morning also, she wanted to, but Balraj uncle came and then Rahul; medical board will listen to her and will not suspend her, she doesn’t know what Rahul do, she feels sorry for all this. Rudra says she is good and innocent, so she shouldn’t suffer alone and should inform him everything.

Yuvraj meets Rahul and seeing his crimpled shirt asks if he fought with someone. Rahul says Rudra and reveals whole incident. Yuvraj provokes him to take revenge against Rudra via Preesha; he should spread Preesha’s suspension news and defame her completely, then he should file multiple cases against Balraj and destroy his company, etc. Rahul calls his lawyer. Yuvraj smirks thinking Khurana family is finished now.

At home, Balraj calls Rudra and Preesha and shouts that because of Preesha’s video, singers and producers filed multiple cases against him and his company is finished, he will kicked out of his own company. Ahana says even she will be kicked out of board, what will happen now. Balraj says they are finished because of Preesha. Rudra says its wrong. Sharda says there is a news about Preesha and Rudra, reporters are shouting that Preesha is a black dot on medical field, etc. Balraj says because of Preesha’s one video, they are all finished. Rudra says Preesha is innocent. Balraj asks him to prove it.

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