Naagin update Tuesday 9 August 2022

Naagin 9 August 2022: Episode starts with Bani getting shocked seeing Meera drowned in the water. Meera asks what happened? Bani finds the water not there and thinks if it is a sign that something will happen with water. Veer comes to bani and tells that she asked him and Jai, about them, but he didn’t ask her how is she? He asks her how is she? She says she is fine and asks him to see his condition, says Jai has beaten you much. Veer says I have made bharta of Jai and asks her to see. Chachi and Meera call Bani. Bani says I will come. Veer takes Bani to bathroom and asks how did she come out from there and asks about the deal which she did with Maarkaat? Bani says I am sorry, I tell that your mom is wrong, devil etc, and don’t think about what you are going through. He says I felt good when Maa returned to me and now…Bani says you are in pain, but thinking about me. Jai comes there and knocks on the door. Veer opens the door and tells that they are busy, asks him to go.

Bani asks him to come inside. Jai comes inside and asks about her deal with Maarkaat? Bani tells that she had done a deal with Maarkaat and surrendered her life to her. Jai asks then what happened? Bani says Bholenaath ji was with me and helped me. She tells that she couldn’t killed Maarkaat as she is their mother, but kept her captive. Jai says she is just Maarkaat and goes from there. Bani asks Veer to say if she wants to say anything. Veer says he has no complains with her. Bani closes her eyes and imagines Veer drowned in the water bath tub. She shouts Viranshu and gets tear eyes. Veer says I am fine and asks why is she shouting his name and crying. Bani says I will go and see Meera di. She comes out and Jai going in the water. She gets shocked and closes her eyes.

Later Bani is sleeping and sees the water all around in her room. She shouts. Veer comes there. Bani asks how did I get drenched? She cries being scared. Veer hugs her and pacifies her. He asks her to go and change. She says she will not go alone and holds his hand. She goes to changing room, while he stands outside holding her hand. She wears the bathing robe and comes out. She tells Veer about the boon which she got after entering the cave door. She tells everything whatever she has seen, that she has seen Meera drowned and lifeless and then she saw him drowned in the bathtub. Veer says you might be seeing them being scared and have dealt with Maarkaat too.

He says nothing will happen to Meera, I guarantee and says nothing can harm me, not even Aadinaagin. Bani hugs him and cries. He says our first hug, I might die with happiness. Bani pushes him and smiles.Tapish doesn’t want to drink wine. His brothers tease him for not drinking wine. Balwant scolds him for bringing wife’s servant. Tapish says he don’t really want to drink. Bani is leaving and thinks to go out, and see Veer coming in his car. He says I don’t know what Aadinaagin will do, but I don’t want my wife to hide things from me. Bani sits in the car. Veer takes her to the temple and says I will come with you. Bani says eagles can’t come inside the temple and says last time, when you had come there, I had killed you for the last time. Veer asks what about this time. Bani smiles. She says I will go now. Veer asks her to go and says he will wait there. He says we will go together. Meera checks the gift brought for Tapish and calls him.

He says he is with his family and can’t come there. Meera finds water leakage. Bani reaches the temple. Panditayan tells that she knows what is happening with her, but can’t help her. She says they have to read the ancient books to know the solution. Panditayan shouts seeing the books burnt. Bani finds snake skin and eagle feather and says this is done by Maarkaat, before I kept her captive. She says she will fail all Maarkaat plans, be it sea/water attack or anything. Meera comes to the room and thinks if the leakage is in the bathroom. She goes to the bathroom and gets pulled under the shower. She finds herself frozen and couldn’t move from the place. Tapish comes to say sorry, but his brothers come there and tease him. Tapish goes from there with his brothers.

Panditayan asks Bani to do 9 parikrama and says the flame of the lamps shall not set off before you complete the parikrama. Bani starts the parikrama/rounds sitting on her knees. Bani says Jai bholenaath. Panditayan says this is just last parikrama and asks Mahadev to help her. A divine light comes out from Mahadev’s idol forehead. Snake charmer and Panditayan get happy and cheer for Mahadev. Bani says I got your blessing Mahadev. Mahadev shows them a vision, in which Chandrakala asks Mahadev to give her boon to become snake and eagle altogether. Shiv ji gives her boon, but she tries to snatch the moon from him, and that’s why her half face got eclipsed. They find Maarkaat on above the sea. Panditayan tells that Maarkaat has done a deal with it (water) to kill you on a special night. Bani says poornima night, today.

Chachi greets everyone and tells that she will call Meera. Jai says Veer and Bani haven’t come yet. Bani returns home. Chachi asks where is Meera? Bani says she was at home. Mahek and Dahek also come there. Chachi asks Bani to go and see. Bani goes to the room and calls Meera. She goes to the bathroom and finds Meera standing under the shower. She takes her out. Meera cries and says she don’t know why she couldn’t move, when she came here to switch off the tap. Bani hugs her.

Veer comes home and calls bani…He asks where is Bani Sharma. Ponky tells that husbands are such, strong. Bani brings Meera downstairs. She says we all have to go from here. Balwant says it is good that your Chachi and others will leave. Veer takes bani to side and says you have come here, and forgot that I was waiting for you there. Bani says sorry, for forgetting him there. He says all those your feelings were fake. Bani says my feelings are real and tells that they are in trouble. Bani says whatever happened I didn’t do intentionally and says she will compensate for her mistake. She tells that they are in big danger and tells that they have to go very far from sea and water.

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