Naagin update Monday 8 August 2022

Naagin 8 August 2022: Episode starts with Maarkaat asking Bani to say bye to both her sons. Jai and Veer hit each other. Maarkaat appears infront of Bani in her two human avatar. She says Bani has closed her eyes being afraid and asks shall I cut her neck. Mahadev asks Bani to call him from heart. Bani says Jai bholenaath..

7 mins before:

Chandrakala asks Tapish to tell about Meera. Chachi, Meera and others are in the burning car. Chachi says that devil took Jai from here. Bani comes there as a snake and becomes human. Chachi shouts Bani. Bani asks them not to get worry and becomes half snake. She tries to set off the fire and finds her family members missing. Maarkaat asks did I kill them like watchman’s grand daughter. Bani asks where are my family members. Maarkaat says I will not kill them so easily.

Bani hears Chachi, Mahek, Dahek and Meera calling her. Maarkaat shows them captive and tied with the tree. Bani asks them not to get worried. Maarkaat pours fire from her mouth. They all shout. Bani sees Jai captive in the cage. Maarkaat says you can’t save them.She asks her to see Veer and shows her. Veer asks Chandrakala about the jug and says you had said that you have went to keep the jug. Chandrakala says yes, and asks if he is doubting her. Ponky sees the roof breaking and the thorns like thing coming from roof and from the ground. Veer saves Ponky. Daksh tries to go and crawls, when Chandrakala tries to attack him, but Veer saves him. He saves Ponky also. Chandrakala tells Bani that the thorns will come out from the walls too. She says Veer will be killed in sometime. Bani asks what shall I do, to save both my families. Maarkaat asks her to surrender to her so that she can kill her.

Bani says if you will kill them after I surrender then? Maarkaat says she will not kill eagles as they make her laugh and she needs Servants after becoming superior. Bani surrenders herself and says you can kill me. Maarkaat doesn’t release Bani’s family and asks her to say bye to all the alive people and also to both her sons. Jai shouts no Bani, as Maarkaat lifts Bani in air.Chandrakala sees the eagles afraid. All the thorns are gone. Veer’s ring falls down from his hand. He says something bad have happened with you Bani. Maarkaat brings Bani to the tilismi jungle cave and asks her to open the door, then will be killed. Bani refuses to open the door and says you will get my powers of Aadinaagin. Maarkaat says she will get much more.

She says she will also show her avatar and says she is two saas in one. She shows her snake and naagin avatar. Bani tries to bite her eagle avatar, but the eagle avatar and naagin avatar bite him. They become two maarkaat. One Maarkaat tells another Maarkaat that one will kill Bani and other will watch. Veer comes to the jungle. Jai meets him and tells that they were attacked in the car. He says Bani’s family has forgotten everything and has returned home. He says Bani talked to Maarkaat and then everything has become fine. Veer says same thing happened with me, we were attacked and then everything was fine. They realized that Bani has striked a deal with Maarkaat. Jai says Maa have done this. Veer says bani was right, Maarkaat is two.

Jai and Veer become snake and eagle and search Bani. Bani sees eagle in the sky and calls him. Maarkaat makes the cave invisible. Jai and Veer come to the cave, but find it missing. Veer feels bad and says he couldn’t protect Bani for the first time. He scolds Jai for not believing her. Veer asks him not to blame him as he also didn’t trust him. Maarkaat tries to attack Bani. Bani counter attacks on them. They trap her in magic circle. Maarkaat tells that she will kill her now. Bani says I thought you will kill me on a particular night. Maarkaat says so you heard. She says we both will kill you from front and back, then you will be in thousands of pieces, then the cave door will open and we will know the secret. She asks Bani to sit on her knees. Bani sits on her knees and closes her eyes, telling Bholenaath that she is bending down her head infront of him and not infront of Maarkaat. She asks Bholenaath to guide her and say what to do. She hears Shiv ji telling that he is with her, due to her trust. She says he is Shiv, Adi, Dharti, Jal, Nar and Nari and says you will find in any avatar, just call me from your heart, no power can defeat you. Bani opens her eyes and sees Shiv ji standing. She gets up and says Jai Bholenaath. Both the Maarkaats attack her with the sword, but Bani holds their hands and says she has just one strength, which is bhole naath. She pushes them. They fall. Bani throws sword on them. They are about to fall on the sword, but stops. Bani says she will not kill them in Jai and Veer’s absence as she is their mother. She says she wants proofs of all their misdeeds. She says I will keep you alive so that you ask death from me. Chandrakala tries to attack Bani and says she will open the cave. Bani says bholenaath will stop you. Shiv ji stops Maarkaat.

Jai and Veer argue with each other for reaching the cave. Jai asks why don’t you leave her. Veer says I am her husband. Jai says Bani trusts me and that’s why left her family with me. Veer says that’s why she came to save them. Jai says that’s why she didn’t think of saving you and your family. Veer hits Jai. Jai hits Veer. They both hit each other…Bani walks towards the cave as the half naagin. She asks Bholenaath to permit her to enter the door if he thinks her suitable to enter inside. The door gets opened. Bani smiles and looks at the door. Shiv ji says welcome Aadinaagin.

Bani walks inside the door and finds Kailash. Mahadev says very few people can come here and you are one among them, who can come here due to her loyalty and honesty towards him. Bani says I know. Mahadev says you don’t know that this cave is one among those cave, which is beneath Kailash parvat. Bani says Kailash Parvat is very far from here. Bholenaath says nothing is far from him. He asks her to close her eyes and says you got a boon today. He says you will find yourself safe in your house and will get a special power, using which you can oversee the future once, and then you shall decide what to do. Bani thanks him. He asks her to close his eyes again. Bani closes her eyes and opens her eyes in her house. She thinks what is happening with her.

Chachi asks Meera to switch on TV. They promote the show Namak Ishq Ka. Bani reaches home and asks Tapish if they are fine. Balwant accuses her for attempting to kill her. Bani says I was not at home and if I had attacked you then you wouldn’t have been saved. Tapish says Veer said that bani didn’t do this and says he has gone to search her. Bani sees Chachi and hugs her. She asks Meera if she is fine. They tell that they had gone with Jai on a long drive in his new car. Bani thinks they are hypnotized and don’t remember anything.

Jai and Veer come home. They ask Bani if she is fine? Bani asks who have done this with you? Jai says we have fought with each other. Bani scolds them. Veer says we have gone to the cave, but it became invisible. Bani says I did. She asks them to freshen up. They leave. Bani takes Meera to room and asks if she is happy or Chachi forced her. Meera reminisces their childhood and says I can openly talk to you. She says Tapish is a nice guy, I like him. Bani asks her to get up and hug her. She finds Meera drowning in the water and gets shocked.

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