Naagin update Tuesday 7 June 2022

Naagin 7 June 2022: Episode starts with Vish telling Dev, Vrushali and others that she tried to stop Brinda, but she has eloped with Rajat. Vrushali asks where? Ketki says we know she must have eloped with Rajat. Baa says this girl is saying anything against Brinda. Dev shouts enough Baa and tells that he wouldn’t have believed Vishaka if he had not asked brinda to choose between Rajat and him. He says Brinda is not here in this puja, so it is clear that she has chosen Rajat and left your grand son. He asks Baa to accept this and says I have accepted this. Vish says she will return surely as she is not having money. Vrushali says the doors of the house is closed for brinda. They all leave. Vish says sorry to Dev. Dev says don’t be sorry, whatever is done is by my child friend Brinda.

Purohit ji gives his condolences to Brinda for Manyata’s death. Brinda tells that she will give death to her enemies and will learn all tactics of this world as I want to become a most powerful…Swara says you are a Naagin. Brinda turns to her. Swara says when your Manyata mother asked you to stay away from bel patr, I searched and read in your baba’s books and comes to know that Naagins get harmed by the bel patr. Swara tells her that she is feeling sorry for Manyata’s death and tells her that she is with her. She asks who are they, who wants to harm you and with whom you want to take revenge. Brinda says Parikh family and tells that they are murderers, I will kill everyone. Swara asks about Dev. Brinda says even Dev, I will kill him.

Dev comes to the room and recalls everything. Ho Maana song plays……He reminisces their moments and takes out his anger, throws the things in his room. Vish thinks to keep eye on him. He takes the towel and asks why Brinda, looking at the earrings.Swara asks Purohit ji if he is ready. They go to Brinda who is tied to a pillar. Swara tells Brinda that she has to become a more powerful Naagin, from just icchadhari naagin. Purohit ji says you have to make use of your bookish knowledge into reality. They call some men there. Swara says they have come to make you practice, fight with them, but don’t do anything thinking them as Parikh family. The men throw bel patr on Brinda. Brinda shouts. Swara asks her to attack them. Brinda breaks the rope and attacks the men. They fell down.

Dev asks his employee to get money from the bank. Akash says you didn’t sleep since many days and asks him to rest. Swara asks Brinda to attack them. Dev tells that he wants to become a more big and rich businessman and until this happens, I will not get sleep. Brinda fights with the men and defeats them. Swara appreciates them and asks them to go. She asks someone else to come. Brinda sees snake charmers coming there and playing flute. She starts dancing. Swara asks her to control herself and don’t concentrate on the music. Naagin song plays…..Brinda falls down. Swara helps her get up. Brinda asks what happened. Swara says you lost from them, but we will try again. Brinda says I will win. Swara says you will win and hugs her. She says you have to return to that family as a warrior who never gets defeated. Brinda says this will happen. Vish asks Dev to move on. Dev asks what do you mean? Vish says you have to forget brinda and move on in life. Dev says you or the women think that they can read men minds, and tells that he is thinking about business.

Vish thinks he is not getting angry and Naagmani is not sparkling. She comes to Mundika and tells that since brinda went, Naagmani is not seen in Dev’s forehead. She tells that she asked Purohit, but he said that he doesn’t know. She says Swara comes to Parikh family, but acts as if she don’t care about brinda. She says she is getting mad. Mundika asks her to scratch her face and becomes like her. She says Brinda might be stuck in some magical trap. Vish gets an idea and tells Mundika that she has a good weapon and moves her hairs from her face. Mundika tries to stop her and tells that her powers get less when her face is exposed. Vish scratches her face. Mundika counter attacks on Vish. Vish becomes snake and holds Mundika body. She then divides into two and her other half bites Mundika’s forehead. She then lifts Mundika and holds her by her hair and hurts her badly. Mundika shouts.

After 5 months,Brinda comes to the temple. Swara and Purohit ji looks at her surprisingly. Purohit ji says these clothes. Brinda says white color is the sign of peace, but this will become death clothes for them. She says she will fight this war now and will take her revenge. She says the dream which Nayantara had seen, I will fulfill it. She takes Swara’s blessings. Swara asks her not to stumble. Brinda says I will take them to crematorium ground. She says she will kill them specially that Dev. Mundika comes to the temple and burns the pillar. It is shown, Vish has taken her avatar. Vish tells that Mundika reminded her that she had locked Nayantara inside and tells that she had to kill her and take her avatar and powers. She says I will meet you as Mundika else you will recognize me. She says she will make Nayantara dance on her tunes to get Naagmani. She takes Nayantara out of the pillar. Nayantara is having mud on her body. Vish puts water on her through magic. Nayantara opens her eyes and tells that she is Nayantara, but her face is changed. Vish says I have given you this face so that you can take revenge from Brinda. Nayantara tries to see her face.

Vish stops her and says I don’t want to scare you. She tells her that she will take her to Parikhs and asks her to do hand shake with her. Nayantara says I had already suffered by shaking hands with Vishaka, now I will not do the same thing. I will do everything with my wish and asks her to come behind her. Vish agrees and shakes hand with her. Nayantara says even my name will be changed now, I am Shalaka now.Vrushali asks if the arrangements are done for holika dahan. Ketki and Ira ask about her diamond earrings. Vrushali says she is a mother of successful businessman Dev. She asks where is baa and Akash. Baa and Akash come out. Baa tells that whatever happened 1 year back is unacceptable. I don’t think brinda have done this with her wish. Akash says even I took a lot of time to agree to this fact. He says we have to accept this. Dev comes there. They tell that they shall wait for her. Khyatri and Ketki tell that their bahu is auspicious for us, we got money on this day. Akash says she has come. Brinda comes there and hears them from far.

Dev looks on. His new bride comes in veil. Vrushali says this is your first holi. Ketki says today in the morning, Dev got married. Vrushali lifts her veil and applies color to Nayantara/Shalaka. Brinda looks at her in shock. Vrushali wishes them happy holi. Dev and Nayantara light the holika fire.Dev comes to the room later and tells that this is our first night, I respect your space. Nayantara says it is my wish to marry you. She says I know it is not easy to accept this, you might be feeling awkward now as your ex wife left you. He says you didn’t get diverted, but set aim in life. She says I was attracted to you seeing your love for your family. She says you can take your own time and says she will sleep on couch. He says he will sleep on couch and asks her to sleep on bed. Nayantara/Shalaka says who can leave such a good husband. Swara calls Brinda and says I know what you are feeling right now. She says even I came to know just now. She says I am going there everyday, but I didn’t know when did they get Dev marry? Brinda says I can’t get weak and tells that she will rectify the mistake. She says she will do something which Parikh family haven’t think of.

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