Naagin update Wednesday 8 June 2022


Naagin 8 June 2022: Episode starts with Vrushali and Ketki coming to the place where they will play holi. Ketki says I hope they are using organic colors as I am allergic to normal color. Vrushali says I am going to put color on your hairs. Ira and Khyati says even we. Ketki says everyone are jealous of my hairs. Brinda looks at them. Parikh’s younger generation comes there and wish happy holi to each other. Brinda mixes bhang in thandai and says it will be fun. She sees Baa and Akash and gets emotional. She then thinks she shall not get diverted from her aim. She changes her avatar and goes to Vrushali, Ketki and Ira and give them bhang. She asks if their bahu is more beautiful than her. She then gives bhang to Lily and Mili. She comes to the boys and gives them bhang too.

They flirt with her. She goes and becomes brinda again. Dev comes there with his new wife. Brinda recalls Dev asking her to take a right decision. He is a businessman, but marriage is not business deal for him. She eyes them. Nayantara/now Shalaka comes there and greets Vrushali, Ketki and others with a hug. She wishes happy holi to Akash and baa and touches their feet. Akash wishes happy holi to Dev. She changes her avatar and goes to Nayantara. Nayantara asks if something is mixed in it. Dev’s brothers make her drink it. Brinda as someone else asks Dev to drink. Dev refuses to drink and tells that he is loyal to his wife. Brinda goes.

Baa asks Nayantara about her brother Manish. Nayantara asks who is Manish? She tells that bhang must be mixed in it. She tells that may be they are tired. Baa asks about her Pag phera. Nayantara thinks may be they forget. Baa asks her to be loyal with her words and actions. Brinda goes to side, thinks why is she hiding? Vrushali, Ketki, Ira and others come to Dev and asks where is that golden laying eggs. Dev asks whom? Ketki says your wife Shalaka. Nayantara thinks to kill Baa and mixes something in the butter milk. Dev’s brothers ask Harsh to play music. Brinda comes out of the holi pool and says I am back. Baa says brinda. Brinda asks if they don’t recognize her and says I am Brinda. She comes out of the holi pool and hugs Baa. She asks how are you Baa? Baa says I am fine. Brinda asks her to keep faith on her that she will not do anything wrong. Vrushali calls her. Brinda runs to her and asks how are you sasumaa.

Vrushali says I am very much fine and asks how are you? Brinda shouts music and dances on the song yeh chori badi drama queen hain. Dev and Nayantara are shocked.Brinda goes to Dev and dances around him. Nayantara recalls brinda is a naagin and snatching Manyata from her. She thinks I won’t let brinda snatch anything from me. She goes towards Dev. Baa stops her and says let Brinda talk to Dev. Harsh says she is biwi no 1. Baa says until he moves on, he can’t connect with you. Nayantara says I have first right on her and thinks to kill Baa by making her drink butter milk. She thinks she won’t let Brinda fail her plan.

Dev asks what are you doing here? Brinda tells that you have called me and asked me to sit beside you for holika dahan puja. He asks what? Didn’t you wake so late and asks did you take so much time to take decision. Brinda says I was doing planning and tells that she has returned after a year and tells that his second marriage is illegal. Dev says you have abandoned me. He asks what you thought that I will wait for you all life, I am useless. Brinda says I had forgotten that you wanted to earn money which asks you to snatch everything. Dev tells that he was mad for her and had forgiven her always. He says I have realized you that I was wrong. She says you are thirsty. Dev says don’t pretend that you know about me. He drinks water and says you likes freedom and that’s why left from here. He asks when is she leaving? Brinda says never, tells that she is still Brinda Dev Parikh. Dev says everything is finished between us. Brinda says nothing will be finished until I do that and says I have to settle scores with you. Dev says my family and I have done so much for you. Brinda tells that she has seen his true face in the mirror. Dev asks why you have come. Brinda says to trouble you, to give you pain. He says you will not take all the fun. She asks what your fake wife will say.

Dev says Shalaka is my wife. Brinda says real and first is me. Dev says like that, then with that logic, he takes color in his hand and applies on his face. Brinda laughs and says successful businessman, husband of two wives and applying gulaal himself. Dev asks her to stop laughing and holds her hand. He rubs his forehead on her forehead and rubs his cheeks on hers. Lahu muh lag gaya plays…..Dev says happy holi to Mrs. Dev Parikh and asks what happened, if she is not laughing you. He is about to fall. She holds him. He is about to kiss her, but leaves her saying decency is left in him still. He goes. Brinda thinks what happens to me whenever Dev comes infront of me.


Vrushali asks Shalaka if Dev haven’t returned. Shalaka/Nayantara says I wanted to apply shagun first tika on his face, but….Dev comes there with color on his face. Nayantara, Vrushali, Ketki see his face colored and he seems to be drunk bhang. Nayantara says I will dance with him atleast. Dev and Nayantara dance with each other. Baa asks Dev about Brinda Dev says she doesn’t listen to me even now. Vrushali sends Nayantara to dance with Dev. Dev and Nayantara dance on the song Nashe si Chad gayi. Dev says holi’s first dance is good. Brinda takes Nayantara with her. Rohan tells dev that both you and brinda have color on the face. Brinda tells Nayantara that Dev is her husband legally and says I have nothing against you. Nayantara says but if I have and tells that she will go against her for Dev. She pushes Brinda. Brinda falls on Dev. Dev holds her hand and dances with her.

Nayantara comes to Baa and thinks drink buttermilk and die soon. Rohan comes to Nayantara and tells that Dev is dancing with brinda. Nayantara comes to Dev and pulls him towards her and dances with her. Brinda collides with baa and the butter milk glass falls from her hands. She apologizes to Baa.Dev comes to brinda and asks her to leave. He asks her to go and take care of Rajat’s baby. Brinda says I was never pregnant and says that test was false. Dev asks why did you lie then? He says you are out of my mind and asks her to go. Brinda says I don’t care about them, but care for you really. She says I feel attachment with you. Dev says liar, you couldn’t have any attachment or feeling with me, asks her to leave him and go. Brinda says I really feel for you, asks if she don’t get jealous seeing him with someone else. She don’t want anyone else to touch him and says she can’t bear as even she….Dev asks her to finish the sentence and says if you can’t answer this then you are same brinda who was at the same place which you was 1 year back. He says you are liar and I don’t want to see your face. He gets angry and Naagmani sparkles on his forehead. Brinda is shocked to see Naagmani on Dev’s forehead. She goes from there, recalling Manyata’s words.

She thinks how dare he, what is he doing. She plucks the tree with her hand and thinks I should have killed him when I saw Naagmani on his forehead. She thinks why I forgot that he is the murderer of my sister and killed my mother infront of me. She cries and thinks he is a murderer, kill him on next meeting.Harsh comes there and helps Brinda get up. He says you will look moon in moonlight and says I never thought that I will tell this to pujari’s daughter. He says why is she acting pativrata wife, tells that she is not his brother’s wife anymore. Brinda holds his neck and her eye color changes. He asks what happened to your eyes. She says you wanted to woo me, you are very colorful and that’s what I am doing. She becomes half naagin and holds him in her tail. He asks her to leave him and says I will do puja of every girl, will call you devi. Brinda says you will do puja and tells that I have seen how you all ran behind Nayantara and gave her death. She suffocate him in his tail and says today you have to deal with an icchadhari naagin. She asks him to run and says I will kill you infront of your family members. Harsh runs and comes to the holi place. Brinda comes there and takes avatar in saree. Harsh tries to tell Rasik, but he doesn’t listen to him. Brinda throws colors on him, says you wanted to play with girls, want to color them. She then gives him shock with her hand.

She then holds him in air high and asks him to see how his sin pot breaks. She leaves him. He falls in the holi water tub and shouts. Everyone hears him and rushes there. Ira asks what has happened to my son. Rasik asks him to open his eyes. Dev asks them not to panic and presses on his chest to pump his heart. Brinda thinks I would have never tried to kill an innocent guy, but I did this as he killed Nayantara. She thinks she will kill all his brothers. Dev finds her earrings there and looks at Brinda.

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