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Married Again 8 June 2022: Bhavani (Pari) is taunted by buaji that gayatri got such beautiful daughter in laws in the hope that you would maintain the peace and harmony of the house.But everytime some or the other one creates a problem causing disturbance in the family. Saying so,she leaves.Vidhi pacifies her saying that its her habit to taunt one of them always and keep this tradition of the mother in law taunting the daughter in laws alive.She says but there was some truth in what she said,as she has seen much in her life and therefore what she says,they shouldn’t mind rather try and take it positively.

Married Again 7 June 2022

And she hopes that soon Bhavani would be declared innocent since pankaj as her lawyer and the whole family will stand by her with their support.Arti sees that she forgot to return shobha her phone.She intercepts an incoming call,but before she can say anything,she hears prashant’s voice saying as if he’s talking to shobha,that he should stay away from them for some days since he doesn’t want to alarm arti again.Also he is very scared that arti might know the truth that they have been hiding from her and their jig would be up in front of her.Arti is shocked to hear this. When prashant keeps looking for e response,she simply cancels the phone and deduces that it means that prashant and shobha are hiding something together from her and doesn’t understand what’s happening.

Yash too comes in and says that he too doesn’t understand what’s happneing.And he decides to call up shobha to complain about arti and also to talk to Ansh who he is missing.But arti tells him its past eleven and they would be asleep.Knowing the time,he asks arti to leave all work and get some rest as the doctor had to to keep track of right food and right sleep at the right times.He gets her to bed and puts her to sleep.She is troubled and hence awake.He asks her whose phone was it that she was so troubled.She is about to says something when he asks her to keep lying down and give her all of her tensions and troubles.Finally she dozes off while he smilingly watches.

Location: Yash’s house
The next morning,gayatri gives all the three daughter in laws’ jewellery to wear for the occasion and sense arti lost in her thoughts.However she receives the gift,that gayatri got especially made for her so that yash cant take his eyes off her.Arti asks for some time to go visit her mother as she is continuously reminded of prashant’s words.Buaji who was fuming that arti got the necklace that she had been eyeing for herself for years,takes this opportunity to taunt her on wanting to go to her place leaving her in laws’ on today of all days and that she doesn’t care about the respect of her in laws.

Gayatitoo explains to her that buaji is right and that she should not ask today for a permission and she can go tomorrow.Arti reluctantly agrees.Prashant comes home with dubeyji coughing.Shobha hugs him and expresses concern for him about his whereabouts last night.He says not to bother about him and he had called up too but nobody responded after hearing what he said.Dubeyji tells him that she has misplaced her phone while taking Ansh to the doctor yesterday.He then asks her to make some food for prashant who they sense is looking around for ansh with a gift bag in his hand.He is told that he has gone ot school and prashant shows them the gift that he has got for ansh and thinking that he would never be happy when he sees it.

Dubeyand shobha look at each other with emotional helplessness.While vidhi and Bhavani have finished,arti is getting henna done on her hands when Gayatri walks in and commends everybody on their b’ful hand dressed with mehndi patterns.She gives the mehndi wali a shagun and sends her off.She then goes on to say that the world rightfully says that she is fortunate to have such cultured,simple and well mannered daughter in laws.and hopes that nobody gets in the way of their happiness.She then asks them to start prepping up for the puja in the evening.Arti while getting up experiences a shapr pain in her back and cant get up.

gayatriimmediately calls yash who is awkward when asked to carry her to the room,arti too is embarrassed wile the other ladies are enjoying,Arti tries to get up herself to show she’s alright but in vain and this forces gayatri to reprimand yash to get out of his shyness and help.he sweeps her off his feet and carries her in his arms and takes her to the room while she looks at him with loving eyes.Gayatri looks at the love between them and asks god to keep their relation intact.Prashant is waiting impatiently for ansh to return home having placed his gift on the table.when he hears his voice calling,he hides behind the pillar and as usual ansh sees the gift and opens it to find a beautiful aeroplane inside like the one he wanted.

Heassumes his father got it fo her and shouts out that he loves his pap,which gets prashant veryemotional.When he goes out to play with it,prashant comes out of his hiding ad tells dubeyji that for the first time in his life,he understood the father-son relationship.He recalls that in lalitpur hospital,ansh had innocently told him that when his father was away,he used to write letters asking for books and toys.And its fate’s sense of humour or his punishment that he has to give gifts to his own son secretly.He regrets that he hadnt let his own family slip from his hands to become someone else’s.Pankaj says, why do women get importance always on all occasions? Wives too sometimes should bring clothes for their husbands and ask them to get ready.

Yash agrees with Pankaj. Prateik says, I am just happy because I think Bhavani will look even more beautiful today and if I could then, I would celebrate such festivals of husband-wife type every day. Yash says to Prateik, I understand your feelings.. and on that he says a shayri: “wo ishq hi kya jismein tadpan na ho, wo ulfat hi kya jismein jalan na ho, parvana shama pe jalke fanaa hone mein hi khush hota hai” (translates to something like .. what’s that love in which there is no pain, where there is no jealously, 3rd line i don’t get). Both brothers are impressed with Yash shayri. Prateik says in shayri tone as well that Aarti made Yash a aashiq (lover).

All brothers are laughing and having fun. And they see their wives now who are in Karva-Chauth saaree. They cannot take their eyes away from them. Yash’s parents come there and they see how all couples are staring at each other and they have smile on their faces as well. All brothers are approaching to their wives and in middle Yash’s father asks them, are you guys going outside anywhere? All three brothers are so lost that they say that they are going out to eat different food. This brings laugh on their wives faces. Yash’s father then says, but the door to go outside is behind you. All three brothers then blame each other for this mess.

Yash’s father then tells them to go and eat whatever they want. He says, when it was my time.. I was also like this. Gayatri gets shy and runs away from there. Yash’s father also leaves from there leaving three couples alone. Vidhi then says, we have lots of work to do and all wives leave as well.On the other hand, Prashant is playing with Ansh. Shobhaji comes there and says, i am going to temple for Karva-Chauth’s pooja. She tells Prashant’s father to take care of him and Ansh. However, Ansh and Prashant ask Prashant’s father to go as well. Prashant’s parents leave. Ansh tells Prashant that he’s hungry.

Prashant asks him, what do you want to eat? Ansh says, mum’s noodles. In excitement, Prashant first says, I taught your mother how to make noodles. Ansh asks, how is that possible? Prashant then says, I meant I can make better noodles than your mumma. They go in kitchen to make noodles.Back to Yash’s house, a guest tells Gayatri… you’re so lucky.. not one but you got 3 nice bahus. Buaji is listening that and gets annoyed. She says, everyone sees sons and bahus.. but what about Scindia family’s daughter? Outside ladies came and running this house.. and me? whole day prayers.

Yash has a camera in his hand and he is secretly recording Aarti’s videos only. He moves his camera wherever Aarti goes and when Aarti looks at him, he pretends as if he’s recording something else. Suddenly Aarti disappears and comes in front of the Yash’s camera. Yash says, I was just checking decoration. Aarti asks, so how is it? Yash says, very good. Aarti says, I know everything.. whom you recording.. everything. Yash doesn’t know what to say. Aarti then tells him, I think bauji was right.. you should go outside and……. ‘thori hawah kha leni chahiye’ (have some wind). She laughs and runs away from there. Yash also has smile on his face.

Gayatri starts the title song of “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum”. All ladies being Karva-Chauth rituals and they do pooja.All three bahus then dance on “Bol Chudiya Bol Kangana” song from same movie. Prateik and Panjak then join their wives. Yash is just video recording as of now and secretly looking at Aarti. Aarti looks at him and laughs.Prateik and Pankaj bring Yash in the center now. Bhavani and Vidhi bring Aarti in the center. Both are just staring at each other. Vidhi takes camera from Yash’s hands. Aarti then goes around Yash n does Karva-Chauth rituals. Aarti is leaving, but her saaree gets stuck in Yash’s watch.

Back to Prashant’s house. They eat noodles and then Prashant’s condition get critical. He starts coughing and falls on the floor. Ansh first calls at Yash’s house, but no one is picking it up. Buaji finally comes and picks up but by then Ansh has already hung up. Panjak gives Yash’s phone to Aarti and goes somewhere. Ansh then tries on Yash’s number and Aarti receives it. Ansh asks her to come to Sobhaji’s house as soon as possible. He says, my dost uncle fell on the floor and he is not saying anything. Aarti gets shocked knowing Prashant is there.

Arti gets a call from ansh telling her to come soon at his place as his new friend has collapsed and both nana nanai have gone to the temple for puja and he is alone.She tells that she would come and cancels the phone.She wonders what is Prashant doing at shobha’s place.She ask prateik about yash and he jokes of him having gone to get her a gift he asks her why is she so tensed but she makes an excuse and leaves.In her haste,she collides into vidhi who too reprimands her teasingly not to be so impatient and wait for yash to show up.Arti decides that she shouldn’t wait for yash as ansh is her priority right now.and she leaves but palak and payal see her leaving.

While the ladies are beginning to get ready fo the puja,gayatri asks for arti from vidhi but is told by the kids instead that they saw her leaving and both of them are puzzled as to where she could have gone.Arti reaches to her house and is shocked to see prashant lying on the floor with blood in his mouth.Ansh is very scared as to what happened to him,She calms him down saying that they would take him to the hospital.Gayatri finds yash calling up arti but not getting a response.Increasingly getting pressure from other married ladies to begin the puja,vidhi and Bhavani handle them while she comes to yash for an update.They are all tensed as to where she could have gone leaving the puja and buaji finds the perfect opportunity to taunt her about her blind faith on arti’s responsibility and maturity.

Location: In the hospital
The doctor checks up prashant and tells her to hurry up in getting the prescribed medicine or anything might happeen.she is alarmed and leaving ansh there only she goes to the med.when the bill comes up to be 70,400,she wonders why such costly medicines,the chemist tells her that they are costly because its for the fatal disease,blood cancer.She remembers ansh being on the oncologist floor,the phone call prashant mad,dubeyji faking ansh’s stomach ache and is very upset.when told by the nurse to hurry up,she gives in her credit card,which is declined dueto a connection fault,she gives her gold bangles in lieu of the medicines,which the chemist agrees after much persuasion.

Sheis shocked when the chemist laments from behind that she is an fortunate woman to be fighting to save her husband’s life on today’s festival.Meanwhile buaji continues with spewing angry for arti and blaming her for such irresponsible behaviour. Even after repeated instances by yash to start the pujaa as they are hungry since morning,the bahus refuse to do it without arti.Buaji reminds gayatri,when finally she agrees to start the puja on suraj’s insistence,that she had wanted to go to her mother’s place and even after refusing she went anyways on this day when she should have been with yash,she is still pining away for her dead husband.Gayatri tells her to stop whick irks her and she leaves.Yash asks gayatri to go ahead with others while he searches for arti and gets her back.

Location: In the hospital
Arti is pacing inprashant’s ward thinking about what to do since she cant contact her parents due to insufficient network and also she left her phone at home only so cant call yash too.While she is thinking prashant opens his eyes and calls out for her.She awkwardly ask her about his health,and how did this happen.He laments maybe its the punishment to his mistakes in life.SHe goes on ask him about his second wife and is told that she left him when he needed her the most just like he had when Aarti needed her the most.Arti tells him to stop thinking about the past as it only causes pain.He also laments on their son getting the same habit as his of talking in his sleep.And tells her that he realises he lost everything he had by his own hand.He is about to talk more but starts coughing.

She gives him water and his hand clasps around her hand wrapped around the glass while drinking.He notices this and she too realises.

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