Lost in Love update Thursday 9 June 2022

Lost in Love 9 June 2022: Virat tells Sai that he needs to speak to her something important. Sai asks why he always wants to speak something important when she is studying, if its regarding him giving rose to Pakhi, it doesn’t matter to her. He asks how did Pakhi know that he gave her flowers. She says she doesn’t know and Aayi must have. He asks if she informed Aayi about it. She says Aayi saw their pics in her mobile and if he got his answer, can she get back to her studies. He says let him complete first. She asks what. He says Lakadh trip. She says she doesn’t mind him going with Pakhi to Ladakh. He says he is not going for a vacation. She says she knows Pakhi is sad after Samrat went missing and family wants him to go on a sight seeing with Pakhi to cheer her up as a best friend, so she doesn’t mind at all. He says let us do something different and let him speak as he knows its difficult to be silent and let him speak. She asks if he thinks only she speaks. He says he is taking Pakhi for official work and wants even her to accompany them, he knows her studies would be affected though. She says if he knows, why is he forcing her. She asks why she is finding excuses not to go.

She says because everyone will blame her and why is he forcing her to accompany them. He says he will feel good if she accompanies him. She nods okay. He says since its a short tri, she can pack his clothes in her bag. She smilingly nods okay. Virat walks to terrace and seeing Pakhi there asks if everything is fine. Pakhi asks he should say what is happening, why did he made a drama of giving flowers and chocs to family on valentine’s day. He says he already told that he wasn’t celebrating Valentine’s day was just cheering up family to show that everyone care for each other. She asks whom did he show his concern in Sai’s college by gifting roses to Sai. Virat says there was a harassment case at Sai’s college, so he had gone there as a police officer and not Sai’s husband. She says an IPS officer took roses to his wife to investigate case. He says he didn’t expect her to be so insensitive being a literate, Sai’s friends insisted him to give roses to Sai; he was just sharing happiness and didn’t do anything wrong if he gave roses to Sai, her, and other family members; a person’s happiness doubles if he tries to be happy in others’ happiness.

She says when there is no happiness in her life, how will it double.Next morning, Sai reaches college where Pulkit meets her and says he heard her husband had come to college. She says he had come regarding a case here. He says he heard he is very progressive and helps her a lot. She says he is bad but on a wrong way. He asks her to explain. She says he takes her of her a lot like her Aaba/father, but he loves someone else and they always fight. He says if he reminds her of her father, he is a good man and she is acting like a kid like her 8-year-old daughter Harini. She says her husband also consider her a kid as she likes candy floss and flowers. He laughs and says he forgot her husband’s name. She says ACP Virat Chavan. He stands shocked and repeats Chavan family and goes into flashback where Devi informs her that she is DCP Nagesh Chavan’s daughter. Out of flashback, he thinks if Sai is related to Devi.

Devi walks towards door holding her toy when Bhavani stops her and orders Ninad and Omkar to stop her. They run and catch her. Bhavani yells where is she going getting ready like a chudail/witch. Devi says she is going to meet her husband. Virat enters and hears their conversation. Bhavani orders Pakhi and Saloni to drag her to her room. Devi resists. Virat walks to her and asks her to go to her room while he convinces family. She agrees and leaves. Ashwini says they need to find a solution for this problem soon. Bhavani walks away yelling that they will not discuss about it again.Pakhi walks to Virat’s room and says she needs to talk to him. Sai hearing that tries to leave room. Pakhi asks where is she going. Sai says she doesn’t want to disturb them and Pakhi may feel disturbed and may not plan well with Virat.

Pakhi asks what kind of planning. Virat says if she is going because of this, she is thinking wrong and insulting Sai. Pakhi says if she is cooking up weird ideas, then she is wrong. Sai tries to speak. Virat asks them to stop. Sai returns to her chair.Pakhi asks if she should book their tickets as he would be busy in office work. Virat says he will do it. She says as he likes and reminds to keep his warm clothes. He says okay and asks to collect all the important documents and keep them with her and leave rest to him. Sai thinks why didn’t Virat tell Pakhi about her accompanying them. Pakhi asks Virat to give his clothes to her as she will keep them in her bag. Sai says he will not give her anything as she will pack his bag. Pakhi says she forgot that she is Virat’s wife and will pack his bag. Sai asks why shouldn’t she. Virat stops her and tells Pakhi that he will manage.

Sai thinks again why is he not informing Pakhi about her accompanying them. Pakhi asks Virat if she should pack extra clothes if they can stay for 2-3 days more for sight seeing. Virat says he is going for Samrat’s official work and may not feel like doing anything else. She says it holds good for him as he is Samrat’s brother, but she never knew him well either before or after marriage, but if he thinks so, she is fine. Sai asks him why don’t he fulfill Pakhi’s wish and take her for sight seeing. Pakhi asks Virat to explain his wife that they are going on an official trip. Virat says he will. Sai says he should tell Pakhi that he is nothing to her and doesn’t mind if he goes with Pakhi or anyone else.

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