Naagin update Tuesday 26 July 2022

Naagin 26 July 2022: Episode starts with Veer coming to Bani and pulls cloth from her face. He says beautiful and gorgeous and asks who permit you to look so beautiful and says he has to put restrictions on her. He says you have lost the challenge. Bani says I will go from here. He says you are still in my house. She says you are very misbehaving guy. He says whatever I am, I am yours. He says you will not meet this dhaba wale in these clothes, you are looking very beautiful. Jai comes there and sees Veer taking bani inside his house. He takes Bani to room and finds Meera there. He asks so this was gharwali’s plan and asks Meera if she hates him too. Bani says she will not answer you. Veer calls someone and asks to drop Bani’s sister home safely. He says bye to Meera. Meera tells Veer that nothing can get by force, but can be snatched. He says you will get it, but lose it too. Meera leaves. Veer hears her and leaves Bani. Bani says you have listened to Meera di so soon. He says I want you to realize your feelings for me.

Bani says I hate you very much. Veer says there is a thin line between hatred and love. Their moments are shown.He says your sight is on me, you will cross the line and will become mad after me. He says give your life’s one day to me…Bani. Bani says this will never happen and asks him to leave her. He says I didn’t stop you, you had stopped yourself. He asks if she will listen to him and accept the challenge. Dil Ibaadat plays…..She is about to go. Veer says I will change my saying. Bani says so you will tell that I will not love you. He says you are already in love with me. He says ouch. Bani asks what happened to you? He says you will confess your feelings to me in the next 24 hours. He says you are day dreaming. He says you come in my dream. Jai comes there and pulls Bani to the room. Bani asks what are you doing here? Jai says I have hidden my naag smell for sometime and asks her to come out, says he has a plan.

Jai is shocked to know that Veer will make her confess her love for him. He says so you will confess. Bani asks he is an eagle, what are you saying? He asks her to take her to barudi jungle and tells that the tunnel starts from near the peepal tree. Bani says we can’t do this as I can’t kill him before he attacks me. Jai asks her to take him there and then Veer will die in blast. Bani says many snakes will die this way. Jai promises to save the eagles. Bani agrees to help him and says she will kill him much before the tunnel and goes. Jai thinks the tunnel starts much before and Veer will die eventually. He says I have other plan for you.Veer comes infront of Jai’s car and asks him if he would have killed him if he had known that it is him. Jai says yes, but I can’t kill you until you attack me. Veer asks why didn’t you tell Bani about me. Jai says this is the matter between two men. Veer says you are two faced snake. He says even you met Bani on the same day as I and then you decided to marry her. Jai says even you was after her. Veer says Bani and I have strong connection. Jai says Bani is in my heart. Veer asks him to tell his motive? He asks him to go away from bani’s house so that she gives attention on him. Jai laughs on him. Veer tells that he has seen how he tried to push Bani to the pool and then hurt her. He says you don’t love her and says I hate icchadhari nags. Jai asks what about naagin. Veer says both. He asks him to stay away from Bani. Jai sits in the car and says bani hates flowers and you.

Mayuri tells Shukla that she is upset with Jai for his doings. Veer takes Bani to the decorated terrace. She tells that she is not that kind of girl who will get wooed by the gifts, decorations and champagne. Veer laughs. Bani gets tensed, when Veer releases air bubbles in air. Bani thinks he is Shakura and asks him to stop it. She keeps hand on her ears, closes her eyes and shouts Shakura..Veer stops laughing and pulls her near. Bani touches his finger and finds the ring. Veer says I am your Viranshu and not Shakura. Bani says you are Veer. Dil Ibadat plays…..Veer hugs her to pacify her. He says you have to bear so much because of that Shakura and asks how did you come to know that it is me now. Bani says you are wearing my ring and breaks the hug. He claps for her observation. She asks why are you doing this. He says I was hugging my wife and pacifying her. He throws the bubbles machine and says you hugged me in an hour. Bani says I didn’t hug you. Veer asks her to hug him now. Bani asks him to stop. Veer says lets celebrate. She says don’t drink as she gets drowsy after a drink. Veer says it is not champagne, but water, clear and clean like my love. She keeps the glass. Veer shows the papers. She asks if this is Property papers and gets angry on him. Veer thinks how to make her understand.

Later, Bani gets a message asking if she is ready to kill the eagle. She goes out of the room. Shukla comes there and says a courier came for you, bahu ji. Bani says I don’t want anything from your hand and tells that she will tell his truth to everyone in the house. Shukla says you tell everyone about me and I will tell Veer about your truth. She takes the box from Shukla and he goes. Bani opens the box and finds the earrings. Jai is on call and tells that she can hear him wearing this, as he is wearing the same stone ring. Veer comes there. Jai asks her to take him to pahadi. Veer notices the earrings and says I will bring my choice of earrings to you. Veer asks her to come to pahadi to surprise her. Bani says she had gone there with her father. He asks her to change her earrings. Jai thinks to inform Shukla and Mayuri and thinks Veer’s surprised will be ruined.

Bani and Veer are in the car. He says you didn’t wear other earrings and stops the car. Bani says this is not the jungle. Jai asks her to drive and take him to pahadi. Veer tells Bani that he was a flirt before he met her, but he loved only her. He says you are the only girl who doesn’t like me, didn’t talk to me properly, but I want you to like me as you are honest, and clean hearted girl. He says I had to become truthful like and don’t want to hide anything from you. He says I want to tell you all truth about myself. Jai thinks what is he doing? Veer says today Viranshu Singhania will tell you who is he, he is not a human, but an eagle. Cheel Cheel song plays…..He gets feathers and he flies in air. Jai is shocked and says he is showing his truth to you. Bani says cheel..Veer tells bani that this is his truth. He says I will not harm you and says you can ask me anything. Bani asks why did you bring me here, you said that this place is special for you. Veer says you didn’t feel hatred for me, you didn’t shout or pulled my feathers. Jai asks Bani to shout and tells that she feels disgusted with him.

Veer tells Bani that this place is special for her as he flied for the first time from here as a child and fell down. He says he got stitches also. Jai asks bani to go from there. Veer asks Bani to come and says he wants to show her something else too. Jai takes out the ring and calls Mayuri asking her to ask Shukla to go to the pahadi. Veer tells Bani that she didn’t react seeing his truth.Jai wears rings and calls Bani. He asks her to cough to reply to him. He asks if they reach the pahadi and asks if she saw the big tree. She coughs repeatedly while answering him. Veer says if she is not feeling well then they can return home. Jai asks bani not to return home. Bani asks her to show what he wanted. Veer takes her to barudi pahaad and says this is barudi jungle. He says I used to practice here when I found that I can fly. He says I used to fly here, fly up and fell down many times. He says that day when I was practicing here, a blast happened, which I had never seen or heard. He tells that the blast happened in the sky and then I heard a scream of a girl who shouted for help. He says he became eagle for the first time and saved the girl. He then saw a little boy falling down and ran to save him.

He says after saving the guy, I ran to the girl, but she was not there. He says that girl was so cute Bani, I couldn’t apologize to that girl and I hurt her unintentionally as he held her using his claws. He says I even hurt the boy, but didn’t feel much bad, as I was a little boy too and was confused about how did they fell from the sky? He says later he came to know about the Aeroplane crash. Bani recalls and realizes both Jai and her were rescued by Veer. She thinks she brought him to kill him, who had saved her in childhood.

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