Barrister Bahu update Wednesday 27 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 27 July 2022: Episode starts with Bondita saying its heavy. Trilochan asks her to rotate the wheel and work hard. She puts the wheat and tries to rotate the wheel. Anirudh calls a doctor. He says come soon, Saudamini fell unconscious, don’t know how she fell down, just come and check her. He checks Saudamini’s temperature. Bihari apologizes to Bondita. Anirudh cares for Saudamini. Bondita grinds the wheat and gets tired. She says Trilochan would get upset if I stop, then he won’t let me study. Somnath asks Anirudh not to worry, doctor treated Saudamini, she is fine. He asks him to come and have food. Anirudh says I can’t have food until she gets fine, is there anyone to take care of her, she is alone at home, Dida went to ashram, her dad went on business tour, she needs me. Bondita gets tired. Somnath says I will get coffee for you. He gets the coffee.

Somnath asks do you still love her. Anirudh asks can anyone take her place in my heart, never, I love her a lot. Somnath smiles. Bondita gets the flour finally. She kneads it. She starts making puris. Trilochan asks her to practice every day. She tries again. Trilochan asks her to ignite the stove. She fries the puris. Anirudh says but love doesn’t mean the same thing, Kaka loves his Dharm, dad loves his business, love isn’t just between husband and wife, its also there between friends, that’s why I love Mini as a friend, Mini and I are childhood friends, we have been together, there are many memories, can I forget that love and memories, our love didn’t get the destination we wanted, I love her, she will always be my friend.

Bondita prepares the chunri for the idol and prays. Trilochan gets glad. He asks Maa to forgive Bondita, she is new here and doing for the first time. He asks Bondita not to do mistake again, bhog should be tasty, Luchi should be round, you have to learn a lot. Saurabh says master ji has come, its time to study, Anirudh said so. Trilochan says I will go with Munshi to see my land. He goes. Bondita asks how does master ji look. Saurabh asks her not to worry. He laughs hearing her. He says he got a chart as well. She asks when will we have chaat. He says charts, that’s put on the walls, it will ease your studies. She says you mean studies are tough. He says no, its not that tough, somewhat tough for girls, Anirudh is barrister, he likes to do tough things. She says yes, he looks bitter, but he makes everything fine. Bihari comes to call her. He says master ji called you, else he won’t teach you. Saurabh says if he leaves, Anirudh will be angry, do you want him to get upset. She signs no. She shouts I m coming and runs. Bihari says she would be so tired. Master ji gets up to leave. She comes to him and apologizes to him. He turns to see her. He asks why do you want to study. She says I don’t want to study, Anirudh wants me to study. He asks what’s your life goals. She says to have sweets every day, that’s my goal. Bihari laughs.

He questions her. She says I wish my mum stays happy and loves me. He gets angry.Master ji saying I m pleased that you told the truth. He asks Bondita to sit, they will start studies. Bihari says he is a good man, Anirudh gave her in rights hands. Saudamini wakes up and says Anirudh. Anirudh takes care of her. He asks her to have milk. He says you fell near the bell, do you know what happened. She says don’t know, I felt dizzy and got unconscious, I wasn’t seeing anything. Master ji shows the slate and books.He asks Bondita to touch the book to her forehead. He starts teaching her. He asks her to write carefully. He keeps his stick there. Bondita gets scared and thinks don’t know where is Anirudh. Anirudh says Master ji would have come, I will come in some time. Saudamini acts and stops him. She thinks you can’t go to Bondita. Bondita tries to write. She asks will I get punished. Master ji says no, I forgive students for the first mistaken, you write again. She smiles. She writes again. He says its wrong again. She feels hurt. He asks her not to make mistake again. He scares her by beating on her hand. She thinks my mind isn’t working, where is Anirudh.

Anirudh says its Bondita’s first day of learning, Somnath will be here. Saudamini says yes, she will get courage, I will pray that she learns well. Master ji scolds Bondita.He says I have a mantra to teach you a lesson, this stick. She cries. Saudamini acts again. Anirudh says let me see. She says go to Bondita for my sake, Somnath is here to take care of me. He says you are really nice, Bondita’s Pari didi, I will just come. Bondita says I don’t want to study. She runs away. Saudamini asks Somnath to get water. Somnath goes. She gets up from the bed and goes to make a phone call. Binoy answers. She says thank God, you picked the call, I have to tell something. She tells him. He smiles.He says you have done good work, what a plan, you are a good player, I thought of it and you are more better, amazing. Bondita waits for Anirudh. She says I will tell him that master ji is not good, he beats me. Anirudh comes home and hears her cry.

Binoy comes to master ji and says your student has run away without learning anything. Master ji smiles. He says Saudamini fulfilled her promise, you could have done this easily, why did she choose me. Binoy says we don’t make our hands dirty in little things, your work was good, you will get money for it, you teach her the same way that she gets scared by the name of studies, she should hate studies, she should get adamant that she doesn’t want to study.Anirudh comes to Bondita. She asks where were you, I have to tell something, I don’t want to study. He asks why. She says I don’t like to study, master ji is bad. He asks what happened. She says he has beaten me with stick, its hurting a lot. She shows her hands. He asks how dare he does this, I will talk to him. He hears some sound and runs to see. She also goes to see. He sees master ji tied up. He asks who did this with you. Everyone comes there. He frees Master ji.Master ji signs towards Bondita. Anirudh and everyone get shocked. She signs no. Anirudh says you mean Bondita has done this, a little girl can do all this, will anyone believe you. Trilochan asks how is this possible. Binoy says let us know from master ji. Anirudh asks why, Bondita told me that master ji has beaten her with the stick. Master ji says no, its a lie, how can I dare to beat her. Anirudh asks how do I believe you are saying the truth.Master ji asks why will I lie, I have come to teach her but she is very mischievous, she has tied me up. Binoy smiles. Bondita thinks he is lying to Anirudh.

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