Naagin update Monday 25 July 2022

Naagin 25 July 2022: Episode starts with Veer telling Veer telling Bani that he has promised himself that he will not let her meet that dhaba wala for the next 24 hours. Bani says she will out of the singhania Mansion. He challenges her that she will confess her love to him in 24 hours.

16 hours before

Bani asks will you not ask me where did it go? He says you will lie to me. Bani says I didn’t move it. Veer says I don’t want to know and tells that he is tired of confessing his love to her and says one day you will accept that this is love. He says goodnight. They sleep on the bed. Jai looks at the liquid in his hand and smiles, he pours it in the pool water. Its vapour/ smell goes to Bani and hypnotizes her. She wakes up from sleep, her eyes turn red and she starts walking. She asks herself to stop her and says there is nothing. But she gets controlled by the smell and comes out. Jai thinks when Veer comes there and sees Aadinaagin then he will come to kill Bani, and then my wish will be fulfilled.

Bani comes there. Jai says Bani. Bani says she had to come here due to the smell and is under the hypnotizing effect. Jai asks her to jump in the pool. She is about to jump inside, but Jai stops her and asks her to sit, lie down and stop her breath. She stops her breath. Jai thinks I can kill you right away, but that eagle will kill me. He asks her to get up and tells that she is attracted towards him. She says the same thing. Jai asks Bani to attack Veer when he comes there and asks her to kill him. He asks her to shout. Bani shouts Veer. Veer wakes up from sleep and comes out. He sees Jai and Bani very close to each other. Jai tells in his heart asking Bani to pick the knife and act to stab himself. Bani picks the knife and tells that she will cut her wrist. She says she wants to be with Jai and tells that she wants to die. Jai thinks Veer attacked Bani and kill her. Jai gets angry. Bani is about to leave. Jai hides. Bani comes out of the hypnotizing effect and sees knife in Veer’s hand. She asks if he was trying to harm her. Veer says no and says you called me and I came here hearing your voice, you was in Jai’s embrace. He says you said that you hate me and want to die. Bani gets under the influence again and pierces knife in her hand. Veer gets shocked and throws the knife afar. Bani then asks him if he tried to harm her. Veer is shocked.

Bani says she will prefer to die rather than be with him. Jai comes to Mayuri and keeps hand on her mouth. He asks her to listen.Mayuri comes to Ponky and asks him to get up. Ponky realizes that Mayuri attacked him. Mayuri asks him when will he marry her? Ponky says never. Jai scares him as an snake and then human. Mayuri acts to protect him. Jai says until you are with him, I can’t kill him. Ponky asks Mayuri to marry him. Mayuri asks him to forget everything happening here and hypnotizes him.Veer tells Bani that she was hypnotized by Jai and was saying what she will never say in her consciousness. He tells that Bani Sharma is courageous and will never say those words.

Bani recalls Veer’s words and thinks to meet Jai. Veer covers her with shawl and says I didn’t touch you. She says you will not meet that dhaba wala and says you will not step out in 24 hours. Bani says she will go out in the next 24 hours and will meet Jai. She challenges him and tells that he will see her meeting Jai and can’t bear. Veer asks her to get angry on him, but don’t bear the cold as he feels hurt. Bani turns to go inside. Dil ibadat song plays….
Mayuri tells Veer that the other Veer was also handsome. She announces that Ponky is ready for marry her. Bani comes there. Mayuri says I was telling Veer that other Veer was also hot. Bani says he was like your type, dil maange more type and that’s why he was not my type. Veer says ouch. He tells that Bani can’t go out. Bani says it is not yet 24 hours and goes inside. She calls Meera and asks for her help. Meera asks her not to harm herself and says thank god, Veer saved you from Shakura. Bani tells that she is sending her dancers’ numbers and says she needs their help.

Ponky tells that Mayuri will be with her in the bachelor’s party. He asks if she will save her? Mayuri says yes. Monil says he didn’t call the dancers. Dancers come there. Meera is one among them and tells that they need time to get ready. Tapish asks them to get ready.Veer asks Bani to come to party to keep eye on her. He says I know that you say that you have no feelings for me, but there is a difference in saying and feeling it. Bani asks him to go and do whatever he wants. Veer says I had forgotten about this marriage sign and looks at the ring. Meera talks to Bani and tells that she is keeping bag under the table. Shukla sees it. Tapish asks Veer what is going on between Bani and him. He asks did they fight? Veer says their fight is going on and on because of Jai. Tapish asks about Teer’s murderer. Veer says the killer is not Bani, but one among us. Shukla signs Mayuri and when she comes to him. He tells her that Bani’s sister is one among the dancers and they are planning something. Mayuri asks her to call Bani down. She asks him to keep an eye on her. The dancers start dancing along with Meera. Bani comes there and secretly and takes the bag from the table. Balwant signs Shukla. Shukla thinks he might want to ask about Kaal Ganak, how to tell him that I showed him fake Kaal Ganak. Mayuri and Shukla see her. Mayuri thinks I will help her to make her leave.

Bani gets ready as a dancer and thinks today veer will see how she goes from here and waits for dance to stop. Ponky asks the dancers to dance again. Mayuri thinks she will help Aadinaagin and tells that they don’t need to dance as I will dance now. Mashaallah Mashaallah plays…..Mayuri dances around Veer. Meera comes to the room. Bani asks her to change her clothes and gives her saree. Meera comes wearing Bani’s saree. Bani asks her not to worry and tells that she will meet come and jai. She asks her to go to Veer if she feels any danger and tells that he will become her shield and protect her. Meera asks do you realize what you has just said.She says you said that he is your big enemy and telling that I will be safe with him. Bani says I knew that…Meera says Veer had helped me before and slapped his brother for me. She says things are changing and he might be changing too. Bani asks her to focus and tells that she has to leave. Meera asks her to take care. Bani is leaving. Mayuri tries to divert Veer and dances around him. Jai watches Bani leaving in his mobile and thinks once she comes out, I will take her away from Veer. Mayuri gets a message and thinks Jai has come. Bani is about to go out from the gate when Veer comes and stops her. Bani says her dance is finished and she is leaving. Veer says he can identify her dance even if he is dead. He takes out cloth from her cheeks.

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