Naagin update Wednesday 27 July 2022

Naagin 26 July 2022: Episode starts with Veer telling about the flight logo. Bani says it was blue star in the red circle. Veer says yes, correct. Bani asks do you remember the date. He says yes, 3rd November. Bani says she had read about it. Bani tells Jai through the earrings that they were saved by Veer. He asks did you say something. Bani says no. She walks behind him and reminisces their moments. She continues to walk and recalls his words. She recalls how he protected her and called her half part of him. She tells Jai that Veer was that person. She says Viranshu gave us a life and saved us. Jai asks her not to fall in his words and remember what he said that he had injured her in childhood. He says Veer has attacked you at first, now you can kill him, no need to provoke him. Bani is still looking at Viranshu. Shukla comes there and tells Jai that they are about to reach the tunnel. Jai gets happy and says just as Veer steps on the tunnel, it will blast and he will die, if not due to blast then he will be killed by the poisonous snakes.

Jai tells Bani that the tunnel is near and asks her to let him go there and step on it. Veer goes near the tree and asks Bani to hug him. He asks her to relax and not to be serious. he says he was not try to impressed her, as she is already impressed by him. Jai asks Bani to let him go. Veer says lets go and talk some romantic things. He steps on the tunnel. Shukla thinks just one step and my lovely Veer Baba….will go. Bani tells Jai that he had told her that the tunnel is still far. Jai says let that Veer die. Veer steps on the bomb and it blasts. Bani runs and saves him. They step on the bombs while running holding each other hands and they blast. They manage to reach the car. Veer makes Bani sit in the car. Bani asks him to sit in car fast. tere sang pyaar me…plays….

The green snakes comes out of the tunnel and stop seeing them leaving. Veer asks Bani if she is fine. He asks do you know that these snakes are enemies of eagles and asks her not to worry until she is with him. He says sweetheart..your way of seeing me has become different and says loved it.Jai fumes telling Mayuri and Shukla that Bani saved Veer and went with him. Mayuri says I called Shukla here and what we shall do when your Naagin ditched you and went. Jai shouts and brings them to eagle God. He tells that he will do a rasam today and wants a power today that nobody can kill him. He says today he will sacrifice an eagle and a peacock. Shukla asks Maarkaat to save him. Jai says I will kill you and not maarkaat. He throws something on Shukla. Maarkaat comes out of the statue and grabs Jai’s neck. She asks Jai to bring Aadinaagin there. Shukla and Mayuri run from there.

Jai calls Bani. Bani asks why did you call me? She tells that Mayuri convinced everyone for devimaa’s placement for navratri. Jai asks why did you save Veer? Bani says we were saved due to Veer. He says we got saved due to our powers. Bani tells that we didn’t have any powers then and we would have died that day. She says Veer didn’t do anything to you as I asked him not to harm you. Jai says he had attacked you then and now you can kill him. Bani tells that she don’t want to kill him and has postponed her decision for sometime. She asks him not to harm Veer and tells that this is Aadinaagin’s order and Aadinaag also can’t refuse.Veer brings Devimaa’s idol in his house and places it. Tapish tells balwant that their house has become home today. Balwant is upset with Veer. Veer sees Bani and says now we will do aarti. Mayuri says she will do aarti first and takes the aarti. Bani tells that she will do the aarti first being the elder bahu and devimaa has come to this house for the first time.

Veer asks Bani to light the diya and asks Mayuri to light the fire later. He calls her gharwali. Bani doesn’t say anything. He says you will strengthen my courage and tells that there is still time for 24 hours. He asks her to tell why did she save his life?Bani asks him to look at the Devi. Veer says I am looking at looks at Bani. They do the aarti together. Mayuri tells Ponky that she will bring Dandiya. She goes. Jai pulls her to side. Mayuri says sorry for running away from the cave. Jai asks what is the plan? Mayuri asks him to kill Veer if Bani not killing him. She tells that she will keep Bani engaged until she kills Veer. She says then she will…..Jai tells that Bani is his prey.

Veer asks Bani to dance with him for saving his life. She shows the dandiya and asks her to hold it, if not his hands. Shehnayi song plays…..They start dancing holding Dandiya sticks. Veer says there is nothing between us. Bani says yes, I am trying to make you understand this, we have nothing between us. He says you can dance in your style and I will dance in my style. He says until when you will be away from me, you know my truth. Bani thinks you don’t know my truth. She asks Tapish and Balwant to do dandiya dance. They all dance holding dandiya. Mayuri pushes Bani and pulls the curtains. Bani asks what is this misbehavior? Mayuri comes to her icchadhari peacock face and takes bani from there. Veer comes to the curtain and sees Bani, actually Jai has taken the avatar of Bani. Veer asks her to come. Jai as Bani stabs knife on Veer’s chest. Veer is shocked and asks what did you do? Jai/Bani asks him to ask why? She says you told me your truth, now it is my turn to tell you the truth. She asks how can an ordinary girl stay as an eagle’s wife, then get the answer. Mayuri takes Bani to room. Bani gets in her icchadhari naagin avatar and attacks Mayuru.

Mayuri attacks her. Bani counter attacks her. Mayuri gets her feathers. Bani falls down.Jai/Bani tells Veer that she is an icchadhari naagin. Veer says Bani. Bani hears his voice. Mayuri says your last day has come and tries to suffocate her. Bani falls down on the ground and thinks Viranshu is in danger. Mayuri holds Bani’s neck and asks her to get saved from her. Bani becomes half naagin and kicks Mayuri. Veer is still shocked and says Bani…you. Bani/Jai says I am not a human and becomes icchadhari naagin. He asks who are you? She says I am sarvashrest Aadinaagin. He regains all his past birth memory and recalls everything about Nageshwari, Hriday and Akesh. He calls her Nageshwari. Bani/Jai says I am Nageshwari, even in this yug, you will be killed by my hands. She/Jai wants towards Veer. Mayuri tells Bani that she can’t win from her and says I am peacock. Bani bites her and she falls down. Jai/Bani is about to stab Veer, when the real Bani comes to Veer and saves him, pushes the fake Bani/Jai. Veer walks towards her and says I remember everything now. Jai is about to stab Veer, but Bani pushes him. Jai becomes himself. Bani asks you have taken my avatar and…Balwant, Tapish and others come there.

Balwant asks what is happening? He asks who did this to Veer? Daksh looks at Jai and says see that snake. Ponky looks at Bani’s eyes and hides behind his dad. He says Bhabhi’s eyes. Bani’s skin get scaly. Balwant says so you are Naagin. Veer says she is Aadi naagin. Balwant gets shocked and says she is that….Chacha ji asks did you know about this? Veer says just now I came to know. He says when an imposter took you Satyug avatar, you couldn’t identify him. He says even Bani was fooled. Balwant tells that Aadinaagin is our enemy and asks others to kill her. Veer comes infront of her and says don’t do anything. Balwant says you are saving her. Veer says she is my wife and I can’t let anything happen to her. He asks them to kill Jai instead. Bani says if you touch Jai then you can’t think what will I do? She says I have killed many like you and will not leave you all. She takes her snaky tongue out. Veer says if Bani wants then everything will be peaceful. He says just now I regained everything and says you knew about it. He says do you remember how things changed in Satyug? Balwant tells that they will not patch up with them. Jai asks Bani to come with him. Veer says she is Bani, my wife and I will not let her go with you. Jai says he can’t leave her in danger. Veer says Bani is having danger from you and not from you. They decide about the competition to win her. Bani tells that she can take care of herself.

She says it will be her wish what to do and it will be her decision. Veer says I can’t let you go away from here. Bani says you said this even in Satyug and asks then what happened? She says she will return to repeat history. Jai becomes snake and leaves. Veer says whatever happened in Satyug, but in Kalyug, you saved my life. He says what is in your heart, is well known to you. She becomes snake and goes out. Balwant fumes. Jai tells Bani that she shall not go inside. Bani says she is not scared of anyone as she is Aadinaagin. She tells that they have punished the wrong ones and tells that their many snakes died in that yug, you got killed and I was cursed. She tells that everyone has to pay for it and will be punished. Jai asks what about Veer, if he deserves punishment? Bani says no.

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