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Naagin 9 June 2022: Episode starts with Brinda taking out collage of the family members pic and tells that Harsh went, now everyone of you will go. She says she will give them death one by one. Dev comes to the washroom and asks Brinda to open the door. She hides the collage and asks him why is he shouting? He shows the earring and asks what it was doing near the water tub. Brinda says it is mine, did you forget that I came out of water. He asks what are you doing here in my room? Brinda tells that this is her room also. He tells that he knows her well and says you ran with Rajat and was pregnant with his child. Brinda tells that she didn’t go with Rajat and was not pregnant. Dev tells that he became workaholic because of her, as his wife left him. His sister comes there and tells that Harsh is no more. Dev runs from there. brinda recalls killing her.

Vish comes to Nayantara/Shalaka and tells that brinda came back, tells that she killed Harsh and nobody got any proofs. She says everyone think that it is an accident. Nayantara tells that she will attack her without alarming her, says she has an idea and Brinda can’t do anything and can’t snatch Dev from her.Dev comes to room and tells Brinda that he is so excited and will spend night with her after a year. Brinda gets uncomfortable and asks him to go. Dev says he is expressing his love for his wife. Brinda asks did you do this with Shalaka. He asks what nonsense. Brinda’s hairs get stuck. He frees it. Jag Ghoomeya …song plays….He thinks of their moments. Just then Shalaka/Nayantara comes there and says sorry. Dev says actually…Nayantara says I trust you and goes. She asks him to get freshen up and says she will go to make dinner. Dev takes towel and goes. Nayantara asks Brinda what is she doing here? Brinda tells that she is Dev’s wife and is back. Nayantara says I am his wife and nobody can separate me from him, not even his runaway bride. Brinda says you don’t know what I can do with you. Nayantara says what you will do.

Brinda says I will kill you right away. Nayantara says I will not get threatened by you and will not leave my husband till my last breath. She says I will not run like you with a lover. Brinda says you had said enough and holds her high in the air, by holding her neck. Nayantara shouts as Brinda throws her out. She thinks she wanted her to do such a mistake so that she gets caught. She goes from there. Dev comes out and asks Brinda who had shouted? Brinda says your wife Shalaka. Dev says all my wives run away. Brinda says I am your wife. Dev says you will not get any place in my heart again, tells that he will stay silent and ignore her. He leaves. Brinda recalls Dev telling that he will give his name to his baby.

Nayantara asks the Servants to shift the sofa to other place. Ketki says she makes changes every time, may be she will change you. Nayantara tells Vrushali that she wants to do Muh dikhayi rasam as they couldn’t do. Ketki says just because our son died. Nayantara tells that 13 days have already passed. Vrushali asks her to go ahead. She tells that she has sent the invites to the guests and food is also ready. Vrushali asks her to go and says they will take care of remaining arrangements.Brinda comes to Lily and gives her photos. Lily gets emotional and thanks brinda for her help. Brinda tells that Swara has handled everything and says nobody shall know about it. She asks lily, how is she? Lily says I am just alive.

Brinda says whatever is happening is for good and asks her to think that Prateik was not suitable for you. She says this was our secret and will be between us. Vishaka hears from inside the glass mirror and thinks what is the secret?Rohan, Sparsh, Manas and others have the drink. Mily asks them not to drink. They ask Lily to try, but she refuses. Dev comes home. Baa tells him that today is Shalaka’s muh dikhayi. He says if Maa wants then I will take part in it. Baa says even brinda is here, I don’t want anything wrong happen. She asks him to go to Brinda and tell her not to come down. Dev nods yes. Brinda sees Shalaka sitting as a bride and thinks what is happening? Dev says today is my wife’s muh dikhayi rasam. Brinda says I am your wife and asks if she is looking good. Dev says Shalaka is my wife and her muh dikhayi is happening. Brinda says her muh dikhayi haven’t happened. She says we are getting late. Dev says I don’t care about this…and then says I don’t care if you come or not. Brinda says you was about to tell about rasam.


She says I will go. Dev stops her and says I will not let you go. He holds her. Brinda says what people or your second wife will tell. She runs and climbs down on the stairs. Baa tells the guests that Dev is getting ready and coming here. Everyone sees Brinda and Dev together. They say she is his first wife.Dev asks Brinda to go. Ira says what is happening? The guests gossip that brinda is biwi no 1, her bahus are adjustable, kabhi sautan kabhi saheli. Vrushali asks Dev to sit there. Brinda holds her ears and signs sorry to Baa. Baa looks on. Vrushali says let’s begin the muh dikhayi rasam. She sees Nayantara’s face and gives her gift. The guest asks her to give a grand child to baa. Nayantara says her baby will be second grand child as Brinda is having the first child. Brinda says this is a lie and scolds the people for being the part of the illegal muh dikhayi. Vrushali asks her to go. Brinda asks her to call Police. Dev asks Rohan to take them for lunch. Rohan and Rasik take all the guests from there. brinda goes from there.

Nayantara acts to cry. Dev says mistake is yours, why you told that Brinda is having a child and tells that she was never pregnant. Nayantara tries to clarify. Lily asks Brinda who told Shalaka about the baby. Brinda tells that she didn’t tell anyone. She asks lily if she told anyone. Lily says she had told Mili, but she is in Rehab. Nayantara tells Dev that she came to know about the baby. Dev says there was no baby. Just then Pandit Mahesh comes there holding the baby and tells that Brinda called him.

Pandit tells brinda that he saw her note and came running. Brinda says I didn’t call you. Vrushali says my hands were tied and asks her to take her baby and leave. Nayantara asks didn’t you feel shame, why did you lie to Dev. Khyati and Ira ask her to answer her. Ira says Mahesh shall answer as her daughter is having sin and says she cut his nose. Baa asks brinda why did she lie to her. Ketki asks her to take her sin pot and leave. Lily asks her to stop it. Brinda asks Lily to be quiet. Ketki asks how dare you to make my daughter quiet. Lily tells brinda that how much you will bear? She tells everyone that the baby is not of brinda for whom they all are blaming her, says this baby is mine. She takes the baby in her lap. Ketki asks what nonsense you are talking? Lily says this is truth.

Dev recalls Brinda telling that she will make everything fine. Lily tells that this is truth, brinda was never pregnant. She says this baby is of Prateik and me. She says Prateik was my boyfriend and he used to love me, but he betrayed me when I told him about my pregnancy news. Rasik asks what you are saying and scolds her. Lily says I am so sorry, I want to tell you all, but I was scared and didn’t know what to tell you. She says when brinda came to know about it, she helped me to bring this baby in the world. She tells Dev that she didn’t go to London for any course, but went for her delivery. She says when she returned home after delivery, then brinda had taken care of the baby like his mother. Baa says brinda, you didn’t tell me. Brinda says I asked you not to lose trust on me, but you didn’t listen. Baa hugs her. Lily says brinda got insulted and heard everyone’s taunts because of me, for this baby. Dev recalls Vrushali, Ira, Sparsh, Rasik and others humiliating Brinda.

Baa asks Lily to take the baby inside and says it is Parikh’s family son. Akash asks Lily not to hide her pain from him again. He asks Lily to go to room with the baby and asks others to go. He apologizes to Pandit Mahesh and asks for forgiveness. Mahesh asks him to forgive Brinda and says Lily is like her for me. Mahesh says surely and forgives her. Brinda hugs him.. Mahesh leaves. Akash blesses brinda and goes. Dev realizes his big mistake shockingly.

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