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I do 12 June 2022: Sanam comes to wake ahil up to give him food after he has had a bath. Ahil refuses to get up, but she doesnt relent and says that this is his bath time, and that she would give him a sponge bath, when he heads towards the bathroom, as after that he needs to eat something and then take medicines. He is tensed as she readies the sponge for a bath. As she does so, ahil compliantly looks at her, both aware of the increasing physical proximity due to the bath. she shyly looks away. she begins to get up, but slips, and instead falls back in ahil’s arms, where they both engage in a romantic eyelock.

He clutches at her tight, as both are unable to take their eyes off each other, basking in the glory of their new found attraction towards each other, both not understanding whats happening. latif and tanveer enter, when latif eyes them close, and shys away, teasing them to atleast close the door, before romancing. tanveer is tensed. tanveer discards off the topic, and says that the property papers have come, and that soon after signing, they wont have to pretend to be a couple anymore. sanam and ahil are tensed as they are reminded of this bitter truth. As they confront the papers for signing, sanam and ahil both remember their fights, and then sanam remembers her deal with tanveer. razia wonders that its love thats taking them so long to sign, and is amused at tanveer’s plight. tanveer is getting increasingly tensed, and asks if its done, and assures them that they dont need to be bothered, as she has checked the papers, and that they can go ahead and sign.

Sanam remembers tanveer’s request in the hospital, to get married to ahil, to save their family, and takes the papers, and gets ready to sign them, while ahil is tensed and traumatised but expresses it in the form of anger. tanveer asks if she has done the signatures, and sanam complies by doing them, much to ahil’s tension. tanveer hastily takes the papers after she signs, and then gives them to ahil. Sanam’s eyes barely escape a tear, while razia is disappointed that there isnt any drama. Sanam looks away, as ahil gets to signing. tanveer excitedly gives the papers to ahil to sign them. He tries hard but due to his plastered hand, he is in terrible pain as he tries to make signatures, which require movement.

tanveer asks if he hsas done the signatures, and ahil refuses saying that he is trying to do them, while she continues to pester him, even after he says that he is in pain. sanam asks tanveer that she doesnt think that he would be able to sign. sanam is apalled to see him wincing in pain, while tanveer oblivious and least bothered of his pain, tries to help him in signing eagerly to get the sign, and it pains him all the more, but Tanveer is least bothered. finally unable to bear it any longer, sanam asks tanveer to stop, and takes the pen away, asking her whats she doing. tanveer is shocked. sanam asks her to wait for some more days. Tanveer tries to say, but ahil also agrees with sanam. tanveer gets into a reage, and gets up angrily, throwing a glass accidentally and spilling water on them, and smearing sanam’s signatures.

razia comes horrified relating it to tanveer. tanveer is frustrated as to what they both did. tanveer vents out her frustration at both of them. Ahil assures her that they would get other papers done, and razia instigates them that it takes a long time, to make duplicate papers. Tanveer asks her to get lost, in her fury. She leaves. tanveer then asks ahil not to bothrer as they have waited so long, and can wait for some more days. they both leave. tanveer remembers razia’s doubts about ahil’s and sanam’s relationship, and is tensed, as she remembers sanam’s concern for ahil. tanveer is determined to get sanam down to size, before she poses a threat to her.

Scene 2:
Location: In the garden
seher is interacting with the kids, while giving balloons to all of them. Rehaan gets out of his car just then, and approaches towards the garden, oblivious of seher’s presence. All children hug seher, and rehaan passes by just then, unable to see her. Seher leaves, while rehaan meets a lady, who’s the caretaker of the orphanage, as she recounts him of the shock that his own mother had kept him here. Rehaan says that he is still in as much shock. He donates a huge cheque, for the ganesh chaturthi, and says that he would try his hardest to come, but he has business where he has to handle lakhs of rupees every day. seher hears this and is instantly interested. She recognises him as the person who called her sanam in the cafe. She identifies him as her next bait.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As rehaan is driving, he remembers ahil’s dirty accusations at him, and tanveer’s indifference too, he is super tensed and emotional, as he also remembers his last sight of sanam, in his arms and in the corridor. Just then, he notices a lady lying on the floor, her face covered with a shawl. he stops and then turns the lady around, when she doesnt respond, concerned as to how she got left here, and is shocked to find seher, who he confuses to be sanam. the screen freezes on seher’s face.

Tanveer turns to sanam saying that she has agreed for a wonderful hospital in Shimla, for dilshad’s treatement. sanam is shocked. sanam asks why should she be sent so far away, and who would take care of her. tanveer says that she has taken enough care, and once she goes there, it would be good for her, and sanam herself doesnt have to bother. Tanveer leaves with an evil smile, while sanam is tensed.The next morning, tanveer donates a huge sum to the Mohalla ladies, for ganesh chaturthi. razia comes with tea, and wonders that if these ladies who recognise her to be the servant, she would be mortified as once she shared the luxuries with these very women.

Just then, latif passes by and she gives the plate to her, and asks her to come along. razia comes in pretending not to be a servant. tanveer starts taunting razia, indirectly, and all the ladies are amused. Razia is embarassed. The ladies start saying how razia was once the owner of the haveli, and today she is merely a servant. The ladies starts taunting her, while tanveer adds insult to fury, saying that she bears with her, even when she doesnt know that servants dont sit with their masters, when razia sits beside tanveer. tanveer asks razia to serve tea, while she is mortified. latif is amused. the ladies talk about organising events like Best couple in Bhopal. tanveer tries to discard it off, but razia intentionally goes onto mention ahil and sanam’s name.


Tanveer is disturbed, while the ladies say that it would be in their best interests if they participate after the hasty marriage. Tanveer has no option but to say yes. Razia is amused.As sanam gets meds for ahil, she finds ahil busy on the mobile, and wincing in pain while typing. sanam starts to change his dressing, but he doesnt relent in his ego. She starts reprimanding him, asking if he cant be quiet for two seconds, and orders him to be quiet. she goes onto change his dressing, while he watches her overwhelmingly. He remembers sanam emotional through the signing papers, and asks her the reason behind it. she says that its nothing like that. He says that he doesnt like liars. she says that she doesnt like such absurd questions.

She begins to go, but he holds her hand, and sits her down, saying that he needs the answer to her absurd questions. She says that she doesnt feel like answering. tanveer comes in jsut then and both get tensed. She informs them of the competition. tanveer thinks that the competition may be bad or good, but it does bring enemity, and same would happen to their new found level of interest in each other. she says that she doesnt want them to be interested in such things, but due to societal pressure, they would have to participate, as if they dont, people would starts doubting something is amiss, and then they shall starts probing, and they would become the laughing stock of the town. She informs them that the first round is this evening, and asks them to be ready. She leaves, while they are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and ahil’s residence
Rehaan is shocked to find sanam, lying on the road, when actually its seher. He calls on the landline, and sanam picks up. Rehaan is shocked to hear sanam’s voice, while seher lies unconscious in front of him, who he confuses to be sanam. he is shocked to get a response from the other side, from sanam asking him why did he leave so suddenly, and that she was meaning to call him. Rehaan is spoeechless, while sanam asks if he is hearing, and asks howcome he left so suddenly. rehaan says that they are helpless in the hands of destiny, and that he shall talk to her later, and asks her not to tell ahil that she had a talk with rehaan. She wishes him goodbye and complies.

But is surprised to see ahil standing before her with investigative eyes. rehaan is shocked and looks at seher. Ahil takes the phone from sanam, and asks her to concentrate on the competition. Ahil starts eplaining the first round on compatibility, and how much they know each other, and their likes and dislikes. Sanam comments that they shall definitely lose. ahil asks her to be positive and starts practising a questionnaire with her. tanveer, who’s passing by is shocked tyo find them actually preparing. latif comments and says that this competition shall definitely bring them closer, as it seems. tanveer is determined not to let that happen.

she sends latif away. After she goes, tanveer comes in saying that they both took this too seriously. Sanam says that she herself instructed them to be in this game. Tanveer says that she didnt ask them to win, and just wanted participation. they both are baffled. Tanveer tells them sarcastically that winning isnt even a choice, and even if they qualify the first round, she would be astounded, as she firmly believes that they cant win the best couple title in Bhopal. They both stand tensed and hurt too.

Tanveer tells ahil that she just wantes them to participate so that they can shut the mouths of people, but halfheartedly asks them to still keep practising as god knows what might happen. She leaves. sanam gives a cursory glance at him and then leaves. Ahil wonders that sanam is completely different from him, still he likes being with her, and feels complete and right, and why does he get jealous seeing rehaan with her. He is in a dilemma refusing to believe his heart.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Rehaan takes seher in his arms, and places her inside the car, while he shuts the door. as he comes around from the other side, sehere puts on the ac and the radio in the car and then again doses off pretending to be unconscious. rehaan sits inside, and is baffled as to how the radio and the ac got on. he sprays water on her, and she pretends to wake up, and then pretends not to know where is she. she then looks at rehaan and excitedly refers to him as rakesh and hugs him, while he is confused.

Scene 4:
Location: faiz’s residence
haya asks her not to worry about anything, as she would handle everything, and asks her to be okay always. She also tells how sanam is happy and tanveer takes care of her all the time. She tells dilshad about tanveer sending her to Shimla. Dilshad distraughtedly thinks that she doesnt want to go, as tanveer would definitely kill her. Haya is unable to understand what she is saying, and excuses herself for a minute. the massacre that tanveer had created flashes before dilshad. haya gets a pad, and asks her to write what she feels. Dilshad tries hard to write, and manages to scribble that tanveer is dangerous. haya reads it and is confused. the screen freezes on Dilshad’s face.

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