Naagin update Friday 12 August 2022

Naagin 12 August 2022: starts with Balwant telling Pawan that he is proud of Veer as he showed Adinaagin her right place. Chachi asks them if Jai is Balwant’s son. Balwant says that Jai is from Singhania family. Jai is Chandralekha’s son. Meera then asks them to stop their discussion and asks them to focus on Bani as she is hurt. Bani cries and thinks how Veer can be rude with her.

Jai comes there with first-aid and says that he will apply the medicine on Bani’s wounds. Veer comes there and asks everyone to get out. Veer then tells Jai that he will never allow Jai to come near Bani. Veer says that Bani is his wife and Jai don’t have any right to go close to her.Bani then asks why Veer is so rude. Veer says that he is not Bani’s doormat that will tolerate someone else going close to Bani. Bani takes Naagin’s skin and tells Veer that she is Adinaagin and is not scared of Veer.

Bani then cries in her room. Veer comes there. Bani tells Veer that if his anger has calmed down, then he can enter inside. Veer leaves. Bani cries and thinks about Veer. Veer slowly comes inside and blows all the candles.Veer then takes a candle and apologizes for being rude to her. Bani blows the candles and forgives him.Bani then confesses to Veer that she is not in the marriage forcefully, and she wants to stay with Veer and in his life.Veer then takes Bani on a romantic date. Veer and Bani enjoy their date getting romantic.Meanwhile, Balwant tries to free Markat, but due to Shiv powers on trishul they all get an electric shock, and they fall.Next day, Bani greets Veer. Veer wakes with his eagle eye and asks Bani to leave. Bani worries.

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