Naagin update Monday 29 August 2022

Naagin 29 August 2022: Episode starts with Jai coming to Singhania house. Doctor (Jai) sends Meera out and tells that she needs to talk to the patient. She gives her something to drink, but Veer comes there and pushes the glass. He lifts her and hears the baby sound. He asks Meera if she heard baby sound. Bani gets happy to feel their baby and touches her tummy. Veer asks her if she will make him have coffee and asks her to call on Intercomm. She holds the receiver and thinks she don’t know the cafeteria number. He says you don’t remember that you have coffee in your cabin and asks if she don’t know. She sees Taneja coming there and falls on Veer. Taneja gets a call. Veer asks what is her intention? She says he followed her and says they shall go out and have coffee. She comes out and says bye Dad. Taneja thinks what is happening here.

They come to the cafeteria. She orders cold water or herself and normal water for Veer. He asks how do you know? She says your voice is rough and that’s why I thought, common sense. Waiter brings water. Veer asks do you have any boyfriend? She gets cough while drinking water. He says Bani used to do this. She asks who is Bani? Waiter comes and asks them to order. Veer is about to order Mushroom dish, but she says you are allergic to it. She then realizes and tells that she has known this from social media. They drink. She gets vomiting sensation and runs to the washroom. She thinks she didn’t eat anything wrong then why she is feeling unwell. Veer asks her to open the door and says he will break it. Bani becomes snake and crawls out. Veer breaks the door and get inside, thinks where is he? bani reaches home and tells Meera about feeling unwell. Meera says she will call the doctor. Veer drinks wine in the house and tells Balwant that Taneja’s daughter will get her dad’s signatures on the papers. Balwant tells Tapish that Veer is looking sad without Bani. Jai comes to Singhania’s house holding the liquid in his hand. Tapish comes to Veer. Veer says he feels that he has missed something and is running, felt strange and as if, he is sinned. Tapish says you have no done any mistake, and says their family have done sins. He says Dad said that they have stopped all the bad works. Veer asks who cares for it when the bottle is infront of the table.

Jai looks at them from outside and thinks this is the right time to take bani out from here. Meera calls the doctor and asks her to wait there, until she informs her sister. Doctor says sure. Jai comes to the Doctor. Meera comes out and asks Doctor to come. Doctor is lying dead or unconscious behind the sofa. Jai sends Meera out, saying she wants to talk to the doctor and closes the door.Tapish asks Veer what is he doing? Veer says I can do anything and tells that Rani, Taneja’s daughter is ready for the deal, but….Tapish looks on. Veer asks him to say something and tells that he is restless, don’t know what is happening. He says everyone is interested in me. Tapish says may be someone is in your heart. Veer asks if he is talking about Bani. Tapish says I didn’t take her name.

Veer says I will not be caught by any girl as I am an eagle who can fly so high. He becomes an eagle and flies away. Doctor/Jai touches Bani’s hand. Bani gets up shocking as she hears baby crying. Jai thinks if she identified me. Jai as the doctor asks her to lie down on the bed and says I will give you supplements. Bani hears baby sound again and thinks she don’t want to get the check up done. Meera worries for Bani and finds Doctor’s dead body behind the sofa, as she steps on her hand. Meera thinks who is inside then? Jai/Doctor gives her green liquid and asks her to drink. Jai thinks drink it fast so that I can take you far from the window. Bani is about to drink, when she hears baby cry sound again. Veer comes back home and hears baby crying sound coming from the room. Jai/Doctor tries to make her drink, when Veer comes there and falls on Bani and the glass falls down from her hand.

Meera comes there and tells Bani that Doctor is outside and her pulse is not felt. Bani says Doctor was here. Jai hides and comes in his form. Veer lifts Bani, just as she steps on the glass pieces. She hears baby laughing sound and understands that she is pregnant. Veer says you try to find excuse to hug me. Bani says no. He says now he will go and sleep peacefully. He comes out of the room and hears baby crying. He asks Meera if she heard baby sound, but she says that there is no baby here. Veer thinks he heard the sound. Bani hears him and says yes, Viranshu, you are right, our baby is here. She touches her tummy.Jai comes to the Tantrik and tells that nothing worked as per his plan. He says she didn’t drink the liquid and tells that he is hungry and haven’t eaten anything, as the grahs are coming closer. Tantrik asks shall I keep the bhandara for you. Jai says yes. Tantrik asks him to eat the food kept there. Jai takes the food to eat. Tantrik laughs and says you was Adinaag before and now what you have become.

Jai says very soon, he will become very supreme and powerful. Tantrik does some magic and finds the moon in the liquid. He gets up shockingly. Jai asks what happened? Bani comes to Veer’s room while he is sleeping. She says Doctor didn’t give me any papers that you are coming, but I know that you are coming and my heart knows that you are coming. She says I want to tell you about your Papa. She says your Papa was never bad and is really good. She says he stopped drinking wine after meeting me, with his wish. She comes and sits on the bed. She gives her hand under his head, as he turns. H says perfect and asks where did she go? Bani tells her baby that his Papa will love you. Veer says your choice is like me, Rani. Bani wakes him up. He asks what is she doing on his bed? She says you are holding my hand and asks why is he helpless to do this? He says he is Veer, and is not helpless to do anything and says this is the answer to all her questions. He says bye and goes to the washroom. Bani smiles and thinks he will not change. She asks baby not to take tension and says your Papa is same, change in every moment and becomes reason for my smile. She thinks Veer is in danger and she has to be ready to face the danger. She thinks this place is not safe.

Jai asks Tantrik what is all this? Tantrik steps on the water. Jai stops Tantrik and pushes him. He sees Veer and Bani in the water/liquid and tells that he wants to dance. He bites Tantrik and says he hates the back biters/attackers and thinks he herself is the snake in sleeve. He sees baby with them and thinks a trouble is coming on that eagle and laughs.Veer is sitting in the hall. Bani asks Meera if she knows what to do. Meera says Tapish called her and tells that everything is ready in the farm house. She says she will tell Veer. Bani asks do you remember, asking him to invite whom? Meera says yes. Bani tells that Veer’s life is in danger, my enemies want to kill me so that they can reach me. She says we have to safe him. Meera says we have to save him, as you love him and he loves you more. She goes to Veer. Veer says I am playing the game and asks her to go. Meera tells that the news is published about Rani. She asks what? Meera says big people are after Rani and tells that Tapish has made a plan. She asks him to invite Rani there and date her there. Veer says no, I don’t want to hear your no. Veer says with which right, you are ordering me?

Meera says I…Veer says you are my elder brother would be wife and says he will win Rani. He says he will not go with Bani. Meera asks why? He asks who will do dusting, cleaning, cooking etc. Meera says she will do. He says we are going to enjoy. Meera says bani is a stalker, what she will do there. He goes to invite Rani. Bani thinks how she will manage double roles? She tells that Jai will help her. Meera asks if she trusts Jai. Bani says if jai cheats her, then he can’t face her. She says she has to protect her family. Meera asks family? Bani says I mean everyone. They leave from the house. Jai sees Bani leaving with Veer.

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