Meet in love update Tuesday 30 August 2022

Meet in love 30 August 2022: Meet and Meet Ahlawat welcome everyone arrived at party and says this evening is for Tej and everyone but I cannot find Tej where he is. Tej walks to them and thanks everyone for coming to party and says I don’t remember what happen but I’m happy that we all are together now and then, as we are Ahlawat so we need reason to party and everyone start dancing and singing. Hawa Singh in party remember Meet telling him that she find a chip in that bag and walsk upstairs. Meet see him going upstairs and tell Meet Ahlawat.

Hawa Singh looking for store room. Meet and Meet Ahlawat following him. Hawa Singh go inside Meet’s s room. Meet says why is he going inside pur room what if he see all the link connection I did on board. Hawa Singh in room says this is not store room and see the board with all the connection. Meet says to Hawa Singh what are you doing here. Hawa Singh says I was searching washroom. Meet says okay this is our room, I could say you can use our washroom but some plumbing work is going on so you can out and go straight in corridor then you can find the washroom near store room gate. Meet Ahlawat sneaks inside and change the face of the pin board. Hawa Singh says okay and ask her what is this at pin board he turn around and get shocked.

Meet says this is my style of studying. Hawa Singh says the real study of girls are in kitchen and you are studying after marriage don’t waste your time you should focus on household work and leave. Meet says I have shown him way now he will jump into the trap.Hawa Singh in store room and looking for red and blue colour bag and start searching, he finds the bag and start looking for evidence, he find the memory card and burn it. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I know he is hiding something and that is related to my father and Tej I’ll find out the truth. He says have patience we need to find out more before doing anything. Hawa Singh on phone says I have destroyed all the evidence now don’t worry you name will not come, Tej don’t remember anything I meet him he hugged me too, I have burned the letter too and nobody will know the truth that Ashoka Huddah was killed.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat hear everything and Meet goes in shock. Hawa Singh says don’t worry till the time I’m alive nobody will come to you and disconnects phone. Hawa Singh come out of store room. Meet Ahlawat take Meet away from him. Hawa Singh following the same path but Meet and Meet Ahlawat hide. Servant come to Hawa Singh and serve him drink. Hawa Singh drink it and walk away.Meet Ahlawat and Meet in there room. Meet crying and remembers her time with her father.

Hawa Singh walks to Raj and says I need to leave now it’s about job and ask him about Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Raj says they were here and call them.Meet emotionally damaged crying. Meet Ahlawat gets call from Raj. Raj says where are you Hawa Singh is leaving so he thought of meeting you twoo before leaving. Meet Ahlawat says we will be there and disconnects. He walks to Meet. Meet crying says my father was killed and I did nothing for that for these many years. Meet Ahlawat try to calm her down, he throws water on her face and says stop crying take a deep breath and be strong because you cannot show your enemies that you are weak are you listing what am I saying, you are Ashok Huddah’s daughter and you cannot break like this the fight has just begun and it’s a long journey so gather your strength and come down to talk to Hawa Singh.

Meet says it cannot do, my strength was my father he teach me to fight against wrong, my father was killed and I didn’t know that. Meet Ahlawat says don’t accuse yourself because you didn’t know that try to understand it’s not time to cry it’s time to take action and bring the enemy infront of everyone, this is a big fight and Hawa Singh is just another goon in this fight we need to find out the real culprit, you want to take justice for your father so gather your energy I’m there with you and give her father’s locket back says this will make you remember to fight against your enemies and punish them, now come with me and face the enemy’s we will get justice for our father and punish the culprits. They both walk downstairs.

Meet come downstairs and remember Hawa Singh talking on phone with someon. Meet and Meet Ahlawat behind Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh says I was searching you, you are true Ashok’s daughter he was my senior, he showed me the way to walk and still I’m following that path till now and you are like my daughter so here I brought this dupatta for you, take it I called you daughter and it’s ritual that you should not go empty handed in daughter’s house. Meet Ahlawat whispers to Meet Hawa Singh is saying something. Meet take the dupatta from his hands and imagine it as his father’s uniform with blood, she open the dupatta and put it in Hawa Singh’s neck.

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