Naagin update Tuesday 30 August 2022

Naagin 30 August 2022: Episode starts with Bani telling that the snake would have reached them by now if its intentions was good. Jai tells the snake men that Aadinaagin is locked in the room, with bel patr outside. Veer senses the perfume fragrance and tells that it is similar as that of Rani. Bani gets tensed.

8 hours before:

Bani and Veer are in the car. Veer says don’t know why my Dad let you stay in the house. He asks Bani to say something and pours something. Bani says seat will be wet and I will sit on it. She sees snake behind their car. Veer asks why Meera changed their plan to come to farm house. Jai stops following them and thinks it is good that he saw Bani. Bani says ok, don’t leave my hand, but I will do what a stalker will do. She hugs him forcibly and says we will go to farmhouse like this. She says I will not move. They reach the farmhouse.

Veer looks at Bani. Ponky and daksh see them and think where is Jai? They ask Veer, where is Rani? Veer says he will call her. Bani says she will go inside and help Meera di. Ponky asks her to go. Bani sees bel patr tree. Tapish tells that it was planted by Dad to protect us from snakes. Bani thinks if it is planted by the powerful eagle like Daddy ji, then today it will come in use. She thinks about the snake following them. She blows air from her mouth and makes the tree fall down. She says you have saved me, now save my family too. The tree makes a protective shield around the house. Jai comes there and finds the bel patr tree fallen down. He tries to get inside, but couldn’t enter.

Tapish tells Bani that if Ponky comes to know about the bel patr then he will tell Veer. Bani tells that she will go and convince Veer that she wants to be alone with him, so that Meera and his (Tapish) lives don’t get in danger. Meera comes there and tells that Veer is waiting for Rani. Bani gets jealous of her own avatar Rani. Meera smiles. Bani says it is very difficult to take my own avatar. She goes to Veer and tells that she wants to be alone with him. She asks why did he call his family here. Veer says they will enjoy and go. Daksh asks Rani to have drink. Rani says she drinks for enjoyment and not to get drunk. Tapish brings water and gives to her, saying it is vodka.

Rani goes from there silently. Bani comes to him and asks if she shall bring something to eat. Veer says yes. He just then notices her make up similar to me of that of Rani. She says she is a stalker and asks why he stared her so well, when he don’t like her. She goes. Meera and Tapish smiles. Rani comes there. He pulls her closer to him. Rani says you shall ask the girl for dance and not pull her for it. They dance. Rani looks out.

Jai talks to the snake men and tells that Aadinaagin is trapped in the farmhouse and asks them if they can risk their lives for their Aadinaagin. They all agree and come to the farmhouse. Jai laughs seeing them dead with the bel patr. He steps on the dead snakes bodies and comes inside the farmhouse.Rani and Veer dance with each other. Veer says he never saw such composite personalities girls of the same face. Rani takes a stand for Bani. He asks why are you taking her side. She says she is a also a girl and will support other girl. She asks do you want us to compete? Veer says you are hot, but she is typical, normal and boring. He calls Bani and asks where are you kaamchorni. Rani gets angry. She tells Meera to tell Veer that she has left.

Meera says you are Rani too. Jai thinks he has managed to hide the dead bodies of all the snakes and thinks whose avatar to take? Bani goes to the kitchen and acts to wash the utensil. Veer comes there and asks her to come. Bani says she has so much work to do. Veer asks her to come. Bani says I have to clean the utensils and make food for you all. She says what will I serve you, then? Veer takes chilli powder and puts on the utensils, says you was cleaning the already cleaned vessels, so I gave you the reason to clean them. She says now you gave me the reason for not coming out. He feels the same smell and says it is outside too. Bani thinks he knows Rani’s perfume fragrance too. She turns, the water gets splashes on her face and water droplets fall on her face.

They look at each other. Veer wipes water droplets from her face. Song plays bas tumse hi….He asks how you have the same perfume? Bani says she had went to Rani’s room and saw the bag. She says she took her perfume and used it. Veer asks her to come. They argue about Rani. Bani says Rani is stylish and I am boring. He asks how do you know? He then asks where is Rani? Meera says Rani is sleeping and it would not be good to wake her up. Veer says he will wake her up and asks bani to come to her room. Meanwhile Jai hears them. Bani stops Veer and says how can you go inside without knocking the door. He knocks on the door and calls Rani. Meera says she must be sleeping. Veer gets inside and sees someone sleeping. He says it’s time to get up and pulls the blanket.

They see the pillows under the blanket. Veer asks Bani if she is Rani Taneja. He says when you was with me, in the car. I saw the truth. He says everyone is done by you, it was your game. Tapish says she was Rani and must have gone. Veer says all this game was preplanned by her and says truth is that nobody exists like that. He says Rani Taneja….Just then door opens and Rani comes there. Everyone gets shocked to see fake Rani. Rani asks Veer what was he saying that she don’t exist? The fake Rani looks at Bani and says you are my cheap version, but you are not like me. She tells Veer that she got very bored seeing their faces, so lets go on a long drive. She takes Veer with her. Bani thinks so this is the danger.

Rani says she got bored seeing so many people around them. She says we will go to such a place, where nobody can search us, until I want. They sit in car and leave. Bani is on the road, calls Veer and becomes snake. She searches him with her snake sight and sits down crying. She thinks how did I do a big mistake, by letting him go away from my sight. She tells her baby that she won’t let anything happen to him. Rani takes him somewhere. Veer asks why did you bring me here. She says I will get what I wanted, privacy.She takes him inside the house and asks him to sit, says she will bring the drinks, then all the night is remaining to know each other. The floor blasts and Veer falls inside the secret room. He gets up, coughs and asks what the hell. Rani becomes Jai and then Rani again. He asks Rani asks Veer, if he got hurt. She asks do you think that I am interested in you and says this was my trick to trap you. Veer asks her to see what he does, tries to become eagle and flies out, but he falls down unconscious. Jai laughs saying baby. He thinks it is fun, but I have to control Bani before he gains consciousness.

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