I do update Tuesday 12 July 2022

I do 12 July 2022: Seher is excitedly taking breakfast for sanam in the kitchen, when the new bride walks in, and seher notices the weird toenail. Before she can react, the bride hides it, and then latif comes and is surprised to find sanam packing so much food. Seher asks her to mind her own business and walks off.the new bride is tensed, while latif is boggled. Stealthily, seher takes off the painting, and then gets inside, oblivious that the same silhouette is watching her again. Sanam recieves her, with relif as she was getting tensed for her. Seher asks her not to worry, as the hardships and turmoil have made her very strong. sanam says that she gets really scared when she even imagines how she must have spent her childhood.

Seher says that its all over now, and that what matters is that they both are together, and feeds sanam. She says that she is reminded of haya, and tells her about her being dumb and deaf. Seher apologises for not having told her before, and then tells that hay got her voice back the day she married rahat. sanam is overjoyed. They happily banter.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya prays that whenever the heart is in dilemma, dilshad always told them to turn to the lord, and hence she has come to him, to be shown a way, as she seems directionless right now. Haya pleads to the lord to show her one way so that she can believe that rahat is innocent, and then she can be assured of the right destination. she reads the quran, that states that forgiveness and true penance, can resolve all sins, and begins to deduce, that rahat can definitely be resolved of this. She decides that if anyone who’s speaking the truth, its rahat and not faiz, and she desperately asks the lord to help him.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
On the road, rahat is tensed that haya may have told, but his heart is unwilling to believe this, and thinks that there’s definitely some trap that haya has befallen into. rahat finds that same girl who haya had caught him with, walking on the road. he instantly gets down the car, and follows her. He finds her going to faiz, asking if he has brought the money, and is shocked. He asks what she needs money for, as she wont get money. she says that he paid only half the amount, and that if he doesnt pay full, she would expose him in front of everyone. faiz smiles and asks would he say to everyone, that nothing happened between her and rahat, or that she was planted by him. rahat is shocked. faiz says that rahat already knows it, and he can make haya believe in an instant, that she has been sent by rahat. He says that her efforts shall be in vain. He begins to leave.

She says that she would add one more truth, that the masked stranger that day was he himself, and that she also has a copy of the DVD, that shows that he attacked haya, and that he lied to her, as nothing happened between them that night. Faiz is shocked. Rahat is stunned. Faiz says that she would get the remaining money. she says that she would give the DVD too tomorrow. faiz leaves. she begins to leave too, but is surprised when rahat confronts her, saying that he would pay her double the amount, and adds that he doesnt know how she fell in thbis trap, but he knows that god has given her another chance, and asks her to help him, save his relation and his marriage with haya. the girl is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Meanwhille, Azhar’s parents tell tanveer that the work is done. tanveer says that some more time, and then they shall enjoy the drama. Meanwhile, Sanam and seher start having convulsions and fits and then fall unconscious, their faces having gone pale, white foam coming from their mouths. Tanveer asks them go and see that sanam must be lying somewhere breathing her last. Tanveer starts getting impatient when they dont return. When they inform her, that sanam couldnt be found, she is boggled and angered too. tanveer is imaptient and asks them to go and search again, before ahil or anyone else finds her. They leave. Meanwhile, the same silhouette that saw seher going inside, stands on the door, and enters inside, eyeing both of them. The screen freezes on Sanam’s face.

The masked stranger, finds both the girls unconscious and the plate of food, and understands that they have been poisoned. she looks outside the door, and finds tanveer pacing nervousl.y She closes the door. After tanveer is gone, she takes seher’s hand and begins to drag her hurriedly.Downstairs, azhar’s parents tell her that they couldnt find her anywhere. The stranger drags sanam across the hallway, on the first floor, while tanveer downstairs, in the hall, tells azhar’s parents to find the girl, before ahil comes back. They see a hand from the hallway, and rush to find out. Tanveer is shocked. They find that its sanam, and are happy when they find that she isnt breathing, while tanveer imaptiently tells them to say what they saw.

they say that sanam is dead, and tanveer is overjoyed. She asks them to get her to her own room. Meanwhile, in the secret room, the stranger comes yet again.In her room, tanveer seats sanam in a wheelchair, and asks them to get her out stealthily, so that noone knows that its her. They dress her up in tanveer’s saree too. She gets the dupatta over her face, and then bids her goodbye evilly. Azhar’s parents stealthily drag her out in the wheelchair, while she is unconscious. latif comes and asks what happened to tanver, and is told that she just fainted, and they are taking her to the doctor. the new bride and latif tells them to uncover her face, so that tshe wont be suffocated. She begins to take the dupatta off, when gazalla stops her hand, shocking her and latif. she starts taunting her for being extra caring, and asks her to keep her hands to herself.They taunt her, while tears well in her eyes. She jerks her aside, while taking the wheelchair out.

Scene 2
Location: On the road and haya’s residence
Rahat gets the DVD from the girl, who says that this is the one both the brothers desperately want. He thanks her for the big favour, that she did on him, by giving him the DVD. rahat says that if this DVD can save haya and his relation, then the money that he gives is too small a price to pay. she says that she cant believe that they both are blood related brothes. She leaves. rahat eyes the DVD, and views it on the laptop, and finds that faiz is the stranger. rahat is shocked. He finds that faiz just took her in the room, and laying her on the bed, he fell off to bed. he is tensed for haya, that she is blaming herself for what she didnt even do, and that she is innocent.

haya begins to call rahat, thinking that she has gravely wronged rahat, and that she should immediately apologise. rahat gets haya’s call, and she apologises for her behaviour, while rahat is tensed, and says that she claimed that he was an infidel, when she herself was guilty. Rahat tells her the truth, that she didnt betray anyone, and she is pure as gold. she is boggled. He apologises for his brother, and tells her everything. She is distraught, that faiz can stopp so low, and asks how can a brother do this, and never gave a thought that when she gets to know, how would she feel, at having been used.

she says that she is going to talk to him straightaway, as faiz shall have to give her some answers. but he stops her, and adds that faiz is not in the right frame of mind, and can take any drastoc step. rahat says that if he knows they know the truth, he might take any action, and says that he is returning home, and till then she shouldnt give it away. He asks if she trusts him, and she says that she trusts him more than life. He asks her to do exactly as she says then. she complies.

Scene 3:
Location: In the graveyard and ahil’s residence
gazalla and razaak, get sanam in the car. Azhar’s parents dig a fresh grave for her, right beside her parents, and then bury sanam inside it, while covering the grave back. They call tanveer that her work is done, and she gets very excited and overjoyed hearing this news. she asks them to go to a seven star hotel, and spend all that they can, and then thank them profusely. She is unable to control her excitement, and then thanks the lord too. she says that she is very happy. Suddenly the lights start flickering. She gets surprised. Meanwhile, Tanveer is shocked when she hears sanam’s voice, telling her sarcastically, that sometimes a person an have a heart attack by just overexcitement and happiness. tanveer is shocked. Sanam/ seher is shown to be behind tanveer, in a ghost like appearance. tanveer is shocked, and asks how can this be, and the ghost says that no power can seperate her from ahil.

She takes the nightstand and begins to hit her, but she disappears. The ghost says that she may have killed her, but not her soul, and asks how can she ruin the soul. tanveer says that this isnt possible. the ghost says that when there’s love, nothing is impossible, and says that having killed her, she has given her supernatural strength, that cant hurt her, but she can hurt tanveer all that she wants. tanveer is grabbed at the throat. She is very scared. The ghost taunts her. tanveer goes berserk, while the apparition disappears, and tanveer in her dishevelled state, falls on the floor, unconscious.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
as gazalla and razaak come inside, with full stomachs, they are shocked to find tanveer unconscious, and get her back to consciousness, by sprinkilingwater on her. she gets furious and grabs them by the throat. azhar’s parents are gagged and strangled in the throat, but they keep pleading innocence, that they buried her. Tanveer is irritated and frustrated, as she finally lets them go. Gazalla asks why she feels that sanam is alive, and tanveer slaps her, saying that they have lost their minds, and confirms if they have actually dug her, and asks them to verify. They rush out, and start venting their frustration at her. tanveer, in her room, keeps thinking that she is going mad. The screen freezes on her face.

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