Naagin update Tuesday 12 July 2022

Naagin 12 july 2022: Episode starts with Bani coming to the Markhand’s cave and tells that she saw how he made his brother coffin go missing. She thinks she had seen everything and thinks she will keep veer’s dead brother’s body under moonlight so that he never gets peace. She thinks she will do this to provoke Veer to attack her. Shukla looks at Bani and calls Mayuri, asking her to bring Veer there, as he might be at his peak of anger. Veer’s condition deteriorates and he calls bani. Mayuri comes there and tells that she heard his voice. He says all the doors are sound proofs. Mayuri says she thought he is in danger. She asks why did Bani go to Pahadi temple, when she should have been here. Veer gets shocked and asks why didn’t you tell me before. Mayuri calls the guy, keeping eye on Jai and asks him to get ready. Jai overhears them. Mayuri comes to the cave where Shukla is already there. They hide seeing Veer coming there. Veer comes there and sees Bani pulling the coffin out and stops her. He asks how dare she and asks her to keep the coffin back.

Mayuri tells that once Veer attacks Adinaagin, she will kill her with arrow and will get all her powers. Shukla says if you can’t kill her then I will kill her and share the powers. Veer asks Bani to keep his brother’s coffin back. Bani tells that she is doing this as he married her forcibly. Veer says I had given choice to you. She says you was about to marry my sister, if not me. She says your brother was wrong.Veer says my brother was not wrong. Bani opens the coffin. Veer stops her and says my brother will feel pain. Bani tells that he is dead body and asks how it will affect him. She provokes his anger and asks why he didn’t tell his family that she killed his brother. She provokes him and opens the coffin. Veer gets angry and says how could you? You have invited problem.

Shukla says just 4 mins left. Mayuri and Shukla get ready with the arrows to kill Bani. They fire the arrow at Bani. Even Jai comes there in his Icchadhari Naag avatar and releases the arrow, says die Adi Naagin…die. Veer pushes her and the arrows fall on the ground. They don’t see the arrows. Shukla tells that time is up, poison will show its effect. Jai thinks now poison will work.Veer tells Bani that she attacked him from behind and falls unconscious as Naagfani starts working. Jai signs Mayuri. Mayuri asks Shukla to go and he flies away. Bani is shocked and thinks what Veer was saying. She thinks I will never attack you from behind. She becomes snake and takes him home.

Jai asks Mayuri why their plan didn’t work. Jai tells that he has sent her here. Mayuri says we will get many chances. She says you remembered everyone, when you recalled your past. Jai tells that Nageshwari became icchadhari naag first and everywhere she was praised in Satyug. He burns with jealousy even in Satyug. He tells that he knew that someone was with him in Satyug and that’s why searched her in Kalyug. Mayuri finds Jai in the jungle. Jai tells that he is Aadi Naag and makes a plan with her to get Aadi Naagin powers. Mayuri says offer is good. She tells that she made Shukla as Veer throws him from the valley, but asked him to keep you alive. Jai says we have used him and he didn’t know. She asks if he don’t love Aadinaagin. He says he loves him, but loves his powers more.Bani brings Veer home and rubs his hands. She thinks what has happened to him. Balwant and Veer’s brothers come there. They see his body turning blue. Balwant says someone gave her Naagfani’s poison and asked Bani. Bani is speechless. Balwant calls Shukla, but his call is not connecting. Mayuri hears them and goes out. Balwant sees her.

Jai slaps the guy and tells that Mayuri and him are together. She didn’t tell him as she thinks he is a fool. Balwant doubts Mayuri and warns her. Bani thinks she can save Veer and goes to get the roots. Balwant asks her. Bani tells that she is going to get roots from the temple. Mayuri asks why didn’t you doubt her? Balwant says she has gone to save Veer and you have reason to kill him, as you wanted to marry him. He threatens to kill her and the world.Mayuri calls Jai and asks him to bring the roots from the temple, to save Veer. He gets angry and throws the glass. He comes to the temple and greets Pandit ji. Pandit ji sees him and gets happy. He says history is changed. Jai takes the chidchida jaati booti from the Pandit ji and tells him that he want it for the cheel. Pandit ji tells that they have only one pot of this roots and tells that if it comes incontact with water, then it will be destroyed. Jai keeps the other roots pot inplace of chidchida jaadu buti.

Bani comes there and calls Pandit ji. Jai takes Pandit ji to side, covering his mouth. Bani takes the wrong roots and leave. Pandit ji throws the stone and tries to call her, but in vain. Jai throws the pot in the water. Pandit ji asks Jai, how can he do this? Jai tells that he doesn’t want to be great like in Satyug and he is changed. Pandit ji says Mahadev has written, everything. Jai tells that he will write his own destiny and kills Pandit ji with his poison.Shukla tells that Chidchida jaadi booti is found only in Naag Mandir where they can’t go without invitation. Balwant says he can’t see his son dying. Bani comes there and tells that she has brought the jaadi buti. Daksh asks if she knows where to apply? She says on the chest. She applies on Veer’s chest and says I am saving you as I don’t kill innocent guy. Balwant and others wait outside. Veer turns blue and then black. She thinks she has applied it well and brought the roots from the temple. She thinks what to do? Balwant asks what is going on inside. Bani tells that Viranshu is getting fine slowly.

Bani thinks now there is only one way. She prays to Bholenaath and says I am going to save my enemy, I hope you understand. She says I am Aadinaagin and my poison can make any poison lose its effect. She sees him turning grey and black. She recalls their moments….while the song dil ibadat plays……She comes near Veer and takes off his poison with her snake tongue. Veer becomes fine, gets flashes of the temple and opens his eyes. He sees her closer to him and asks if she was about to kiss him good bye kiss. She says your family is waiting for you outside. Veer tells that whatever she did with his Brother was wrong and he will not let her forget it.

Bani opens the door. Balwant asks how is Veer? Veer comes out and says I am back. Mayuri looks at him from far and thinks thanks he is saved. She calls Jai and tells that Veer is fine. She thanks him for helping Bani to get the roots from the temple and tells that she can stay here peacefully now. Jai gets angry and ends the call. He thinks Veer didn’t raise his hand on Bani as he loves her, but how did Bani saved him. He realizes Bani saved him using her poison and thinks he has to kill Veer, before they get closer. Tapish comes to Veer and gives him drink. Veer asks who saved me. Tapish tells about Bani saving him. Veer goes to Bani and asks what you want to do, you want to harm us. He says I remember everything and that’s why going to check my brother’s coffin. Bani asks him to go and check, tells that she wants freedom from this marriage and relation of being his wife. He says you will not get freedom, never, do whatever you want. He says you can’t get freedom alive here. He goes out and comes to the coffin. He doesn’t find his brother’s dead body there and thinks Bani was just acting, she can’t take out the coffin as only the cheel/eagle can take the coffin out. He brings the coffin out with his magic and sees his dead brother. He thinks Bani didn’t touch the coffin, but did all that to make him angry. He thinks she has to answer me, why did she do this? He comes back to Bani and asks why didn’t you tell me that it was not my brother’s coffin. He says when I went to check, you didn’t say anything or clarify. Bani tells that she did all that to provoke his anger. Veer gets angry and kicks the chairs there. He says you gave me poison.

Bani says I did that to get freedom from you, but didn’t give you poison else I wouldn’t have saved you.Veer laughs and says you poisoned me and saved me. He asks her to tell everything. Bani tells that she saved him as she don’t attack any helpless person. He says I was dying with Naagfani poison, then why did you save me? Bani says when you didn’t raise your hand on me, even though I provoke you. I thought it is my duty to save you. Veer looks at her…Dil Ibadat plays…….He comes near her and is about to move her hair from her face. She asks him not to touch her. Veer asks if you will kill me and says may be there is something for sure, which you are hiding. Bani asks him to find out. He says it seems that I had done some sin in past, that you are taking revenge. Bani goes. He thinks he has to find out who has backstabbed him and gave him poison. Mayuri is upset. Veer comes there and asks if she is upset. He tells that his wife saved him. Mayuri says she even went to Siddhivinayak. Veer laughs and says I heard that you was in your room when I was struggling with life and death. Mayuri doesn’t tell him anything.

Jai thinks Bani saved Veer and thinks he has to make an entry in Singhania Mansion. Veer thinks Mayuri is hiding something from him. Mayuri thinks she has to do something big very soon. Ponky calls everyone. Veer, Bani and others come there. Mayuri comes there and tells that she likes Ponky. Ponky tells that they are getting married. Monil asks how did this happen suddenly. Mayuri says I had soft corner for him. Veer says you used to flirt with me. Mayuri says we flirt with many, but love only one. Balwant asks did you talk to your parents? Mayuri says yes and they have no objection. Bani says you was very eager. Mayuri tells that she is eager to become her Dewrani. Ponky propose Mayuri and makes her wear ring. Mayuri says yes and looks at Bani.Everyone claps. Veer says if I was on his place then would have said…he says SRK’s dialogue. Bani completes the dialogue. Mayuri shows the ring to Balwant. Mayuri asks Veer if he got surprised. Veer says Ponky is a child. Mayuri tells that Ponky was not ready for commitment. He says you was trapping him. Mayuri says you was doubting me. Veer tells that he is sure that she was hiding something from him, tells that she is going to get ready. Bani comes out and meets Jai. Jai asks why didn’t you kill him? Bani tells that he didn’t attack me, but someone gave him poison. Jai asks why you saved him. bani asks how did you know? Jai says I knew that you will save him. Bani tells that she didn’t kill him and tells that she is feeling guilty for killing Teer. Jai reminds her what they have done in Satyug and asks her not to repent. Bani says she has killed an innocent person. Jai tells that if you have killed him then he must have done some sin in the past. He says lets go. Bani tells that celebration is going on inside, of Mayuri and Ponky’s engagement. Jai is shocked and thinks when did she make this plan?

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