Naagin update Thursday 4 August 2022

Naagin 4 August 2022: Episode starts with Bani entering the cave and smiling. Maarkaat attacks her and Bani falls down. She says this door is made to welcome me and asks Bani to get ready to die. She is about to kill her using a big weapon, when Jai comes and holds the sword. Veer also comes there and holds it.

20 mins before:

Bani finds the jharna/waterfall sound and comes inside breaking the wall. She finds the water fall and a door far away from her. There is no way to the door. Bani is about to step her feet on the water, when the secret stone way is build on her way. She smiles. A voice is heard which asks her to come. She starts walking on the way. Veer asks Jai to tell where is Bani? He says you used to say that Bani was your true love, and asks him to tell. Jai doesn’t say anything. Veer says I will search her myself and is about to enter the tilismi cave way. Bani is about to go, when Maarkaat comes there and makes Bani fall down. She says only I will enter this door. Bani says you have to kidnap me as you couldn’t know this secret. She says you didn’t have any powers fully. Maarkaat says she has an intelligence of eagle and charm/hypnotism of the snake.

She says she will enter this door and will get to know the secret today, and will also kill her today and will get her Aadinaagin powers. Bani tells that she is here since Satyug and tells that Bholenath don’t give any power to the ones, who don’t deserve it. Maarkaat flies and comes to Bani, attacks her. Bani says the mother who didn’t hesitate to attack her son, is not loyal to anyone. Maarkaat says I have to scare you, before killing you. She pushes her.Jai comes to Veer and tells that Bani told that don’t stop me, in the cave. Veer asks where is the cave? Jai says it is there and signs at the tilismi cave. Maarkaat ties Bani with the banyal tree roots and says bye, I am going. Bani says jai shiv shamboo..Veer asks Jai to tell about the cave. Jai comes in snake form. Veer throws stick on Jai. Jai comes in human form. Veer asks who is the one who kidnap Bani? Jai says she is your mother, Chandrakala singhania. He says Maa took her to the cave. Veer asks why did you call my mother as your mother? Jai says she is my mother too. Veer is shocked and says this means, you are my step brother? He says a snake is my brother and feels bad. Jai says Maarkaat is our mother, who took bani to the cave, to kill her. Veer looks on shocked.

Bani frees herself with the hanging roots and stops Maarkaat using her tail. She says you can’t cross the way and catches Maarkaat with her tail. Maarkaat’s eagles come there and attacks Bani with the arrows. Bani gets injured and falls down. Maarkaat’s men come there and tie her hands and legs. Maarkaat tells that very soon, it will be black moonlight and now she will cut her into two pieces, so that when that night come, you will be nearing death. She is about to kill her with a heavy weapon. Bani closes her eyes. Maarkaat uses the weapon to kill her, but Jai and Veer come there and stop her. Veer asks are you really my mother? Maarkaat’s strange men attack Veer and Jai, but they become snake and eagle and attack them. They vanish. Veer and Jai come to bani and free her. Maarkaat asks Jai what is he doing? She then asks Veer if he will go against his mother? Veer says I know you are my mother. She says I know all my sons for my help. Jai says you are a selfish woman and will never care for us, tried to kill me. Veer asks her how did she live dual life in the cellar and also in the cave.

He says you are not a good mother, when did you become Maarkaat. She says she is very dangerous and says you will not know, what will I do with her and how much pieces I made from her. She vanishes. Bani says she has escaped. Veer and Jai see the injury on Bani’s back and keep hand on her back to heal her wounds. Veer asks her to move her hand back. Jai refuses. Bani says Jai and Veer’s step brothers. Veer says I hate him and he is still dhaba wala for me. Jai says even I hate her. Bani confronts him for supporting his mother and bringing her there. Jai says he has realized his mistake and that’s why brought Veer here. Veer says I would have come without helping you. Bani asks them to decide that this war’s end is Maarkaat’s death and asks them to decide, as she is their mother. Veer says he don’t trust Jai. Baini says it will be difficult for me to trust you Jai again. Veer holds Bani’s hand and they leave. Jai looks on.

Meera gets upset with Tapish for not searching Bani. Bani comes home with Veer and Jai. Meera asks her if she is her sister? Bani says I am your sister? She asks if everyone is fine. Meera hugs her. Tapish tells that when you was not there, strange thing happened? They come to Maarkaat’s room and find her scared. Bani tells that they have seen her real avatar and asks her to come in her real avatar. She says you tried to kill me in the cave and Jai and Veer are the witness. Tapish says Maa was in the room all day and someone attacked her. Meera also says the same. Bani asks Jai and Veer to come to room. Jai and Veer come behind Bani. Bani locks the room. Veer says Tapish said that she was at home. Jai says Meera also said Bani says it is hard to doubt on mother. She asks Jai to tell when did he come to know that Maarkaat is his mother. Jai is about to tell, when Veer stops him and asks him to call Bani as Mrs. Singhania. Veer and Jai have an argument. Jai asks Bani to come to room.

Veer stops Jai and argues with him. Bani gets her snaky eyes. Jai says when I wanted to become the superior snake. He says he had gone to the cave to take Maarkaat’s help along with Moorni Mayuri. He says Mayuri was a peacock. Veer is shocked and asks him to continue. Jai says when I saw Maarkaat’s face, I was shocked and asks who are you, you can’t be Maarkaat. She comes in her avatar and says this is me? I am neither Maarkaat, nor any man? Jai says your voice was manly. Maarkaat says she used to talk to him and with the eagles in man’s voice. She says he is like man and tells that the greediness, selfishness and cleverness come from me. She says I am your mother and I am happy that you are not like your Naag’s father, but like me. Jai asks who are you? She asks him to think her as Maarkaat. Jai says my mother…she says my son. Veer says chotu…Jai says Maa told me that how she fooled my father and got pregnant, as she wanted sons from both snake and eagle. She says she wanted of us to help her.

Veer says Maarkaat didn’t know that Aadinaagin revealed her truth. Jai says she has accepted with her mouth about the truth then why is she acting? Veer also doubts on her. Bani says tonight she will not sleep in room. Later she brings the pillow and comes to hall to sleep. Jai says it is good..Bani that you came to sleep here leaving Viranshu in room. Veer comes there and teases Jai. Bani asks jai why is he doing this? He says he knows that Maarkaat can use anyone at any moment. He says later he will fight for his rights as he didn’t get the power of Aadinaag. Veer asks shall I bring capsule to make you a man. Jai goes. Bani asks Veer to go from her way. She pulls the sofa towards her. Veer moves fast.

He says you would have told me. Bani says I don’t need anyone’s help. Veer says I like importance. Bani smiles. He says gharwali hasi to phasi and asks why is she sleeping here? Bani tells that she is keeping eye on Maarkaat. Veer says he will sleep here too. Jai thinks he has become alone, Mayuri has gone, Maa is not trustable and Bani used to trust me, but not anymore. He recalls Bani saving Veer and the latter taking stand for her.Bani shows his scaly eyes to Veer and pushes him on sofa. He says oh…She says I have to keep eye on her. Veer asks her to see Daksh.

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