Naagin update Friday 22 July 2022

Naagin 22 July 2022: Episode begins with Bani tries to escape from Sakura’s house and shocks knowing his house is flying in the air. He says he already told her that he is living in the sky so she doesn’t have any other choice than marrying him because she is not an Aadi naagin anymore. She enters her room and wonders how to escape from him. Few girls comes to take her for haldi but she yells at them. She recalls what Sakura told about Veer and thinks who is this new enemy. She prays to God and jumps from the window.

Girls shocks seeing that. Shukla reaches red stone and says just 5 minutes left for Veer’s death. That red stone saves Veer and he regain consciousness but fell down again because of weakness. Bani lands safely but hanging in mid way. Red stone gives strength to Veer and he catches it.Veer sees Bani hanging and helps her. He tells her to get up from him even though he likes to see her this close forever. He asks why she was hanging like this. She asks where was he went and what was he doing. He asks did she missed him. He asks why she was hanging here like this. Before she says anything Sakura comes there. Sakura says he is going to marry Bani. Veer asks why Bani didn’t invited her husband for her marriage.

Sakura tries to hold Bani but Veer stops her. Veer says she is his wife. Sakura says she is his would be wife and asks what’s happening between them. He says how Bani jumped from the window. Veer shocks hearing him. Sakura tells Veer to witness their marriage. Veer tells him to not touch his wife.Jay, Shukla and Mayuri comes there. Jay asks why Sakura marrying Bani and why Bani not turning into snake. Sakura turned into eagle and attacks Veer. Bani wonders why Veer is not changing. Jay says Veer won’t change if he did Bani will know his truth that’s why. Mayuri says she feels like there is definitely some connection between them.

Shukla says if Veer died then they can’t handle Sakura. Jay says he wants Veer and Sakura to die and he can handle Bani. Sakura starts the pheres with Bani but Veer stops him and they starts to fight at end Veer kills Sakura. Sakura dies after saying he will get Bani 1day.Veer asks Bani why she jumped from the window. She says she didn’t wanted to marry Sakura that’s why. He says she didn’t wanted to marry Sakura because she is his wife and she can’t accept anyone else other than him. He tells her to confess her love. She loses her conscious and falls on him. He says good way to escape from his question and picks her.

In home, Bani regains consciousness. He treats her wounds. She says her answer is no for his question which he asked in the jungle. He says she already said yes to him and teases her. She says he is lying. He says if she was keep staring him like this then she will start to love him. She says she was just noticing his wounds and treats his wounds saying she is repaying his help.She says he was weak when she saw him means something happened to him and asks who is behind that. He recalls what Jay did with him and says she won’t believe him and tells her to find the truth by herself. She was about to leave from there but he stops her and tells her to promise that she won’t do any stupidity like jumping from the window again. She recalls how he saved her without caring about himself. He tells her to not meet Jay again. She asks him to tell the reason behind this promise. He says she is his wife and she has to maintain the distance with him, the way she maintained distance from Sakura.

Later Bani tells Veer that someone is locked in this house and she heard voices from where she got this red stone. Veer says that’s not possible. Balwant overhears their conversation and he goes to that place to hide the door so Veer doesn’t gets to know about it. Veer comes there and puts that red stone back and thinks Bani would have misunderstood like always. Balwant comes there and tells him about imposter and asks where he was till now.Veer says he was in the cage and asks how they believed him when Sakura’s face didn’t looked like his face. Balwant says they believed his story and changes the topic somehow and he wonders why Veer doesn’t remember his past and they leaves from there. Some human voices comes from that locked room.Jay calls Bani. Bani tells him that what all Sakura did with her. He gets relived thinking Veer didn’t told anything about him. He says everything happened because of Veer and tells her to meet him saying he has some plan to kill him. She says she has to find about something before she kills him. He asks did she changed her plan because of her new found feelings for Veer. Later Veer tells Bani that he knows what she feels for him but 1day she will accept it.

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