I’m on the edge update Sunday 24 July 2022

I’m on the edge 24 July 2022: Masa says she is planning a pooja for young girls. Adhi says I will ask them to leave. She says no i will do something. Adhi says its all upto you. He leaves.

Devi washes feet of all the girls. Adhi comes there he looks at her and leaves. She says thank you. He says do whatever you want but don’t insult my mom.
DEvi does arti of all kids and gives them chunri.

Urmi says you will what happens now. devi says you want something urmi? She says let me serve the kids. She serves the kids rice. Urmi mixes plastic rice in the food. Kesar says let me help you in taking these. She gives the rice to kesar and she serves all the kids.

All the kids start coughing and fainting after eating food.

All the kid are coughing. Ambika says what happened? Devi says all the kids have stomach ache. Urmi calls inspector. She says all the girls who came here re not here. Please bring ambulance here. Please come. He says we are coming.
All the kids faint. Devi sees rice melting. They are of plastic. She shows them to ambika. Devi says we have to make kids vomit. Devi says I am coming. She makes a med.

Urmi says devi now see when police takes you to jail. I will see how you stay here. Devi makes all kids eat that water. They all throw up and feel better.

Urmi says thanks for coming inspector. Devi made the food. I don’t know what will happen. He says let us check. Where are the kids. Urmi says see all the kids.

Urmi is upset that her plan was ruined. She says how did the kids get well. Devi shows her plastic rice? Devi says was wondering why you helped us.
Urmi says what are you trying to say? Just because I am a widow you can accuse me. You want to say that I am a widow and food with my hands was not good for kids? Devi says I didn’t mean it. She says I am sorry. Urmi says I am sorry. I am widow. Devi says that doesn’t make you lesser than anyone. Life gives us challenges and it gave me too and you as well.
We have to believe in ourselves.

Scene 2
Devi calls Ambika. She tells Devi how to do pooja.
Devi says Kaku do pooja at your house. It might make things better. God will fix everything.
Devi collides with Adhi. She says keep this wheat behind your ear for the ppooja. He throws it away. Devi says it slipped from your hand no worries I have another one. Adhi comes close to snatch that done as well.
He takes it and says dont’ do this drama in front of me. He throws it away. He says my heart wont ever melt. She says yes you told me before. he says you don’t have right to question.

Devi calls the bank. She says this is Devi. Bharat Chauhan sent a loan application what happened to it? Will you proceed it or should I talk to Adhi. Manager says don’t worry I will call your kaka and give him good news.
Devi asks Kesar where is Saradh? She says he is out of city. Devi says wanted to ask him if we use someone’s name for someone else’ work what will happen? I used Adhi’s name to get Kaku’s loan approved.
Bansuri overhears everything.

Saradh comes home. Urmi says bank manager came and said Adhi has passed a loan from bank. Saradh says I don’t know about it. I will ask adhi.
Saradh comes to Adhi and asks about loan. Adhi calls the bank and asks about loan. The banker tells him that Devi called and used his name for Bharat’s loan.


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