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Naagin 22 August 2022: Episode starts with Veer saying Bani that his mom was bad, very bad, but she was his…..Bani says your mother. She hugs him. Veer says Chandrakala was my mother and not Maarkaat. Later Bani is going, when Veer pulls her closer and says I have to call Doctor as you refused to heal Jai’s injury. Bani says she don’t trust Jai and don’t know what will happen. Veer tells that Jai has done a favor on me and killed Maarkaat. Bani asks him to give credit to Jai for their marriage and asks him to make Jai sit on his head. Veer says he gives solo credit to just himself. Bani says then he shall keep party for himself. Daksh, Ponky asks him to throw party. Veer announces the party and then thanks Bani for becoming his. He says you have to kiss me infront of everyone. Bani says I will not do this. Veer says challenge accepted, I will see.

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Later in the party, Ponky and Daksh come for the party. Ponky sees the girls and give them bouquet. Chachi, and her daughters also come to the party. Veer comes to the party and says I never miss the chance to kiss. Panditayan sees the moon and calls Snake charmer. She tells that Aadinaagin’s life is in danger. She says she will alert her, but snake charmer stops her.Bani comes to the party. Veer looks at her and asks if she remembers the challenge. She smiles and says that challenge, which you will lose? Veer holds her hand and takes her to the party. She asks him to catch her and runs. Veer sees Jai getting down the stairs and thinks something is going on in my mind. He comes to Jai. Jai asks do you think that I am conspiring against you. He says he has realized that Bani don’t want him to attend the party, infact she don’t like him. Veer says do whatever you want, but if you think bad about Bani or my family then…I will not leave you. He asks him not to miss him much and goes. Jai says you don’t know what am I enjoying and sees his reflection in the water, Maarkaat is shown as his reflection.

A fb is shown, Maarkaat feels burning sensation, when bani had thrown poison on her face. Maarkaat scolds Jai for her failed plan. Jai says I will kill Bani, easy way. Maarkaat asks how? He brings the trishul and says it is boon and curse for Aadinaagin. Maarkaat asks him not to take it near her. Jai tries to step near her, but he falls down. Maarkaat says I am at the weakest point now. Jai tells that on Poornima night, this Trishul will kill Bani. He says Bani will be at her weakest moment, when I will stab Trishul in her. He goes near Maarkaat and stabs her. Maarkaat calls him betrayal and asks how can you kill me? Jai says I can do this being my son and tells that you have betrayed my Naag father and also Veer’s father. He says Veer regards you as a mother and will not kill you, but I am clever and can kill you. He says I will get powerful after killing you. Fb ends. He thinks he has kept Maarkaat’s something with him and will become more powerful after killing bani. He says he stabbed arrow on his back and injured himself.

Veer comes to Bani and shows the bouquet. He says you knows what you shall do? Bani says I know what I have to do? Mahek and Dahek asks Daksh and Ponky if they don’t like them. The guys tell that they are fed up with them, as they stay in their house. The girls run behind them.Bani thinks where did Veer go? Veer comes to her and looks at her. Bani looks at him. He tells that Mistle toe was here, so you can’t accuse me for planning and plotting. Bani asks him to close his eyes, if he wants prize. He closes his eyes. Bani goes near him and closes her eyes. She opens her eyes and becomes half snake, takes down mistle toe with her tail. Veer says now I will not to you. Bani says ok…Viranshu and asks him to turn towards her. Just then someone opens the door. Veer turns to her and sees mistle toe on her head, says very smart ghar wali. A guy/magician comes to the party and charms everyone. Bani senses something and her skin becomes scaly. Veer asks if this is the excuse not to kiss him. The guy calls DJ and asks Ponky to play music. Veer asks who is he to order my brother and goes to him. The guy asks Veer to dance and make others dance too. Veer dances and makes others dance too. Bani is shocked and thinks why everyone is dancing? Veer says the guy wants me to dance. Jai comes there. bani thinks this guy is controlling humans and as well as eagles. She thinks to do something.

Jai asks Bani what is going on. Bani tells that this man is hypnotizing everyone. Jai says except you. She asks about him. Jai says I am fine seeing you. Bani asks him not to talk nonsense and asks him if he knows who is he? Jai says no. Bani thinks she can’t go to temple now, leaving her family unsafe.Panditayan comes to the party and searches Bani. Bani goes to her room and thinks who is this guy and why his magic is working on him. She calls Panditayan. Panditayan sees Jai and thinks to inform Bani about him. Snake Charmer picks call on Panditayan’s phone and tells about the man hypnotizing everyone. Snake charmer tells that these powers are many eras old. Panditayan sees Bani and is about to call her, when Jai comes and kidnaps her. Bani sees the guy walking to her and her complexion turns red and her skin scaly. She asks who is he and asks about his powers. She says I have no effect on me, just my face is turning red. Jai takes Panditayan outside.

Panditayan says you have killed my husband. Jai pushes her. Panditayan gets up and tells that Shani Dev used to change his path during 400 years, but change his position at 255 years. She says only Maarkaat brings in this change and tells about mrityu yog. Jai makes her see maarkaat in water. Panditayan is shocked.The guy tells Bani that he came for her and tells that he is her friend, with whose presence, even devil gets afraid of. He says he came to tell her and make her know. Panditayan says you have killed her. Jai says I have killed her, but took all her powers in me. He says you are more smart in your husband. Panditayan says you will be punished for your sins. Jai asks if she wants to go to her husband and holds her neck.

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