Married Again update Saturday 11 June 2022


Married Again 11 June 2022: Prashant And yash meet and yash wishes him happy diwali he also invites him top celebrate diwali with them prashant denies but yash forces him, at the syndia house. everyone enjoying diwali… ansh says dad dint get me flower pots (anar) for bursting aarti says its my mistake na I lost them sorry she says your papa will come u enjoy with other crackers till then.After some time pratik takes the kids inside aarti also wonders where is yash ji….just then she slips and yash catches her (eye lock) yash says u don’t take care of your self aarti says sorry … yash says your okay na and pls stand up my friend is here to meet u aarti asks who is he yash points towards door and she sees prashant….

aarti shocked and drops ladoo plate which is in her hand yash asks are u ok aarti says no I mean yes sorry plate fell down I mean it got slipped out from my hand aarti bends to pick it up yash says I have told u not to work in such condition I will do he also tells prashant to come in….aarti nervous and she stares at prashant aarti full scared….prashant is standing at door step…yash again invites him inside this time prashant enters the house he comes and stands besides yash aarti says he yash says he is my friend I got him so that he can meet us and he is alone so I bought him her to celebrate diwali he was denying at first but I forced him yash introduces aarti as his wife to him yash then takes him to meet other family members…

they go away (aarti in mind why god why that to today…..why are u getting so many problems for me)[scidhiya hall shobha dubey and G3 and CAS wish each other they feed sweets to each other just then yash comes with prashant there dubey shocked prashant silent….prashant and yash walk towards them he introduces him he says these are aartis mom dad and they are my mom dad he is my big bro ,small bro paridi,bua and he says he is my friend …prashant greets everyone….kids remember prashant telling them that he was staying on rent in dubeys house they say dad we have met your friend yash asks where did u meet him kids says at badi moms house they says yes na badi mummy

Everyone shocked, kids says u remember when it was your bday mom had run away and this uncle had saved her (flash back) shobha and dubey tell the kids not to tell about prashant to anyone…..(Flash back over) kids say yes na uncle camera rotating from prashants face to aartis face….yash asks aarti that u know him….he says why didn’t u tell me….aarti says I was gonna tell u and looks at shobha but prashant covers it up he says my friend is in lalitpur and that time u were finding your son and wife and I didn’t know that u also lived here its co incidence na yash says so your the angel who saved aartis life he says we were waiting for u at temple why u didn’t come….he says we were destined to meet today so may be we didn’t meet that day CAS says glad u came today and thank u for helping aarti and my grandson G3 says shobha ji why didn’t u mention this before that u know prashant.

Dubey says we didn’t get any chance to tell that time he is my friends son and it does not look good that he would stay in hotel when we are here na so we invited him to our house to stay he is like my son….bus says that’s good and u all seem to be happy doing this all bua says aarti was in your house na during karwachauth she should have met prashant bua asks yes na aarti still u didn’t tell us about prashant why did u hide….Cas says keep quite maya he says prashant is here to celebrate diwali with us and we have two relations with him 1st he is yashs friend and he is samdhijis son I mean like samdhijis son ….(aarti in mind why are u taking my exam god I will tell prashants truth this time to yash ji)

Yash’s family continuing celebration of Diwali. Aarti and Shobha ji looks uncomfortable and buaji has an eye on them. Buaji says, something is definitely wrong.. this new guest has brought something with him. She decides to look into it.All brothers and Prashant are going to play Taj (card game). While going, Prashant clashes with Diyas and his shirt gets dirty. Yash takes him with him to give his clothes to Prashant. Seeing Diyas off, buaji is even more confident that something is wrong. She says to herself, Diyas went off as soon as he came to this house.. God knows what more will happen when he stays around this house for long. Aarti comes there and lightens the Diya.

Aarti tells Buaji, nothing like what you’re thinking will happen. Aarti continues, what I say.. I definitely do. Buaji gives an angry look to Aarti. Aarti takes Diya from Buaji’s hand leaves from there. Buaji swears that she won’t let Aarti and her attitude stay in this house for long.Yash gives one of his shirts to Prashant and in that he drops Arpita’s photo. Prashant picks it up and returns to Yash. Yash says, it’s my first wife.. Arpita. Prashant asks Yash if he can tell him something. Yash says, you don’t need permission in friendship. Prashant asks Yash, don’t you think.. it’s better if your past doesn’t come in your present? sometimes photographs can create many issues. Yash says, you don’t know Aarti that well.

This is what is good about Aarti… she has no problem with Arpita’s photos. She actually respects Arpita a lot. read full updates daily only at Prashant says, no.. I don’t believe you. There is no woman in world who can share her husband. He says, I am sure that all these photos must be making Aarti feel that she doesn’t have full rights on you. Yash says, you might be right, but Aarti is different. And 2nd marriage is different than first one. Prashant asks, have you tried reading her heart? What does she want? Prashant now says, leave all that. But tell me, if Aarti had kept her first husband photo with her like this, would you be able to accept that? Yash has nothing to say.

Prashant then says, so you got answer right? N you must have felt little jealous as well. Prashant now goes to the wash room to change his clothes. Yash has lost into some deep thoughts and Aarti comes there.Yash sees her and puts the photo away. He goes to her and says, I want to ask you something.. and you tell me the truth. He asks, do my past, Arpita’s photos bother you? Does her past affect our relationship? A woman can’t share her husband’s love? with his first wife’s memories? Aarti says, I never said anything to you.. why are you asking me such stuff then? Yash says, Prashant made me realize this. Prashant comes out from the washroom and sees angry Aarti.

Aarti says, I never said anything,.. then who gave an outsider to say in our personal matters? She says, I am sorry.. but he can’t decide what I like about my husband and what I don’t. So it’s better if he stays in his limit. Aarti is leaving, but Yash holds her hand and stops her.Yash tells Aarti to relax. He says, this much anger is not good for you.. and I shouldn’t have told you all this like this. Prashant doesn’t say anything and just watches all this. Yash now asks Aarti to smile a little.. for him. Aarti smiles and then sees Prashant. All smile disappears now.

Aarti leaves from there. Yash turns back and looks at Prashant. Yash apologizes to him, but Prashant asks him not to apologize. Prashant says to Yash, no matter what kind of person I am.. but you’re just too innocent. A wife who cannot see her husband talking about her to an outsider… how would she like her husband thinking about some other woman? Prashant then says, leave all this. Let’s go and play Taj. I feel that I am going to win today. Prashant leaves keeping Yash lost in thoughts.

All brothers and Prashant are playing Taj. And all the ladies are watching them playing Taj. Prateik wins first hand. Pankaj tells Prateik, only my and your lucks are working. Either you or me winning everyday.. these two (Prashant and Yash) are flop today. Vidhi says Pankaj and Prateik won’t play now as others should get chance to win as well.It’s Yash vs Prashant now. And it is a big hand. Panjak says whoever wins this will be winner and other will be loser. Prashant is taking out money from his wallet and Buaji is looking at his wallet.

Prashant wins the hand. Prateik says, Yash has always been unlucky in gambling. But there’s a saying.. “Lucky in love, unlucky in gambling” and Yash is an example of that. Aarti and Yash smile.While Prashant is putting money back into his wallet, Buaji notices some kid’s photo in it. She takes the wallet away and sees Ansh’s photo. Buaji asks Prashant, how did you get so close to Ansh in two days? Buaji then tells everyone Aarti stayed with Prashant for 2 days in Lalithpur, then how did they get so close that Prashant put Ansh’s photo in his wallet? Buaji passes Prashant’s wallet to Yash. Yash looks at the photo and then looks at Aarti.

Buaji asks the reason for having ansh’s photo in prashant’s wallet raising a question on their seemingly very close intimacy.yash too is boogled.but prashant covers up saying that dubeyji wanted a ppf account in yash’s name and the photo was required for opening it,and dubey had entrusted him with this work since the bank was in his way to the office.At a loss of words,buaji scurries from there citing a reason of looking after gayatri and suraj.Prateik too comments on his strong bond with ansh and ask a personal question if he has kids.Prashant is in a fix but bfore he can answer,ansh comes in demanding for more crackers.

whenarti says its enough but prashant butts in saying that if ansh feels like it,then let him light more since diwali doesn’t come everyday and they should keep the child’s wishes,and offers to take out money from his wallet.Arti gets very angry and asks him to do no such thing since she is his mother and knows whats right and wrong for him.Then sensing her seriousness and others confusion at hr anger she slows down saying that its not right to overspend in the name of festival and also to give in to every demand of the child,rather they should use that money to spread cheer and joy among those unfortunate children by distributing hem sweets and gifts.

Prateik,pankaj,vidhi and Bhavani too offer to go.They leave along with ansh.yash gets a call and excuses himself giving prashant the opportunity to talk to arti,but she storms out of the room without listening to her.he follows her outside,she says that she doesn’t want to talk to him,saying that this is her husband’s house and she knows all the evil intentions that he has come here with and she wont let them happen,despite prashant continually trying to protest his innocence.He asks arti to let go of the past and unburden herself of the pain he gave her.she refuses to take advise from him and says that she has long forgotten the pain he inflicted on her and the past.She says that she is very happy with yash.

yash finishes his call and then seeing dubeyji stops him and ask him the reason for calling him to the cafe that day and hesitating to talk,saying that he senses trouble still in his eyes.He says that he knows dubeyji has picked up loads of money from the market.He slips in an envelope in his hands saying that its a loan from him for helping out dubeyji,and ask him to keep it despite his refusing several times.he finally takes it when yash asks him to consider him as his son,just like he considers arti as his daughter.and also says,if he feels better,he can take it as a loan not a gift and can return whenever he can.Dubeyji blesses him and leaves.yash asks the servant about arti who shows him the way arti went.

Meanwhile,unaware that yash is approaching,with something in his hands that he has kept behind him,arti is telling prashant that sh is doing the transplant not fr him,but his parents whose happiness is linked with him.She ask him to stop coming to their house as she doesn’t like insulting guests.he also demands to know what is he doing with ansh and yash,increasing his intimacy with them and demands that he return ansh’s photo to her since he has no right on him or to keep his photo in his wallet.On her persistent demand,he gives in and is about to give her the photo when yash comes in.

He shows the gift that he has got for arti in order to cool down her temper that she is in currently.again prashant makes a mistake of pre guessing it but hashes it up saying that he heard yash order for it on the phone that’s how he knew.Shobha comes in saying that they have to leave,since its time fo his and then rectifies saying his dad’s medicines.Yash thanks him for coming and asks him to meet again which again sends arti into a delirium.Prashant is taking leave along with shobhs apologizing to arti,if she can forgive him,but arti lost is coaxed by yash to respond and courteously nods.yash begins a conversation with arti,built she hastily leaves citing some important work leaving yash worried.

Late in the night,when yash wakes up from his sleep,he finds arti sitting solemnly by the window.He goes up behind her and is surprised when she apologizes to him.He ask how did she know he was behind her.She says that she recognizes his footsteps better than her own heartbeat.She again apologizes for her indecent behaviour with his friend and says that she doesn’t know what came over her.yash admits that he too was scared at her temper for a while since he had never seen her like this.but later when he thought about it,he actually liked it.When arti asks why,he says he doesn’t know the reason,he just liked it.They share a romantic eyelock.

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