Naagin 4 update Thursday May 5 2022

Naagin 4, May 5 2022: Episode starts with Vishali seeing Dev unconsciously lying in the jungle. Nayantara comes running to them and tells that she had gone to drink water, and when she came, he was not in the car and she was searching him since an hour. Vishali asks her to help her. Pandit informs Baa that Dev is found and will be in home soon. Baa asks about Vrinda. Pandit says Vrinda will return soon. Swara tells that Parikh family don’t care for Vrinda. He says everyone loves Vrinda a lot. Vishali looks at Dev in the house. Rohan comes there. Vishali asks why did you bring Dev here? Rohan says he brought me here. Swara asks Vrinda about her injury. She tells that the door was locked so she jumped off the window. Swara scolds her and asks her to take care of herself.

Naagin 4 May 4 2022

She makes her see her face and says you got dark circles. Vrinda says I don’t have big friends’ circle, but have dark circles. She asks shall I apply potato slices. Swara tells that Rajat is waiting for him. Rajat comes there and asks if she will have coffee. Swara goes. Rajat gives hot coffee to her and asks about Dev.Vishali thanks Nayantara for being with Dev. Nayantara says she was behind him and that’s why his condition is bad. She then tells her that she is feeling terrible for Dev. Dev gains consciousness. He asks about Vrinda. They all ask how did he faint? Vishali asks him to see if he saw a big snake. Dev recalls running away and tells that he didn’t see snake. He tells that car skid and he fell down. He tells that he got scratches then. Dev says I give up and tells that a big animal might be behind me and welcoming me. They smile. Dev asks Vrinda if she didn’t talk to Dev about him. Vrinda says she didn’t say, but told much about him.

Rajat says really and tells that he must be scolded in the hospital as he was found unconscious by his mother. She runs out hearing this.Dev calls Baa and comes to her. baa asks why did you come here? He tells that it is his 75th birthday. Baa tells that when he was about to born, she used to get dream of bholenaath and tells that she feels that he is God’s child. He asks them to plan his girlfriend’s birthday party Ketki asks them to come and plan for the birthday. Baa tells Dev that she is very happy to see him. He says I know, and tells that whenever she don’t say, he understands seeing her lovely eyes.

Manyata tells Nayantara that she is proud of her, whatever you do will be good, everything will happen as we plan, and will not do any mistake. Nayantara says my mother can’t lie properly and tells that they might be having naagmani. Manyata says they have lost everything and tells that if they would have naagmani then would have become rich. She says Khyati is getting her son Manas to a rich family for money. She tells that Dev must have something which can change him to icchadhari naag. Nayantara says she wanted to kill Dev. Nayantara says you will not spoil all her plan in one go. She says if everyone gets easy death then my Keshav will not get mukti. She says you have to give painful death to everyone. Nayantara says I promise that this will happen. She says they have invited me for the birthday party tomorrow. Manyata asks her to think. Vishali tells her brother in law that she thinks this is done by naagin. Ketki asks why Dev lie and why he will say naagin as Cheetah. Vishali says nobody will be saved and tells that icchadhari naagin never forgets her revenge, who was cursed for 25 years and you has returned on Ashlesha nakshatra day. They see Akash coming and divert the topic.

Vrinda orders chocolate cake, etc for the party. Swara asks did you call her. Vrinda says they have invited me, but I am not going. Swara asks why? Vrinda says they have kept theme party and wearing something special. Dev comes there. Swara greets him and tells about Rajat. Dev shows the dress and tells that baa brought dress for you and asked you to wear this. He asks her how she came back? She says cab. He says you have a boyfriend and would have come with him. All the youngsters come to Manas’ room and take his phone. They tease him to check the call. Manas tells that it was a work call. They call on the number, but it is switched back. Manas takes the phone back.

Baa’s picture is taken by the family member. Everyone comes and wishes her happy birthday. The click for the family photos. Dev asks where are Rasik and Madhav uncle. Vishali says they went to get the gift. Vrinda comes and wishes happy birthday to baa. She gives gift to Baa on Rajat and her behalf. Rohan, Harsh and Sparsh tease Dev. Rohan comes to Vrinda and asks him to take his card and stay in touch with him. Rajat asks Vrinda to talk to Dev. Vrinda says ok. She searches for him and then tells Rajat that she is feeling strange and if she ask him then will sound selfish. Rajat says he has a big company and if he gives me a job then it would be good. Vrinda comes to Dev, but he is talking to Vishali. Nayantara comes to the party. Dev asks for the birthday gift. Nayantara looks at him. Vrinda-Rajat and Baa –Dev and others dance. Nayantara excuses herself. Vrinda calls Dev. Dev’s sister is in her room when she sees a big snake. She gets shocked when the snake is about to bite her.

Vrinda tells Dev that someone is special like a moon among the stars and splashes flower petals on him. He asks if she is talking about him. She says no. He says I have brought this dress for you. Vrinda says she was talking about Baa. She tells that she will tell his girlfriend. He asks if she will search GF for him. She says sorry for pushing him. He asks her to give tamarind and says please. She gives him tamarind. They both have it. She asks him to talk to Rajat for his work. He asks if she needs favor as she is Baa’s favorite. He then says he knows her since childhood and will talk to rajat. Nayantara recalls everyone killing Nana Saheb and Keshav’s family. Dev and Vrinda bring the cake. He says he will lit 75 candles. Nayantara is about to light the candle. Dev asks her to be careful.

Vrinda hears Manas getting a call and meeting a girl, who hugs him and tells that he can’t marry anyone else and can’t betray her. She says I love you. Manas says I will not marry anyone. Vrinda takes their pics. He looks at her. Vrinda hides. Nayantara burns the match stick and lights the curtain. Vrinda confronts Manas and asks if he don’t feel shame to cheat his fiancé. Manas says if you don’t shut your mouth then I will do something bad with you. He threatens her. The house catches fire. Everyone is shocked. Baa gets stuck in the fire and shouts Dev’s name. Dev asks about the fire extinguisher and tries to set off the fire. Nayantara thinks he has to come in his real avatar, else he can’t save baa. Vrinda comes running there. Dev couldn’t set off the fire. Vrinda jumps inside the fire calling Baa. Dev asks are you mad. He also goes inside setting off the fire. Nayantara says you saved your Baa without turning into your real avatar. A big snake looks at them from outside.

Baa gets difficulty to breath. Nayantara lights the fire to the curtain and sits around the fire. Manyata becomes white snake and climbs up the haveli. Nayantara shouts for help. Dev tries to save her. He sets off the fire and keeps the sofa on it, asking Nayantara to hold his hand before the fire catches up again. Manyata sees everything. Nayantara thinks why Dev is not coming in his real avatar. He asks her to give is hand, when something falls down on them. He gets injured. Nayantara is still stuck in the fire.

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