Naagin 4 update Monday May 16 2022

Naagin 4, May 16 2022: Episode starts with Dev asking someone to open the door. Nayantara is standing out and thinks door will not be opened. Dev makes unconscious Brinda sit and tries to open the door. He comes back to her. Nayantara thinks romance with her all night. Dev holds Brinda and looks at her. Ranjhana song plays….Brinda is semi conscious and asks for water. He makes her drink water and wipes the water from her mouth. He thinks she is innocent looking and says I used to eat your tamarind, and you used to call me lalchi lomdi. Brinda says Maa…and says Rajat I want to go home. Dev remembers Rajat and says I will take you home. He says that guy is unconscious and drunk, and you are taking his name. he says this is not childishless, but life. He says he feels Rajat is a lalchi lombdi and talks about only money. Brinda holds his hand and says I want to go home. Dev says I can’t call your mum, thinks to call Nayantara. Brinda says I shouldn’t have come here. Dev says Rohan will come, I will take you. She holds his hand and rests her hand on his chest. He makes her lie down on the sofa. Brinda murmurs that she needs to talk to Baba and Rajat.

Dev knocks on the door and calls his brothers.Brinda falls down from the sofa. He runs back to her. brinda cries and rests her head on his chest again. He promises that he will take her to her parents and Rajat. She says she is sleepy and sleeps. Ranjhana plays…..

He gets sleepy and sleeps, holding brinda. Some photographers come there and click their pic. Dev wakes up and asks them to stop clicking the pics. Brinda gains consciousness and thinks what is she doing here? The media accuse Dev to have blacken his face with her. Dev gets angry on them. Rushali sees the news on TV and blames Brinda for trapping Dev. She says so this is her intention, and says whom to believe Dev or Brinda. Nayantara comes there and asks her not to blame dev. She says she don’t want to come between two lovers. Rushali says there is a comfort level between Dev and Brinda, as they are friends. Ketki says she is just a servant. Nayantara says she likes Dev and wants to see her future with him, but it seems like he is not interested. Rushali says she also sees her as her bahu. Baa says they shall ask about Dev’s choice.

Rushali asks Akash to take Baa inside. Baa is upset and goes. Rushali asks Ketki to go and tells Nayantara that she will never make that Servant as her bahu. She says Dev is innocent, but you are smart and will save him. Nayantara says she wants to be with him, but. Rushali fixes her marriage with Dev and makes her wear her bangles. She promises her and tells that she is sure that she will rescue him from brinda. Nayantara says if he will love me. Rushali says yes. Nayantara says what my mum will say, as she will want the marriage to happen at the earliest seeing this news. Rushali asks her to ask her mother to do the arrangement as soon as possible. Nayantara thinks just as she gets married, her revenge will be fulfilled.

Dev brings Brinda home and tells her everything. He says I can never take your advantage, when I came there you was unconscious and the door was locked. Rushali comes there and tells that Brinda has taken advantage of him and blames her. Swara comes to her daughter’s rescue. Rushali says she took help to bring Nayantara and Dev closer. Brinda says she tried to help Dev. Ketki says we all have seen how you have helped him all night. Dev says nothing happened like that and tells that someone spiked her cold drink. Ketki asks Rasik not to drink even cold drink now. Rushali asks Dev if he loves her and says people will think like this. She asks him to marry Nayantara. Brinda says she is engaged to Rajat. Rajat comes there and tells that he has seen how she was stuck to dev, like they were inseparable. Rushali blames her and goes inside.

Brinda goes behind Rajat to talk to him. Rohan and other brothers come to Manas’ room and talk that it is good that Brinda don’t remember anything.Just then Manas comes out of coma and recalls Naagin threatening him. Rohan and others go out to inform Rushali. Dev is standing in the temple. Brinda comes there and requests him to marry Nayantara. She says her parents are getting humiliated and asks him to marry Nayantara to prove everyone wrong. He asks if she will marry someone she don’t love. Brinda says she will do what is right. Dev asks her to leave Rajat and says he doubted you today. Brinda says he saw the news and took wrongly. Dev says he should have stand by you , when everyone was doubting you. Akash comes there and asks Dev to come, as Manas came out of coma. Akash asks brinda not to come to his house.

Rushali and others ask Manas who was responsible for his condition. Manas recalls Nayantara with Naagin and points finger at her. Ketki asks Nayantara to come inside and says Manas is calling you. Nayantara sits near him which scares Manas. She says you will be saved if you let me go to call doctor. Rasik and others ask him to tell who was behind his accident. Khyati asks him to say. Rushali says we will deal with the attacker. Manas says Sa…and then says snake. Everyone is shocked.Swara asks Pandit to have water, but he refuses. She tells that they humiliated their daughter, even though Brinda does so much for them. Brinda comes to them and says I told you that I was having a black outs and fainting often. She says I didn’t know how I reached there. She apologizes to her for the sin which she has not done. Swara blames herself for letting her go there. Brinda tries to remember and tells Pandit that she don’t remember. Pandit tells that he is not doubting her, but others do. Swara asks her to go to Rajat’s house and apologize to him. Brinda turns to go and sees Rushali coming. Rushali says I want to talk to Pandit ji alone.

Brinda comes out and thinks Rajat is doubting her seeing that. Manyata comes there and talks to nayantara. She says you will not marry now. She says I can’t risk your life and asks her to back off. Nayantara runs behind her and collides with Brinda. Brinda says sorry and sees nayantara, thinks if she is her mum. Manyata also sees Brinda. Nayantara asks her to move and goes.Rushali brings Manyata’s pic to Manas. Manas gets scared and says snake. He gets hysterical and faints again. Pandit sees Manas’ condition. Rushali realizes and thinks Naagin is alive and returned to take revenge from us. She thinks naagin will target Dev next. Dev asks Baa to rest and pray for them all. He says don’t worry about Manas, he will be fine soon. Baa asks him to sit and says I can’t sleep seeing you sad. She says my heart knows what is truth and tells that brinda and you can’t do anything wrong. She asks him to become her support and stand by her, like she always stood by her in the house. Dev says this will happen.

Brinda tries to talk to Rajat and says you are saying as if you don’t know me. Rajat says you went to make them together, but made triangle with them. Brinda is shocked. Rajat asks if she is jealous and says why you didn’t unite them. Brinda asks where was you last night? He says he was drinking, but was not with any stranger. Brinda says she didn’t do anything wrong. Rajat says I can’t forgive you and goes. Rushali comes out and drops the pic by mistake. Brinda picks the pic, looks at Manyata’s pic and asks if she is also angry with me. Rushali asks what? Brinda says if she is upset with me then I will talk to her and will clarify. Rushali asks what is she saying? Brinda says she will talk to Nayantara’s mother, who is in this pic. She says just now she came here and Nayantara talked to her.She says Nayantara was calling her mum. Rushali thinks it was Nayantara and Manyata’s plan to trap my son.

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