Naagin 4 update Friday 20 May 2022

Naagin 4,  20 May 2022: Parikh’s sons running away thinking Nayantara fell down, but she is alive and asks brinda to save her. brinda tries to save her and becomes half snake. She asks her to hold the branch tightly. She gives her tail so that Nayantara holds her and climbs up, but the latter falls down.Brinda becomes snake and falls down, but she couldn’t save her. Manyata is going from there and Nayantara falls down infront of her and dies. Manyata cries and asks her to get up. Brinda says you was right, that Parikh family did this. Brinda becomes naagin and crawls behind the guys, and stops seeing Dev meeting them on the way. They tell Dev that he was right about Nayantara and they have done something. Dev says ok, you all go home now. Brinda hears this and thinks Dev is also involved in the murder.

Manyata asks Nayantara to get up and says you can marry Dev if you want. Brinda says they have to take her to lal tekri mandir. Manyata asks if Nayantara will be fine there. Brinda thinks she will not leave the guys.The guys come home and tells Vrushali that they have killed Nayantara. Vrushali says we have to end naagin’s fear for once and all.Manyata asks the God that he is just a stone, not to see Nayantara in trouble. She hits her head on the pillar. Maha Pandit comes there and asks her to handle herself. She says the God has snatched my daughter, what she had done? She says if you want to keep those guilty alive then I can take my death with my wish. Brinda and Maha Pandit try to stop her. Manyata says she wants to die and don’t want any revenge now. Brinda tries to stop her. Manyata tries to stab trishul in her stomach, when brinda becomes snake and makes the trishul falls down.

Manyata cries and sits with Nayantara’s dead body. Brinda asks Maha Pandit why Manyata didn’t do counter attack on her. Maha Pandit says Manyata’s trust is broken today, she don’t have a wish to live now. Her namesake daughter is killed and her own daughter don’t think her as her mother. Brinda looks on.Pandit ji does the puja. Vrushali asks Pandit ji to pray for their sons. She tells him that Dev and brinda’s alliance can’t happen. Pandit ji says Brinda will understand. Brinda asks Manyata to take revenge for her husband and daughter’s death. She says even you have become a stone and asks her to punish the enemies. She says a daughter never wants to learn to lose from her mother and calls her mother. She says she wants to seek revenge from them with her help. She swears and tells that she will take revenge from them, says it is icchadhari naagin’s revenge.

She sees Parikh family killing her father and his family in Manyata’s eyes. She then apologizes to her and then apologizes to Nayantara, says your death will not be forgotten. She says nobody will be saved, nobody. Manyata says it is too late now, everything is finished and sits near Nayantara’s dead body.Dev comes to brinda’s house and looks for her. Akash comes to Baa. Baa asks him about Dev. Akash says he went to search Nayantara. Baa says she is not the right girl, tells that Dev likes brinda. Swara opens the door. Dev asks about brinda. Swara tells her that she went out. She says she trusts her and is sure that Brinda can’t do anything for her. Dev says I know Brinda. Swara thanks him and says I will tell Brinda that you came.

Maha Pandit makes arrangement for burn Nayantara’s dead body. Maha Pandit says we have to start the last rites. Manyata says this is rasam and tells that her daughter is a bride and looking so beautiful, she applies black tika on her. Maha Pandit ji asks Brinda to do her last rites and says she is like you sister. Manyata says she is her sister and asks brinda to do her ghatbandhan. Maha pandit keeps wood logs on her. Manyata shouts asking him not to suffocate her sister.Vrushali asks Khyati to give vabhoot? Khyati says she had given it to Manas as he went with his brothers. Vrushali tells Pandit ji that they don’t have vabhoot? Pandit ji says they have to be careful with Naagin.

Brinda takes round around Nayantara’s pyre and promises to kill everyone responsible for her death. Manyata throws flowers on the pyre. Brinda tells Manyata that Nayantara is dead and they have to give her agni. Manyata slaps her and says she can’t let her burn her Nayan. Brinda says it is not burning, but giving mukti. She gives fire to the pyre. Manyata breaks down and cries. Brinda asks Maha Pandit to take her from there.They take Manyata from there. Just then it shows Nayantara is standing when a snake comes out of the pyre and becomes human. Nayantara asks who is she? The snake is Vishaka.

Brinda takes Manyata to the temple and makes her rest. Swara comes there and asks her to come home. She asks her not to leave her mother. Brinda says I will never leave my mother. Swara tells that Dev came to search you. Brinda says now nobody will trouble us, neither Dev nor his family. Swara asks her to come home first. Brinda says I am coming. She tells Manyata that she listens to Swara mother and she never taught her to hurt anyone, but taught her not to bear wrong. she says Nayantara’s criminals will not be saved. She will win.Nayantara is alive and asks Vishaka to set off the pyre and says my mum is in pain. Vishaka says your mum will forget you when brinda shows her powers and tells that she is better than you and is an icchadhari naagin.

Brinda swears on her blood and says I won’t leave that murderers. She shouts and says I am naagin.Vishaka asks if she remembers how she saved her.She comes to the train and meets Nayantara. She shows her avatar in Nayantara’s face. Nayantara asks who are you? She becomes Vishaka and tells that she collided with her intentionally.They hear Sparsh coming and asks Nayantara to hide. She becomes naagin and makes Nayantara hide under the train seat. Nayantara asks why did you choose me, as you know I am a human? Vishaka says I chose you carefully.They see brinda coming there. Vishaka hides with Nayantara and says your sister came? Nayantara says she is not my sister.

Brinda goes from there. Vishaka says Brinda and others think that you are dead and says we have to hide this truth from her also. Nayantara asks why? Vishaka says so that you can become more competent, more better than her and asks her to come behind her without any questions. Nayantara goes behind her and says I am with you.Vrushali searches for Vabhoot in Ketki’s room. Ketki tells that she don’t have it, and knows that Naagin can kill Didi. Vrushali says Naagin will kill everyone.Manas, Harsh, Sparsh and Rohan are sitting and drinking. Dev comes there, they hide the bottle. Dev wishes to talk to brinda. Brinda comes home and hides seeing Swara. She thinks if Maa sees her then will not let her do what she wants. Vrushali comes to Dev as he is leaving and takes his car keys. He says I came to know that you went to Pandit’s house. Dev says he is worried for Nayantara, she called me and didn’t come. Vrushali says I did a mistake to choose her, you shall not care if she dies or live. He says he needs fresh air. Vrushali takes the keys and goes. Dev sits holding his head.Brinda hears them and gets angry. She misunderstands Dev and is about to become naagin, when she faints and falls down. Dev holds her and asks her to open her eyes. She opens her eyes.

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