A love to die for update Friday 20 May 2022

A love to die for 20 May 2022: Deep says we will do what boss has asked. I will kill Kiya. Where is she? Arohi says I don’t know. He says I can’t kill so many people for one. I wil kill her. Deep opens the closet. Kiya is inside. Deep opens it and shoots her. Arohi scream.. She says you killed Kiya. Why did you do this? He says boss would have killed us all. There isn’t another option. Arohi says you killed my sister. Boss call deep. Deep says I killed Kuya. You have to leave my family now. Boss says very well. Now do what I ask. Deep and Arohi come to save Kashap.

ARohi cries. She says papa Deep killed Kiya. He says no this can’t be true. She cries and says Kiya is no more. Deep killed her.Deep and Aorhi meet. DEep says we planned right. Kiya and papa are safe. I took them to a safe place. DEep said to Arohi we have to pretend like Kiya is dead. I will have to fake kill her. Arohi says your planning fixed everything. Deep says we should leave now. Someoen is following them.ARohi comes home. She gets a call. Arohi says what.. No nothing can happen to deep. Wasu says what happened to my son. It all happened because of you. You are a curse. Deep is injured in his room.

Arohi sits with deep. Arohi says wasu is right. You risked your life to save my family. I am a curse. Deep opens his eyes. Arohi hugs him and says thank God you opened eyes. Deep says I can’t get up. I can’t move my hands. ARohi says you are fine. Let me help you. He body can’t move. Arohi says it all happened because of me. DEep says I will be fine. take care of ma. You have to be attentive. Do as I ask.Wasu says see what happened because of that Arohi. Ranjit says stop blaming her. It isn’t her mistake. Wasu says my son was happy withou her. Ranjit says don’t worry bout deep. We are there for him. He is brave.

Arhi makes deep eat. She cleans his face. Deep holds her hand. Arohi says you can move hand.. Arohi says that was a joke? Your killed me. I wont talk to you. Deep pulls her and says you wont talk? He kisses her. Arohi says never joke like that again. He says I wont. Arohi is dreaming. He is asleep and still ill.Arohi cleans Deep’s foot. Arohi helps him change and clean. She picks shirts for him. deep gets a call. Arohi picks it and puts it on speaker. Boss says do you enjoy it/ You can’t fool me. Deep says you are a coward. You attacked from the back. I will tell you once I am back on my feet. ARohi says I will take revenge from him. Deep says I will do it when I am fine. arohi says no I want to do it. Deep says that man is coming there. BOss would be there too.

Randhir gets a call. He says this is such a big news. THis would be our breakthrough in world of sins. Arohi leavess with gun. Deep says are you sure ARohi says you trust me? He says yes.ARohi comes to the place. Thugs say boss would come any time.Boss’ thug says he is coming. We have to go and steal the idol. Arohi comes there. She puts the gun on boss. thug says what are you doing. Arohi says he is a coward. He kills people. Te thug puts the gun on Arohi. ARohi says take off their veil. I am not scared. If I die this boss will die too. Tarank Randhir and police come there. They arrest everyone. arohi says to boss show me your face. He is about to take off the veil but he throws dust in her eyes and runs. Aorhi wonders why his voice sounded familiar?

Wasu looks at deep. She says Arohi si responsible for my son’s condition. Iw ont leave her. Arohi comes. She says I lost. I tried killing him but he ran. Deep says his death is written in my hands. Arohi says my plan failed. Deep says Arohi there is a wire..Don’t step forward.. Deep gets up and saves her. Arohi hugs him and says deep.. You got better? You are fine. Deep says I had to get up for you. Arohi says I lost. He says no it got better.Tarank says they ran and you think it was right? Randhir says he wont have disclosed his master plan this way. Deep says we have to know what he is planning. He would come to the meeting. There is a secret officer. who will catch boss. Arohi says he is very dangerous. Deep says he would try to harm our family. stay attentive. Arohi says you too. Boss calls DEep and says I got a new life. He says I can kill your wife but I am forgiving you. There is a secret CBI officer after me. He would come to meeting. You have to come there and find out who he is.

Randhir says to officer that meeting is happening. People like him belong to jail. Be careful. It wont be easy. Here are details of the meetings.Deep says to wasu I can’t let my family be in trouble. I have to end this. WAsu says you shouldn’t go out in this condition. Deep says ma I will handle everything. WAsu says it hurts me when you are in pain. Deep says ma I have to do this. Ranjit says I never had faith in you but I am glad you are doing all this. Deep says in heart I will prve you are behind all this.

Arohi meets kasahp and Kiya. He says how long do we have to stay hidden? Arohi says for sometime then everything will be fine. Kiay says what if they attack us. Arohi says deep wont let anything happen to us. Kashap says I thought he is a bad man. ARohi says I could never understand him either.Arohi comes home. Deep has decorated the room. He says I want to spend this moment with you. I don’t know what’s next. He holds Arohi close. Aroh says I want to be with you forgetting the past. THe song tu jo hain plays. Deep and Arohi come close. Arohi says don’t go away from me for a moment. He says what if something happens to me. Arohi says I wont let anything happen to me. There is only love between us now.Deep and Arohi are asleep. Deep gets up and says I will fix everything. No one will harm our family now. He leaves. Arohi opens eyes nd says I sould leave too. she goes after him.Deep comes to a dark plan. Boss says officer would be there any moment. Deep says I will do it. Someone comes in. Deep says you are officer?

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