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Chandra Nandini 8 March 2021: Chandra is confused as to why he cannot remember meeting Chanakya. Chandra meets Nandini and thinks not to tell her anything. Mohini thinks that she cannot stay away from Chandra anymore.Bheemdev comes and Mohini asks him where is Chandra. Bheemdev thinks that she should not know that when he was in Chandra’s body he had consumed alcohol.Mohini thinks that Bheemdev should not come to know about her coming close to Chandra.Mohini tells him that they should end their drama soon. Bheemdev asks her whether she has any plan. Mohini asks Bheemdev to enter Chandra’s body and then she will tell her plan.

Chandra thinks that Nandini might worry for him and he should find the solution himself. Chandra tells Nandini that he had a dream that she came close to him. Chandra asks whether his dream will come true. Nandini tells she cannot say anything. Chandra is very confused with past incidents. Chandra thinks that he is acting like two different people. Chandra wonders why he cannot remember his discussion with Chanakya. Mohini comes to Chandra’s room. Mohini tries to seduce him. Chandra asks her how dare she came close to him. Mohini wonders why he is behaving this way. Chandra tells soldiers to take her away. Dharma falls in Bindusar’s arms. Helena comes there and asks Bindusar how come the two of them were not in the palace previous night. Bindusar says that Panditji asked them to stay back. Helena asks Dharma to leave as she has to talk to Bindusar. Helena tells Bindusar that Chandra is acting weird and he slapped her.

Bindusar is shocked hearing this and asks why he slapped her. Bindusar says she will talk to Chandra. Helena asks him not to talk to him and follow her orders. Helena tells Bindusar that they will remove Chandra from the throne. Bindusar says he cannot do such a thing. Helena gets angry and says that this is the right time. Helena says that the people of Magadh should not know about Chandra going crazy.
Bindusar says he will do anything that she says but he will not do this. Bindusar says that the people will not respect him if he overthrows his father.Helena thinks that she will make the place for another throne. Mohini asks forgiveness from Chandra and thinks that Bheemdev must not be in Chandra’s body.

Chandra tells Mohini that he will throw her in prison. Mohini begs for forgiveness. Mohini wonders why Bheemdev betrayed her. Bheemdev meets Mohini in prison and asks her why he betrayed her. Bheemdev says that he tried a lot but he could not enter Chandra’s body.Chandra thinks to talk to Nandini about this. Bheemdev falls on Chandra’s feet and asks for forgiveness. Bheemdev asks Chandra to throw him in prison too. Chandra says that Mohini is not a good woman. Bheemdev says that he had made a vow that he will not go close to Mohini till he gets Savitri. Therefore Mohini came close to him for his sake. Chandra agrees to forgive Mohini and asks Bheemdev never to let Mohini come close to him. Chandra smiling and thinking about Nandini,she walks in and Chandra acts as if he cant get off his armour,Nandini walks to him and helps him,Chandra says why am I thinking you are finding reasons to get close to me,Nandini says and why I flee that you could take this off yourself,Chandra starts smiling.

Nandini says why are you smiling,Chandra says you are my Nandini,you have those little things still alive,it’s our emotions that are still alive,Nandini try memorising your past,Nandini says I am,Chandra says tell me I’m curious,Nandini says be patient till tonight and I shall give your gift tonight,Helina walks in tensed,and says I’m here to talk about Bindusara,Chandra asks what’s wrong with him,Helina says the things is,Bindusara is being questioned,you had announced him future king but it’s being delayed so it’s time you should announce him Yuvraj,Nandini says she is right,he is very good boy and will be a great king ahead,Chandra says this decision is a Kings and not a fathers,and this position was taken away on request of dharma and so till asks me to I won’t.

Helina thinks this means I have to step dharma out of it. Nandini talks to dharma,and says see we have seen many versions of him and I cant believe that it wa shim who had done this,and he is the right candidate of Yuvraj and so go talk to maharaj,and Bindusara is your husband too,and so forget that past and move ahead and so give everything a chance,Charumati listening to all this and thinks if she does so they will get closer and I cant let that happen so I have to do something that instead of getting close Bindusara hates her.

Mohini asks Bheemdev is anything working,Bheemdev says no nothing is working,Mohini says try remembering is there anything that can help us,what is it that is avoiding us,Bheemdev says looks like he is wearing so thread or taveej by god and that’s avoiding us,Mohini says remember the whole scene when you entered last time,Bheemdev says Chandra was in temple and I entered his body then I was drunk then slapped Helina,Mohini says you drank stop doing it,Bheemdev says the alcohol was very tempting I shall take care next time,Mohini says this means it’s not you,who was with maharaj in temple,Bheemdev says Nandini,Mohini says I know what I have to do,Bheemdev says Chandra has warned me don’t go close to him,Mohini says I will and leaves.


Chandra revives a letter from Nandini to see him on terrace,Mohini walks in,Chandra says get out didn’t your husband tell you I don’t want to se enough,Mohini starts crying and says I beg of you please forgive me,and falls in Chandras leg and checks his legs,Chandra gets irritated and says I forgive you please leave,Mohini sees a thread in his hand and thinks so this is avoiding Bheemdev from entering his body,and says thank you and I promise I won’t close to you,Mohini acts as if she is slipping,Chandra holds her hand ,Mohini takes off the thread,Chandra asks Mohini to leave.

Charumati says Bindusara will you forget me after you will be thrones Yuvraj,Bindusara says what do you mean,Charumati you will be Yuvraj when dharma will forgive you and then you will have soft corner for her and forget me,Bindusara says what nonsense is this,she says I heard this,you won’t be Yuvraj till you won’t apologise dharma,its on her wish whether you will be Yuvraj or not,and if you fall for her,you will forget me,and so I am questioning you,Bindusara says stop asking stupid questions,I will hate dharma till my last breathe and leaves in anger.

Chandra waiting for Nandini,Nandini playing hide and seek with him. Mohini says Bheemdev look this is the thread,Bheemdev says now let me get into his body,Mohini says no stop,we need to do something for longer time,we need to be in his body till we reach our mission,for things we did for short period didn’t have much effect,Everybody thought he has lost his mental Health,Bheemdev says but our body,Mohini says for this we need to work away from mahal,Bheemdev says I know one place,Mohini says this time I shall enter his body,if I disappear no one shall question but if you do that will be noticeable,Bheemdev asks but what’s the plan,Mohini says just wait and watch.
Chandra says Nandini I know you are near by hiding come on,Nandini says you are a king cmon find me,Chandra says I’m a king don’t do this or I shall punish,Nandini says I’m not scared of you may be you may reward me instead of punishing,Chandra says let me find you then I shall tell you,Chandra finds Nandini and says this glowing face,and now tell me,Nandini says this feeling I have with you,I don’t know what it is,Mohini enters Chandra body,Nandini says my heart starts beating fast when you are near me and Nandini turns around and sees Chandra walking away.

Bindusara to dharma says who are you to take decisions for me,dhrama says you are drunk leave me alone,Bindusara says I shall not accept Yuvraj post,because I cant accept the fact that it’s you who will ask him to give me that post and I will go and deny on my own, I don’t want to be Yuvraj.
Everyone together,adornus says every body is married and you all make fun of me,dadi says come to me,I will talk to Chandra and soon you be married,Chandra pushes Bheemdev in front of them,Bheemdev says maharaj please don’t do this,you have taken one of my wife and now other too,Chandra says I’m king and will do anything,Dadi says this behaviour isn’t good,Chandra says don’t tell me what to do,Bhadra says mamashree how are you talking to dadi,Chandra slaps him and says shameless I had thrown you out but still you are here,and let me warn if anyone goes against my rules I shall make hell of his life and leaves.nandini says I apologies on his behave,this is what I was trying to convey,his mental state is getting serious,I have called doctors,till then please bare him.

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