My Identity Update Monday 29 March 2021


My Identity 29 March 2021: starts with Ketan asking Hetal to make Riya ready for marriage. Neela says they will forcibly get Riya married. Avni says I won’t let this happen with my sister. Pandit comes and tells Dayaben that her pandit has sent him, as he is unwell. She says fine, do preparations. Pandit signs DD. DD calls Neil and says work is done. Neil gets ready. Shweta dances. She does tilak and aarti of Neil. DD sends Prakash. Riya thinks of Dayavanti. Avni comes and sends the girls. She shuts door. She says I thought you want to get free, you and Neil don’t love each other, why are you doing this, you know how many lives can get ruined, sorry I can’t decide you are more foolish or coward. Riya says I m not foolish or coward, I want to live, you know what will happen with me if I don’t marry. She
shows the bruises on her neck. Avni asks did Dayaben do this. Riya says yes, she made duplicate passport for Amol and her, she wants to leave from here, she can do anything, just Amol is imp to her, she can sacrifice anyone for Amol and her. Avni says no, she won’t let anything happen to you. She thinks enough Dayaben, I will not let you succeed, start down counting. She goes.

DD compliments Neil and asks his plan to send fake pandit, will you fake marry. Neil says Riya and I don’t love each other, I don’t want to marry in helplessness, I have to find Dayaben’s truth, there is one way, that’s to become part of her family, if Ali, Avni and Fatima are true, I will get them justice, so I m helping Avni, so that she does not take law in hand. DD asks Riya? Neil says I have to hide this matter from Riya, I have to maintain distance, once I win her trust, I will tell her truth and free her from this relation, I m lying to find truth, not to cheat anyone. DD nods. Shweta and Prakash dance in baraat. Fatima gives sword to Neil. Neil says thanks, I know you are not happy with my decision to marry Riya. Fatima says its your life, you have to decide, I m glad seeing you as groom. Neil says I remember my promise, I respect it. She blesses him. Shweta asks him to come fast, his bride is waiting. She sends Neil. Fatima says this family insulted you, how did you agree to make Riya your bahu. Shweta says once marriage happens, my bahu will dance on my fingers, just I have right on my son. She thinks what’s Dayaben thinking, she blackmailed me, you will know what I m after marriage.

Hetal does Neil’s aarti. Neil sees Neela. Hetal asks Neil to come inside. He asks Ketan can he go out, as he is feeling suffocated in heavy outfit. Ketan asks him to go, as Riya needs time to get ready. Neil thanks him and goes to Neela. Neela asks what are you doing here. Neil says I got to know entire truth, why you and Ananya came here, should I say Avni, if I want, I can arrest Avni, there are many blames on her, robbery, fraud… She asks why don’t you arrest her, why are you telling this to me, I know your truth. He asks what truth. She says truth that I can see in your eyes, you did not know when Avni entered your place. He says its nothing like that. She asks him to look at her and say this, you are lying.
He says go and tell Avni not to take law in hand. She says you want to protect Avni and give her a chance to get saved, this is your truth Neil. He asks where will you two run away, I will find you. She says you are finding Avni, you are scared that Avni can do anything wrong, you also believe that she is innocent, you love Avni. Neil gets shocked. He says look I did not come to hear this, think of this as my last warning. Neela smiles and says the people determined in their motives, their hands don’t shake. He says after marriage rasam completes, I will get handcuffs for Avni. He goes.

Avni comes to Dayaben’s room. She recalls old moments. She prays and asks Lord to support truth, I won’t let you support Dayaben more. Neil asks DD about Riya. DD says don’t know, they are not letting anyone go near Riya’s room. Neil asks about Avni. DD says she is with Riya. Neil says this can’t be any coincidence. Avni takes gun from cupboard. She says I was proud of my mum’s upbringing, I also became like you, I m helpless. Dayaben comes. Avni aims gun at her and says you have shot a little girl, it was me. Dayaben gets shocked. Avni says you have shot at my heart, but I got saved, who will save you. Dayaben falls down. Avni says keeping Lord witness, I will kill you. She shoots. Her imagination ends. She says I can’t let this marriage happen. Dayaben says Amol, wait for me at airport, once pheras happen and I get cheque, I will meet you there, take care. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Avni looks on and says no, you can’t Aman away from me. She aims gun at Dayaben.


Dayaben turning. Neela pulls Avni. Dayaben goes. Avni says I will not leave her. Neela says you will be in jail forever, this was not out motive. Avni says I have no way, Riya got ready for marriage, Dayaben will get cheque, she will take Aman and go, we have no way to stop this marriage. Neela says there is one way. Neil thinks of Avni. Music plays…. Shweta holds him and asks him to smile. Neil thinks of Neela’s words. He thinks none is imp than my duty, if Avni is really innocent then. Pandit asks Neil to take bride’s name in heart and do rituals. Neil thinks he should think of Riya, not Avni. Pandit asks them to call bride. Neil thinks its enough, I have no affection with Avni. Dayaben and Hetal get the bride. Neil and Avni exchange the garlands. Everyone clap.

They get seated in the mandap. Diksha asks Dayaben where did Amol go. Dayaben says Prakash ji, we became relatives now. Prakash says business partners also, the day is auspicious, we thought to do this work today. He gives her cheque. Ketan goes to Dayaben. She turns away.
Ketan gets shocked. He goes to Neela and says I m ready to support you, what did I get to be loyal to this house, my daughter’s sacrifice. Neela says I know you regret more to lose Prakash’s money, I know relations don’t matter to you all. He says I want my place which I deserve, one who has money has the status, I m ready to give statement against mum for money. Neela says you will get money, there is a condition. Fatima asks Ali where is Avni. Ali says I will go and see. Neela gives Avni’s hand in Neil’s hand. Dayaben asks what’s Neela doing here. Diksha jokes.
Ali goes and calls Avni. He hears her phone ringing. He goes to room and sees someone tied. He says Avni….. He gets shocked seeing Riya. Pandit asks Ketan to come and do kanyadaan. Ketan asks Neela to go. Neela recalls putting condition that she will do kanyadaan, to which Ketan agreed as she is elder and has right.

Fatima thinks why is Neela doing Riya’s kanyadaan. Neela does kanyadaan. Dayaben gets angry. Pandit asks them to stand for rounds. Ali frees Riya and asks who’s in mandap if you are here.
Dayaben asks Ketan why is Neela doing rituals. Hetal says let her do, Neela has elder bahu status. Dayaben scolds her. Ketan says it does not matter, you got the cheque. Ali asks Riya who did this. Riya says Neela and Hetel. He asks what. She says yes. FB shows Neela asking Riya not to do this marriage. Riya says Dayaben will kill me. Neela says its good for all of us. Hetal stops her and gets rope. She asks Neela to tie Riya, Riya will never stay happy with this marriage. FB ends. Riya says Dayaben tried to kill me, if I got ready to save my life, Hetal tied me, Ananya is sitting in mandap as bride. Ali gets shocked. Riya cries and hugs him. Ali thinks Avni is marrying Neil. Neil and Avni take rounds.

Avni recalls Neela asking her to marry Neil. Pandit asks them to promise to support each other. Avni recalls saying she won’t cheat Neil. Neela asks her to do this. Pandit says your love will always bind you. Avni says Neil hates me. Neela says you love Aman, its better to color hands by mehendi than blood. Pandit says you swear to stand by each other in any situation. Avni says no, I don’t believe in marriage, I have seen Aisha and your marriage ruining.

Neela says you will get your brother back, you have to do this marriage. Pandit says husband and wife should respect each other. Ghatbandhan is about to break. Neela goes to hold. Neil holds it and ties. Everyone smile. Riya says I can’t let this cheat happen. Ali stops Riya and says this is not cheat, its a chance, you leave from here, go far. Riya says no, I have to stop this marriage. He asks her to listen.

Neil thinks I hope Riya understands what I did this. Avni thinks Neil may hate me always, I did not wish to cheat him. Riya runs in corridor. Fatima says I think if everything was fine, Avni would be sitting in mandap today, Neela whenever Avni becomes bride, you do her kanyadaan. Pandit asks Neil to make bride wear mangalsutra. Ali runs after Riya. Neil makes Avni wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her maang. Pandit says wedding got completed. Riya comes and shouts no. They all get shocked seeing Riya. Dayaben lifts bride’s ghunghat and sees Avni. Neil gets shocked.

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