My Identity Update Sunday 4 July 2021


My Identity 4 July 2021: The Episode starts with kids asking Avni who is her friend, whose birthday is it. Saisha thanks Avni for giving them a good life. Sunehri says Saisha wants something. Avni says I do everything by love. Saisha says I want that radio, we have no radio at home, come and listen to that RJ, he is so good. Neil says I was telling you about my love. Saisha says that RJ is so different, his voice and words are so good, come. Neil says that girl has a part of necklace which proved I m finding her. KK comes to meet Neil. The lady says superstar KK has come to our studio.

Saisha says I love you so much KK. Avni says you want radio to hear KK. Saisha says isn’t this radio just wow. Avni says we can’t afford it now, I know fairy tales look good in your age, but reality is different, you have to study hard and prepare for exam. Saisha thinks to turn more pretty. Avni asks are you listening, films are not real life, life is full of challenges, romance is just complication.Neil asks KK to leave. KK smiles and asks can I talk to my would be bodyguard in private. Everyone goes.

KK says sit next to me. Neil says no, I m fine here. KK says atleast hear my offer, I m superstar KK, people pay me for pics, I m paying you to become my bodyguard. Neil says you are wasting my time and spoiling my mood. KK says listen, I need you as my body double, we look same, we have a good face, your physique is better than me, that’s fine, listen friend, I can’t do stunts on own, I get scared, that day when I had to save my heroine, you did that scene with perfection, I will become super duper star.

Neil asks risky stunts. KK says yes, its risky. Neil thinks of Avni. He says it means whenever I do dangerous stunts. KK says yes, its like kissing death, don’t worry, we will have your life insurance, I need you, I understand why will you take risk. Neil says I will do dangerous stunts, but not for money. KK asks really, you will get whatever you want, wish you a very happy birthday.Producer comes. KK says yes, its your office, we have to leave right away. Neil says not now, we will leave tomorrow morning. KK agrees.

Neil thinks I will put my life at stake to see Avni. Avni drives the bus at a low speed. Everyone jokes. Sunehri plays radio. Tere dar pe sanam….plays…Neil is on the way with KK. Neil hears the same song on radio. KK copies him and says its a big opportunity for any body double, you will be playing me, you teach me stunts, I will help you, seeing your arrogant face, I mean your life needs fun and romance, you saw my movie, Yaar bina chayn kahan re…. my romance was called divine.

He boasts of his fame. He says I will teach you intense love. Neil sticks tape to his mouth and says you won’t teach me love. KK thinks the girl will be mad who loves this Khadus. Saisha apologizes for drama and says we want to live here. They enter the house and see some goons throwing this. Avni calls police station. They all scold goons. Goon shoots in air. Avni asks them to go in. Kids go. Avni begs them not to vacate house. The goons ask her to leave. She thinks of Neil. The goon says fine another house. He threatens.

They leave. Police comes. Samrat asks inspector to arrest goons. Inspector asks Avni to first hire a good lawyer, they will find goons. Police goes.Avni says how will I get so much money to hire lawyer, whatever I earn by tuitions is spent at home. Tara says we will do job and help you. Avni says no, take care of kids. They see the ration ruined and worry. Saisha looks on. Avni says I will get ration. Sunehri says money is over. Avni says we will figure out something. They all clean the place.

Avni says we will have something else today, will you have samosa. The kids say we are not hungry. They give reasons. Avni says I know you aren’t hungry, but my hunger won’t end till I feed you all. She goes with Mogli. KK says driver stop here, I have to take chewing gum. Neil stares at him. KK says fans get mad seeing me, then crowd, police, I can’t take risk. Neil gets down the car. Neil and Avni look around. Tere dar par sanam….plays…. Neil says did I meet this voice before…

KK trying to get fan attention. He says its a small town, maybe people don’t watch movies here, we will give some funds. Neil says I also feel the same. KK goes to buy chewing gum. He says you want a selfie right. The man says I want money. Neil smiles sand says money. Avni calls out Mowgli and asks where were you, keep holding my hand, we have to find good lawyer, we need money. KK takes money from Neil and pays. A lady comes and asks are you KK, I m your big fan. KK smiles.

She says I have to ask something, come we will talk at perfect place. They sit at some cafe. The lady introduces Ila and Mufti who are cafe owners. Ila asks who are you. KK says next time we will come here for movie promotions. Neil smiles. Mufti says I m Muftilal, we have no time to watch movies, we have work here. Avni comes there. Avni looks for Mowgli. Neil turns. She goes.The lady invites KK and asks him to come as chief guest of cultural fest. KK agrees and asks when is the function. Mowgli asks Neil what is he eating. Neil asks are you hungry, come.

Mufti asks where is your Jaanleva didi, her name is Jaan didi. Neil says jaan didi…. and smiles. Mowgli shows many things. Neil asks how will you eat all this alone. Mowgli says everyone will have it, goons spoiled our food. Neil says give him anything he wants. He asks where is your jaan didi, you shouldn’t come here leaving her alone. KK says lets go. Neil and KK leave. Mowgli smiles seeing food packed. Avni asks where were you and hugs him.Mowgli says I shouldn’t come leaving you. She says yes.

She asks Ila to pack food. Ila says its ready. Mowgli says he paid money, he just left. Avni asks Mowgli to show who is it. Some men take big mirror frame. Avni and Neil miss to see each other. Avni goes after Neil and calls out. Media reaches KK. Avni avoids cameras and goes. KK gives interview.Saisha and everyone play. Avni hides face and leaves. Neil turns and misses to see. Saisha says you will know KK’s charm when you meet him. Samrat says he will be casanova in real life.

She says you will be his fan, KK is in our locality, I want to meet him. Sunehri thinks Avni will get angry if she goes. She stops Saisha and says Avni doesn’t like filmi people. Saisha says come on, let me go. Sunehri says you can’t go without Avni’s permission. Saisha says please let me go, else I will end game. Sunehri says no, you are making a record. Saisha argues and drops the ball. She says I could have met KK today. She goes.Ila says he was some hero’s bodyguard, but he was a gentleman. Avni says I will pay for this.

Mufti says no, its done for last time. Ila says Nilanjana needs money more than you. Mufti says do we have to run cafe or note. Avni writes thank you and gives the note. Mufti asks what about this free icecream. Neil feels something and says you leave, I will meet you directly at hotel, stop your drama, you are not my GF. KK says but I m your friend. Neil goes. Avni reads an ad of cultural competition of art and music, first prize is Rs 50000. She goes to call. Neil comes back to cafe.

Ila stops him and says you were the one who bought food for kids right. Neil says yes. She says the kids’ Jaan didi insisted me to return this money, keep it. She goes. Neil sees thank you written on note. Avni comes there. Neil leaves.Shweta asks Neil did you have food. Bebe says yes, I ate an hour ago. Neil says yes I ate an hour ago. Shweta asks what did you eat. Bebe says soup and sandwich. Neil says soup and sandwich. Shweta says you don’t have it in dinner, have some healthy food. Bebe says I had lunch late so I had light dinner.

Neil says I had a late lunch, so I had light dinner. Shweta says Neil, tell me something, you sound different today, something happened. Neil says you are too much, you badly need some sleep, I have some imp work, good night. He sees the note and smiles.Shweta asks did you see Neil. Bebe says I m seeing him since 10 years, he is still the same. Shweta says I felt something happened that made him happy. Bebe says I wish this is true. Shweta says what if he met a girl. Bebe says this can’t happen, don’t imagine things. Prakash sees Neil and Avni’s pic.

He says your arguments reminded me of olden days, when Avni had come here as bahu. Saisha says I can’t perform. They all request. Sunehri says don’t have fear, I will teach you dance. I know to dance very well. Tara says yes, her dance is like romance with beat. Avni says tomorrow is the audition, then we will participate, if we win, we will get prize money. Samrat says Saisha don’t worry, I will teach you breathing exercise. Saisha refuses and goes. Avni says we have to convince her. She thinks its imp win the competition to save house.

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