My Identity Update Saturday 3 July 2021

My Identity 3 July 2021: The Episode starts with Vidyut running from Avni. He sees her in a procession. He shouts no. He prays to Shiv Shambu to save him, he doesn’t want to die. He asks pandit to see Avni, her face is burnt. Pandit says there is no one there. Neil comes there. Vidyut sees him and runs to him. Neil angrily gets his gun. Vidyut holds his leg and says save me, I burnt Avni alive, my repentance will save me, I loved Avni, but she loved you, I asked her to leave you, she didn’t listen, I angrily pushed her in havan kund, save me.

Neil says Avni was in jail to hide from you, what did you do, you finally took my Avni away, you will definitely atone. Avni looks on.Avni prays and says I have left the battlefield, I ended this battle, Avni is dead now, even her tactics are burnt, I believe in results, I just had this way to save my family, that’s why I did my Shraddh, world called me illegitimate, I have become a trouble for Aisha and Neela, I fought for her identity, I know what to do with my name. Neil puts Vidyut in lockup. He goes.

After ten years, Neil talks on radio program. Neil as RJ welcomes everyone in his program Raabta. He plays a song. Mere haath mein…..He sees Avni’s mangalsutra and thinks of her. He says my love story was always confusing, my wedding was fixed with someone else, but my love was my fiancee’s best friend, my eyes were only on her, a girl who had deep eyes, I was lost in her eyes, now lets go lost in this beautiful song. Main jahan rahoon….plays…. He goes on road.

He sees an old man sleeping and covers him with his jacket. He gets balloons for kids. He says its been 10 years now Avni, my heart yearns for you, just come some time. He thinks of Avni’s words and says I want to see you.Bebe, Shweta and Prakash go to wish Neil. Shweta sows the cake. They ask him to wake up. Shweta says he isn’t here, he will never change. Neil surprises them. They wish him happy birthday and hug. Neil jokes. Bebe asks him to cut the cake. Neil cuts the cake.

They all feed him the cake. Prakash does shayari. Shweta asks them to come and have food. They go. Neil sees mangalsutra and cries. He sits awake all night. He sees the sunrise and goes out. He wishes Avni comes back once. He sees Avni and smiles. A car speeds towards her. Neil pulls her away.They fall down. He sees someone else. The lady asks are you mad. The director asks why did you become villain in my shooting, go somewhere and become hero. Neil says Avni it was you, I have seen you. A guy sees Neil and smiles.

He says he came from nowhere and disturbed the shoot, find out who is he. Neil sits at a tea stall and says Avni you…. A van passes by. Samrat talks about accidents. The girl says my hair is still a mess. Tara and Sitara argue. Sunehri stops them and says can’t you both handle work of one girl. She talks to teenagers. The girl says all of us are fine, where is Jaan didi. Neil says I felt my Avni is alive. Avni chants mantras. They see her.Everyone asking Avni to come down. Avni gets down the van and runs to vomit. Sunehri gives her water.

Samrat says its motion sickness. Sunehri says its just indigestion, she had Chole. Avni asks the kids do they remember, respect the elders, love each other, study well and behave in the right manner. They repeat after her. Avni says you must follow these lines. They reach the house. She says we have to impress owner to get this house on rent. They greet Mrs. Diwan.Mrs. Diwan says so many children. Avni says they are discipline, they will not make noise. Saisha sees a pic with garlands and acts like Mr. Diwan’s spirit.

Samrat scares her. Mrs. Diwan says Peter’s spirit, leave from here, I don’t want to make this house haunted. Avni stares at them and goes. They all go to Avni. Sunehri scolds them and asks them to see Nilanjana. Saisha says I have a good idea to make her mood happy. Avni says we can get ousted from our old house, where will I go with these children. Sunehri says everything will be fine. Avni says if we keep battling, this fight will never end. Sunehri says I know, we must stop fighting.

Kids make some drawings and come to Avni. They all show sorry card and apologize. Sunehri asks them to have the cards in dinner. They apologize again. Saisha says I didn’t wish to stay there. They give flower to Avni. Yuhin kat jayega…..plays… They dance and hug. Avni says nobody will be able to say Saisha is same Mishti who used to stay scared. Sunehri says nobody will be able to say you are same Avni, you became water from fire, my friend Avni is lost, your name Nilanjana has Neil somewhere, how did you change so much.

Avni says times have changed, I didn’t, I was a girl who asked for name, now I have given a name to myself, I will live for these kids, who are illegitimate like me, they will be self made. She says I have a surprise for you all. She gets a cake. A girl asks whose birthday is it. Avni says someone’s birthday is celebrated every second in the world. She cuts the cake and wishes Neil on his birthday. Neil thinks please come back Avni. Tere dar par….plays….She asks what had I done that I saw her.

He recalls Avni. He sees serome bikers performing stunts. Biker asks is there anyone who can race with me. Neil says I will race with you. He goes and rides a bike. He races the bike. He sees Avni behind him and smiles. Avni says please stop, what’s this madness, you will be hurt, please stop, what are you doing. He says I will risk my life whenever I want to see you, you will come to warn me. She says I m telling you to stop. Neil wins the race. He smiles. Avni and everyone board the bus.

They all come to some restaurant. She asks them to order. Samrat and Saisha tell their choice. Avni says raise your hand, place this hand on right side of the menu card, hide the price and order by just seeing dish. Sunehri asks did you think well. Avni says no need to think, just order, I decided I will have pizza. Waiter asks have you decided the order. Avni orders pizza for everyone. Tara says Nilanjana felt bad, so she is giving party to kids. Avni says you don’t want me to feel bad right, so here is the tissue, you have to make drawing for me.

Saisha hears the radio program. Neil welcomes everyone in his radio program. Neil says when I had organized a costume party, my beloved came there as a thief, I bumped into her as a policeman, I got to know that she is involved in the case I was working on, then I decided to talk to her, it was the right time, I even danced with her. He thinks of Avni. He says I want to play a song which was special to both of us. He plays tere dar par….. KK says this award is special, thanks for making me star of the year, how is the speech Sasy.

Sasy says one who performs in function gets award, they didn’t invite us. KK says I feel awards are fake. A man comes and greets KK. Sasy asks did you get details. The man says yes, check this. KK sees Neil’s profile. He says Neil will be my bodyguard. Sasy asks do you think he will agree. KK says nobody can refuse to me.


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