My Identity Update Saturday 29 May 2021

My Identity 29 May 2021: Neil scolding Vidyut. Vidyut laughs and thinks Neil thinks Mishti is his daughter, what did Juhi tell him, interesting. Bebe and Ali come to Juhi. Bebe takes a young look and says I did this to bring a smile on your face, I wish your and Mishti’s relation becomes such. Ali says we know you are trying to bond with her, Avni has won her heart, you do something to have strong bonding, make Rangoli. Neil says Avni is my pride and courage, she walks along with me, you will not understand this, I won’t hear a word against my wife. Vidyut says leave my collar, else you don’t know what will happen. Lawyer comes and says you can’t mistreat my client. Neil leaves Vidyut. Vidyut says Neil is scared that his wife can get attracted to me. Neil gets angry.

Juhi makes rangoli. She asks Mishti to color the flowers red. Mishti says angel said learn new things. Shweta and Neela look on. Juhi says we will go inside, come. Mishti says no, angel said no firecrackers. Juhi says everything is allowed for kids. Mishti refuses. Shweta says angel is right. Neela asks her not to praise Avni in front of Juhi. Shweta asks am I doing wrong. Neela jokes. Shweta says angel is always right. Mishti agrees. Juhi says I will get colors and goes. Lawyer Arun says I need to talk to my client. Vidyut goes with him. They come back to Neil. Arun says Vidyut tried to help police in getting his mum arrested. Neil asks what nonsense. Arun asks when did you arrest him. Neil tells time. Arun asks him to check Vidyut’s call to control room. The man checks and says yes, there is a call by that number.

They hear the message. Arun says Vidyut called to give info about his mum, you are arresting him. Vidyut recalls seeing the tracker in his watch and calling control room to inform about his mum.
Arun says you can’t keep my client here. Vidyut and Gurumaa smile. Neela asks Shweta not to hurt Juhi. Shweta says you look a great mum, I will never accept Juhi, I won’t show fake love. Juhi looks on. Shweta says Mishti loves Avni, she doesn’t want to talk to Juhi. Juhi cries and goes. She sees Neil and Avni’s pics. Juhi recalls Ali’s words. She throws the sindoor in bin. She fills rangoli colors in it. She turns and sees Avni. DD says we should inform at home. Avni says we will go and get crackers for Mishti. Juhi says I can’t go, Vidyut… Avni says Gurumaa and Vidyut are arrested, come, I have money, come. They leave.

Avni asks her not to be scared, Vidyut is in custody. Vidyut asks Arun to prepare for mum’s case. Arun asks him not to worry. Neil says your client can’t go out of Mumbai. Vidyut says don’t worry, its like my holiday, did your ego get hurt. Neil says my duty is to get criminals punished, we have your mum in custody. Vidyut sees Gurumaa taken away. He says its gonna be fun to fight with you. He leaves. Neil says DD, we have to alert Juhi. Avni shows candyfloss and asks Juhi to come. Vidyut is on the way. His car stops at the signal. He looks at their side. Someone comes in between. His car leaves. Neil comes home. Bebe says there will be party tonight. Neil says no, there won’t be any party, we freed Vidyut. They get shocked. Shweta asks why and how. Neil says he is very smart, his lawyer got him freed, I have to alert Juhi and Avni, we have to send Juhi and Mishti, Vidyut can do anything to take revenge. Shweta says Avni and Juhi went to get crackers for diwali. Neil asks how did you let them go to market near police station. Prakash says they didn’t know he will get free of jail. Neil says they are not answering. Avni and Juhi come. Neil asks how can you be careless, you took Juhi to market. Avni says Ali said Vidyut is in custody.

Neil says you know Vidyut is free now, you were giving lecture to Juhi, Vidyut would have passed by same market, if he saw Juhi, everything is over. Avni says you could have told me, you will blame me for this. She goes. Neil comes to room. Avni tries to remove bracelet. He helps her. She asks what’s this way to say sorry. He asks why shall I say sorry. She says fine. She removes mangalsutra. He says it was our mission, Gurumaa is in jail, how can you take big risk, was this right to take Juhi out. She asks what’s my mistake if I took Juhi after Vidyut’s arrrest. He removes mangalsutra. They argue. She says you are incapable to stop him in jail, its not my mistake. He gets shocked and goes. She looks at her mangalsutra. Neil asks maid to get his jogging clothes. Shweta and Neela hear them. Neela says its wrong to hear their talk. Shweta says you have seen how they got distant because of Juhi. Neela says yes, its because Juhi is here. She thinks I will do something, but I won’t let anyone come between them.

Avni recalling Neil. Neil tells DD that Vidyut is ahead of his mum, we need evidence aga inst him. He recalls Avni’s words and says she should have not said all that to me, even in anger. Neela gives coffee to Avni. Avni asks did you make this to make my mood good, Neil needs this, I have hurt him a lot. Neela says I heard your talk. Avni says you would also say Neil is right, I m wrong. Neela says its Neil’s mistake, he should have said all that in private, he should have thought why you took Juhi out, saying truth is imp, but one should know when you say it. Avni says I should have not called him incapable. Neela says yes, he would be much hurt, I trust you, whatever you will do, it will be right. Avni nods and leaves. Shweta asks Neela to do something. Neela says have patience.

Shweta says I have a brilliant idea, we will use lie detector and know if Juhi is lying, Mishti is innocent, its not her mistake, but I m sure she is not Neil’s daughter, they were just engaged, their marriage didn’t happen. Neela says Neil told me that he had a relation with Juhi. Shweta gets upset. Vidyut hits the punching bag to vent out anger. The bag gets damaged. Ballu asks shall I fix new one. Vidyut says leave it, I will get someone to vent out anger, tell lawyer to arrange my meet with mum. Vidyut sees Juhi’s pic and says my mum gave you a good name Meher, you didn’t like it, my mum gave you a beautiful life in Rangmahal, you want that girl, Juhi…..tell me whose daughter is Mishti, mine or that ACP, you are dead right. He recalls seeing Juhi and Avni in market. He says so Meher is alive, great, it will be fun in playing the game. FB ends. He gets a knife and cuts her pic. He says my darling Meher, Mishti’s mum, you are alive and my mum is in jail for your murder blame, you lied to Neil that Mishti is his daughter, not fair, I hate women as you women lie, you got an interesting twist in this story, it will be fun to play with you all.

Mishti says I don’t want to play with you. Juhi asks why did you break this, we played Rangoli together. Mishti refuses to play. Juhi asks why. Mishti says you made angel and superman fight, they are angry. Juhi says so you are annoyed for this, if I make them friends again… Mishti asks her to promise. She teaches her. Juhi promises and smiles. Mishti goes. Juhi thinks to make Neil and Avni friends again just for Mishti’s happiness. Neil works out in lawn and recalls Avni. Avni thinks of him. She says I should go and talk to him. Neil says I shouldn’t have shouted on Avni in front of everyone, I have hurt her a lot. Avni says even he can come and say sorry to me. He says she should have not called me incapable, she did wrong. Juhi comes to him. She says I know you are angry, get angry on me, its not Avni’s mistake, she did that for me, you said she can do anything for friendship, she went to get crackers for Mishti, don’t stay annoyed, talk to her.

Neil says I know what to do, sorry but I don’t like discussing about Avni with you, I m not comfortable. She says I m sorry, I interfered in your personal life, but if you stay annoyed with her, I won’t feel good. He says don’t worry, silence doesn’t stay between me and Avni.

Bebe and Shweta talk. Bebe says it was Avni’s mistake. Shweta says it was Juhi’s mistake. They argue. Avni hears them and says right, its our mistake. Gurumaa says Meher is clever, she made your daughter Neil’s daughter, we have to find out what’s her plan. Vidyut says don’t worry, I will find out everything today. She asks how shall I trust you, you couldn’t do anything, you lost to a woman. He says sorry. She says she ruined my Rangmahal, we had just Mishti, Avni took even her, I have lost. He says I can’t see you losing. She says you can’t do anything, you are useless. He says I m your useless. She reminds what he did in anger in childhood, don’t do that mistake again. He says I will take you from here, I will ruin Neil, Avni and Meher’s lives. Gurumaa wishes the same. Neil pours water and gets fresh. Avni comes and closes the tap. She asks gardener not to waste water like this. Neil asks gardener to listen to madam. They see each other. She slips and falls in his arms. They have an eyelock. Music plays….. He makes her sit. He says I was not working out to hurt you, its all fine. He cleans his face with her saree and thanks her. She says sorry. He says forgiven. She asks him to say sorry. He pulls her close and says I m sorry. She wipes his face with love and apologizes for her words. She says you are capable. He says you are not careless, I shouted on you, sorry. They hug.

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